12 Best Diapers for Newborns in 2024 (Gentle and Safe)

Newborns need diapers that are super gentle on their sensitive skin.

Avoid anything that’s scented and includes unnecessary chemicals (e.g. phthalates and chlorine) that might not agree with your newborns’ skin.

Best diapers for newborns are chemical-free, gentle on your LO skin, and environmentally safe.

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Best Diapers for Newborns

1. Dyper Infant Disposable Diapers

Made from viscose fibers from bamboo, this disposable diaper for newborns is ultra-breathable. It has micro-perforation that prevents irritation on your newborn’s soft skin.

The triple strength tabs keep your newborn snug and comfortable while containing leaks and blowouts. The chlorine-free fluff pulp is absorbent and resists compression leaks. 

Bamboo is naturally anti-bacterial, protecting your baby’s skin and keeping it healthy. The diapers are stretchy and won’t leave marks on your newborn’s skin. A con is that the fit is slim, so you might need to size up for a chunky newborn.

What We Liked

  • Soft-release tape won’t wake your sleeping newborn
  • Plain white design means no chemical dyes
  • Contains odors
  • OEKO-TEX certified
  • REDYPER composting service

Fragrance: No
Biodegradable: Yes, 85%
Hypoallergenic: Yes
Wetness Indicator: Yes
Free Of: Chlorine, latex, alcohol, PVC, lotions, TBT, phthalates
Sustainable: 100% Recyclable packaging, carbon offsets for each purchase
Subscription: Yes, Save 10%

2. Coterie Newborn Diapers

Coterie is a popular newborn diaper brand that provides absorbency and comfort for your newborn. They absorb moisture four times faster and hold 70% more liquid in their core.

That means your baby stays dry, and it helps prevent rash on soft, newborn skin. The sixteen-second wicking action means your newborn won’t be disturbed by a wet bum while they are sleeping.

Coterie diapers are gentle because they are made with Apex technology for superior softness. The slim fit works well on slender newborns to prevent leaking.

The strong hook and loop closures ensure a snug fit that won’t chafe or rub your newborn’s skin. A con is that the sizes run small, so you might need to size up for a chunkier newborn.

What We Liked

  • No harsh chemicals on your newborn’s skin
  • Super soft and gentle 
  • Dermatologist tested to ensure your baby’s safety
  • Plush without being bulky on your tiny newborn
  • No pilling or snagging

Fragrance: No
Biodegradable: No
Hypoallergenic: Yes
Wetness Indicator: Yes
Free Of: Lotion, latex, rubber, dyes, alcohol, heavy metals, parabens, phthalates, chlorine, VOCs, optical brighteners
Sustainable: 100% recyclable packaging; carbon-offset every order
Subscription: Yes, Save 10%

3. Esembly Infant Cloth Diapers

These are the best baby diapers for newborns if you want to cloth diaper. The whole inner is absorbent, which means your newborn will be dry for long periods.

Assembly also allows you to customize the wet zones according to your newborn’s needs. The fit is customizable, which is great for small newborns.

The inner is 100% organic cotton which is healthy for your newborn’s skin and prevents rash with good airflow. The waterproof cover help contain blowouts and prevent leaks. A con is that they can seem bulky on tiny newborns.

What We Liked

  • Covers have strong elastics for chunky newborns
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • OEKO-TEX certified
  • Very soft for sensitive newborns
  • A simple system to use from birth

Fragrance: No
Biodegradable: No
Hypoallergenic: Yes
Wetness Indicator: No
Free Of: SLES, SLS, petroleum, phosphates, phthalates
Sustainable: TPU is made from 100% recycled yarn from post-consumer plastic bottles; 100% recycled and recyclable packaging
Subscription: No, but bundles and kits are available

4. Eco Pea Natural Newborn Diapers

Eco Pea is a great diaper for newborn sensitive skin. It has a blowout guard to contain those newborn explosions.

The elastic at the legs and waist fits securely to prevent leaks and keep your newborn comfortable.

Newborn diapers should be breathable, and the bamboo top sheet and back sheet provide good airflow. This keeps your newborn’s skin dry and rash-free.

Bamboo is also anti-bacterial and not prone to compression leaks. A good diaper for newborns should have a trim fit like Eco Pea because newborn bottoms are small.

A con is that the sizing is different from other brands, so check the sizing chart.

What We Liked

  • Naturally scented with natural aloe
  • Approved by a dermatologist for delicate newborn skin
  • They fit chunky newborns well
  • Made without harmful chemicals
  • Contain odors well

Fragrance: No
Biodegradable: Yes, 87%
Hypoallergenic: Yes
Wetness Indicator: Yes
Free Of: Chlorine, latex, phthalates, alcohol, dioxins
Sustainable: 100% compostable paper packaging; carbon-neutral shipping
Subscription: Yes, Save 20%

5. Eco by Naty Disposable Infant Diapers

Eco by Naty is the best natural newborn diapers because they are highly certified as ‘green’ and safe for sensitive newborn skin.

They have 0% oil-based plastic touching your baby’s delicate skin but rather sustainably-sourced plant-based materials.

This allows for good airflow, preventing diaper rash, making it an excellent newborn diaper for sensitive skin. The FSC wood pulp core is absorbent and natural.

The elastic gussets fit snugly on your newborn to prevent leaks and chafing. The diaper also sits high on the back, effectively containing newborn blowouts. A con is that the tabs could be made more substantial.

What We Liked

  • Trim fit for tiny newborns
  • Well priced for an eco diaper
  • Highly certified to guarantee your newborn’s safety
  • Much of the SAP has been replaced by plant-based materials
  • Created by a mother who understands diapering newborns

Fragrance: No
Biodegradable: Yes, 51%
Hypoallergenic: Yes
Wetness Indicator: Yes
Free Of: Dioxins, phthalates, dyes, latex, GMOs, lotions, parabens, VOCs, heavy metals
Sustainable: Plant-based packaging; Ok-biobased and GOTS certified
Subscription: Yes, Save 10%

6. Kudos Disposable Newborn Diapers

The best diapers to use for newborns protect their delicate skin from rash and chafing. Kudos diapers have a DoubleDry acquisition/distribution layer that wicks away moisture quickly.

Along with the air pockets, this keeps your baby dry and allows good airflow. The absorbent core is made from natural tree pulp, and with the premium, performance grad SAP, your baby will be dry and rash-free.

The quality design prevents compression leaks, and Kudos is the only disposable diaper with a 100% cotton top sheet for ultimate breathability and softness. A con is that the tabs can be tough to peel back.

What We Liked

  • Plant-based components are safe for newborn skin
  • Made without toxic chemicals
  • Gentle leg cuffs and elastic contain newborn blowouts 
  • 100% cotton top sheet 
  • Available in cute prints

Fragrance: No
Biodegradable: No
Hypoallergenic: Yes
Wetness Indicator: Yes
Free Of: Chlorine, latex, parabens, lotions, phthalates
Sustainable: 100% Recyclable packaging; 4 times more plant-based materials in diapers
Subscription: Yes, Save 11%

7. Made Of Infant Diapers

Diapers for newborn babies need to be absorbent, and Made Of diapers offer 10-hour leak protection. The advanced absorbent core goes from the front to the back, targeting your newborn’s wet zone.

The soft, stretchable waist panel contains newborn blowouts, and the leg cuffs gently prevent leaks.

The custom fluid distribution layer wicks away moisture and traps it, keeping your newborn dry and preventing rash.

The hook and loop closures are secure, even on tiny newborns. A con is that the natural design can feel less soft than those used for commercial diapers.

What We Liked

  • Made without harmful chemicals
  • Won’t irritate the sensitive skin of your newborn
  • The simple, white design has no dye
  • The elastic is stretchy for chunky newborns
  • The sides don’t sag when full

Fragrance: No
Biodegradable: No
Hypoallergenic: Yes
Wetness Indicator: Yes
Free Of: GMOs, soy, bacteria, bleach, fungi, dyes
Sustainable: Rainforest Alliance certified
Subscription: Yes, Save $600 annually

8. Charlie Banana One-Size Cloth Diapers

Diapers for newborns should be soft, and these have a fluffy, edge-to-edge fleece lining. The high-quality material will grow with your newborn.

The adjustable leg elastics have an internal rise setting so that you can adjust the legs and waist independently. This works well for quickly growing newborns.

The wide back elastic protects against newborn blowouts. The crossover snaps mean you can adjust the fit for tiny newborns. The diaper comes with two inserts made up of fleece and micro terry.

These are absorbent and gentle on your baby’s skin. A con is the pocket is narrow and can be difficult to stuff with boosters.

What We Liked

  • The removable insert is easy to clean
  • Pocket diaper design is simple to use
  • Contains leaks well
  • Great for skinny newborns
  • Can adjust to the millimeter

Fragrance: No
Biodegradable: No
Hypoallergenic: Yes
Wetness Indicator: No
Free Of: OEKO-TEX 100 certified against harmful substances
Sustainable: Climate-neutral certified; 1% for the planet pledge
Subscription: No

9. HealthyBaby Disposable NB Diapers

HealthyBaby is a top infant diaper brand made from breathable organic cotton. This makes it incredibly soft and gentle on your newborn’s delicate skin. The fit is snug enough to prevent leaks but won’t leave marks on your baby’s skin. 

The absorbency pad is long, making this the best diaper for newborn baby boy. The FlashDry technology wicks away moisture, preventing skin irritation.

The magic channels move moisture away from the skin and trap it in the core to keep your newborn dry and comfortable.

The inner and outer are made from plant-based ingredients, which are good for airflow. A con is that the cotton pieces can remain on your baby’s skin.

What We Liked

  • Brain Safe without harmful chemicals
  • Non-toxic and EWG certified
  • Not bulky on newborn bums
  • Good fit for easy sizing
  • Work well overnight

Fragrance: No
Biodegradable: No
Hypoallergenic: Yes
Wetness Indicator: No
Free Of: Parabens, phthalates, optical brighteners, chlorine
Sustainable: 100% Recyclable packaging
Subscription: Yes, Save 25%

10. Honest Company Gentle Newborn Diapers

Honest makes one of the best disposable diapers for newborns. The infant-size diapers have ‘poo pockets’ which help control and contain newborn blowouts.

They don’t contain chemicals, making them safe for newborn skin. They also feature an umbilical cut-out making it one of the best newborn diapers.

The quilted bubble liner wicks away moisture, and the quick absorb channels move it away from your baby’s skin and lock it away.

The flex fit is snug but moves with your newborn, while the gentle elastic cuffs prevent leaks. A con is that the sizes run small, so you might need to size up for bigger newborns.

What We Liked

  • Available in cute prints
  • Ideal for sensitive newborn skin
  • Contains odors well
  • Have a slim fit
  • Don’t sag when full

Fragrance: No
Biodegradable: No
Hypoallergenic: Yes
Wetness Indicator: Yes
Free Of: Dioxins, chlorine, latex, parabens, phthalates
Sustainable: Packaging is made from recycled material and is recyclable
Subscription: Yes, Save 20%

11. Hello Bello Newborn Diapers

If you are looking for a disposable diaper for infants, Hello Bello is a great option.

The lightweight and stretchy design allows your newborn to move comfortably without being constricted. The plant-derived core liner is gentle and safe, making this the best diaper for newborn baby girl. 

The unique, spherical SAP is ultra-absorbent and breathable. This will keep your newborn’s skin dry and prevent irritation.

The high loft acquisition layer protects against leaks, and the slim fit is ideal for small babies. A con is that the corn-derived PLA liner might irritate the skin if your newborn has corn allergies.

What We Liked

  • Variety of fun prints
  • Stay trim when full
  • Gentle on sensitive skin
  • Non-toxic newborn diaper
  • Hold up well when wet

Fragrance: No
Biodegradable: Yes
Hypoallergenic: Yes
Wetness Indicator: Yes
Free Of: Chlorine, phthalates, parabens, lotions, latex, TBT, DBT, MBT
Sustainable: Recyclable cardboard packaging
Subscription: Yes, Save 15% on add-on items

12. Seventh Generation Newborn Baby Diapers

This newborn diaper with umbilical cord cut out has a new design with faster moisture wicking. With 12-hour leak protection, your newborn will be comfortable, dry, and rash-free.

These diapers also hold up well against compression leaks. Newborn bums need good ventilation. These diapers have a FreshAIR breathable layer that helps prevent leaks and releases humidity.

The soft leg cuffs and new stretch tabs allow a snug fit that won’t mark your newborn’s skin. A con is the diapers run small, so you might need to size up for bigger newborns.

What We Liked

  • Free and Clear diaper construction
  • umbilical cord diapers are convenient for the early days
  • Super soft on baby’s skin
  • Made to be safe for waterways
  • Good for sensitive skin

Fragrance: No
Biodegradable: No
Hypoallergenic: Yes
Wetness Indicator: No
Free Of: Lotion, chlorine, latex
Sustainable: FSC and Rainforest Alliance certified
Subscription: No

Disposable Diapers vs. Cloth Diapers 

The best diaper for newborns is chemical-free, absorbent, and gentle on their sensitive skin. Cloth diapers are reusable and made from natural, absorbent materials. They can be customized for size and absorbency, making them perfect for newborns. 

Newborn disposable diaper options can also be chemical-free and hypoallergenic. They are best for traveling or days out. Many people prefer disposable diapers for newborns as they use so many.

Newborns need to be changed often to prevent diaper rash, and they regularly have blowouts. Disposables can be easier for nighttime changes and also have a wetness indicator. Disposables are the best diapering for newborns.

Diapers With Umbilical Cord Cutout 

Your newborn will probably have an umbilical cord stump for a few weeks, and the area is sensitive and easily irritated. It is also prone to catch on clothing and diapers. That is why a diaper with an umbilical cord cut out is helpful for newborns. 

These infant diapers have a section removed at the front that allows space for your newborn’s umbilical stump. This will enable it to air and stay clean while keeping your newborn comfortable. 

They are important to have, but you can make a plan if your diaper doesn’t have one. Fold the front of the diaper down and secure it with some tape. 

How to Choose the Best Newborn Diapers? 

The best diaper for newborn babies is chemical-free. Newborns have sensitive skin, and your diaper should be safe and gentle.


Newborn baby diapers should be eco-friendly. You don’t want any harmful and toxic chemicals near your baby’s skin as they develop. 

Look for diapers that are free of:

  • Chlorine
  • Phthalates
  • Fragrance
  • Dyes

Look for diapers that are:

  • Independently certified
  • Made from plant-based materials
  • Transparent about their ingredients


The best newborn disposable diaper materials are plant-based and absorbent. The materials in the diaper should be natural and chemical-free to protect your newborn’s skin. The best newborn diapers have breathable materials like bamboo and cotton. The core should be FSC-certified wood pulp and chlorine-free.


Infant diaper absorbency is vital for keeping your newborn dry and rash-free. A newborn diaper should have moisture-wicking technology that moves moisture away from your baby’s skin and into the absorbent core. An SAP or wood pulp layer will make the diaper absorbent and keep your baby dry. Natural materials like bamboo and cotton are very absorbent.

Sizing and Fit 

Newborns are prone to blowouts, so having a diaper that fits correctly is important. An infant baby diaper should fit snugly enough to contain blowouts and prevent leaks but not chafe your baby’s skin. If your newborn’s diaper is leaking, then consider sizing up. Cloth diapers allow you to customize the diaper fit for tiny newborns.

Wetness Indicator 

A wetness indicator is a strip on the front or back of the diaper that changes color when the diaper is wet and full. It is a handy way to alert you that it is time for a diaper change. The best diapers for infants have a wetness indicator that runs the entire length of the diaper so you can see it from the front or back.

Extra Features 

The best diaper for newborns is hypoallergenic and has a slim fit. They should be flexible and have stretchy elastic that is comfortable and secure. Newborn size diapers can also be odor-resistant and have an umbilical cord cut out. Newborn diapers should be super soft and breathable.

Best Diaper Brands for Newborns

Here are the best newborn diapers brands:

  • Coterie
  • Made Of
  • Kudos
  • Eco by Naty
  • Eco Pea Co
  • Healthy Baby
  • Dyper
  • Bambo Nature
  • Honest Company
  • Seventh Generation
  • Hello Bello
  • Huggies
  • Pampers


Can you put a newborn in size 1 diapers? 

Yes, you can put a newborn in size 1 diapers if they are between 8lbs and 14lbs.

What size diapers do I need for a newborn? 

You will need a newborn size for babies weighing <10lbs or a size 1 for newborns weighing 8-14lbs.

How many diapers does a newborn use a day?

Newborns use 8-12 diapers per day.

How many diapers does a newborn use in a week?

Newborns use 56-84 diapers per week.

How long do newborns wear newborn diapers? 

The newborn baby diaper size fits for about 1-3 months.

How many newborn diapers do I need? 

You need about 300 diapers for the first month.

How many poops a day should a newborn have? 

A newborn should have at least 3 poops a day.

Is there a size 0 diaper? 

Yes, some diaper brands have a size 0 for newborns.

What weight are newborn diapers? 

Newborn diapers are for babies weighing <10lbs.

Do newborns need overnight diapers? 

Some heavy wetting newborns will need overnight diapers.

How many wet diapers should a newborn have? 

Newborns should have six or more wet diapers per day.

How many poop diapers should a newborn have?

Newborns should have at least 3 poop diapers per day.

When to switch from newborn to size 1 diapers? 

When the newborn diapers are too snug and leaking, move to a size 1 diaper for infants.

How often do you change newborn diapers? 

You should change your newborn’s diaper every 2-3 hours or when soiled.

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