5 Best Long Range Baby Monitors in 2024

Baby monitors are essential for any parent with a small baby, but most monitors have very short working range. This is problematic if you have a large house or are traveling.

Fortunately, there are some longer range options available. But which to choose?

The best long range baby monitors have a long working distance, have wifi support, and won’t break the bank.

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Best Long Range Baby Monitors

1. VTech DM221 Audio Baby Monitor

The VTech Audio Baby Monitor offers a range of up to 1,000 feet outdoors. The parent unit can also pick up the signal from the transmitter in a range of up to 160 feet when inside the house. 

A single recharge of the built-in battery offers up to 18 hours of use. The monitor is also compatible with two AAA batteries, which helps to extend the usage time in cases where the power may be out. 

The baby monitor features two-way audio. This means you can also transmit your voice to the nursery if you wish to talk to your baby. This can often help to put your baby to sleep when they hear your voice.

The product features a sound indicator with five different levels. The DECT 6.0 transmission technology also helps to improve audio transmission quality. Both a parent unit and a baby unit are included with this package.

Check the price of VTech DM221 Audio Baby Monitor here


  • Up to 18 hours per recharge
  • Takes two AAA batteries for backup power
  • DECT 6.0 technology for better sound
  • 5-level sound indicator
  • Two-way audio function


  • Limited indoor signal range
  • Cannot be mounted to a wall

Type of Monitor: Audio
Range: Up to 1,000 feet
Power: Rechargeable batteries, up to 18 hours per charge
Two-way radio: yes
Mounting: Table

2. Angelcare Movement And Sound Monitor

The Angelcare Movement And Sound Monitor offer a highly sensitive sensor pad. The product is able to provide alerts to you, notifying you of any sounds and movements from your baby’s room. 

This is an audio baby monitor and does not transmit video, but does offer a relatively impressive signal range. Outdoors, the signal range can reach up to 820 feet. 

When you are indoors, the signal range varies between 262 and 328 feet, depending on the obstacles between the parents and the baby unit.

The parent unit features a full-color display unit, making it easier for you to monitor your baby. You can see the current room temperature of the nursery, as well as find notifications for movements and sounds. An under-the-mattress sensor pad is also included with this device. Both units feature a built-in battery that can be easily recharged. A night light is included in the baby unit.

Check the price of Angelcare Movement And Sound Monitor here


  • Color LCD display in the parent unit
  • Audio Tic feature built into the baby unit
  • Nursery night light in the baby unit
  • Movement sensor pad included
  • Rechargeable battery in both units


  • Sensor range is shorter than many competitors

Type of Monitor: Audio
Range: Up to 820 feet
Power: Rechargeable batteries
Two-way audio: No
Mounting: Desk

3. Infant Optics DXR-8 Video Baby Monitor

The Infant Optics DXR-8 Video Baby Monitor is an award-winning device. It was named the best baby monitor in the Popular Mechanics 2018 awards. 

The product is compact, and the parent monitor easily fits into your pocket. The device allows for the transmission of both audio and video content to the parent unit. 

The parent unit can be used to adjust the camera at any time. Adjustments include pan, zoom, and tilt. 

Lenses are interchangeable to provide a view that is appropriate for the room the camera is placed in. You can select between a normal lens, wide lens, or a zoom lens.

The Infant Optics DXR-8 Video Baby Monitor uses mature technology to provide a more stable, high-quality device. It features a range of up to 700 feet outdoors. Indoors, obstacles may reduce the signal range. Both video and audio content is transmitted on a fixed 2.4GHz channel for added security.

Check the price of Infant Optics DXR-8 Video Baby Monitor here


  • Transmits audio and video
  • Mature hardware for improved quality
  • 2.4GHz secure channel transmission
  • Uses FHSS technology
  • Lightweight monitor


  • Camera cannot mount to the wall
  • Higher price tag

Type of Monitor: Video, 3.5-inch screen
Range: Up to 700 feet
Power: Rechargeable batteries
Two-way audio:
Mounting: Desk

4. Ario Smart Wi-Fi Baby Camera Monitor

The Ario Smart Wi-Fi Baby Camera Monitor is an excellent investment for cloud-based monitoring. The device connects to your home wireless network, making it possible to check in on your baby from anywhere. 

A simple app is downloaded on your mobile phone to access your baby feed. Video content is also saved on the manufacturer’s cloud storage server. 

The monitor is compatible with a variety of smart home systems, including Amazon’s Alexa and Apple’s HomeKit. 

It features three built-in sensors too. These include temperature, air quality, and humidity sensor. The data can be observed in the connected mobile application.

Built-in lights can easily be controlled with the mobile app. You can also load a lullaby or even record your own voice like a lullaby. The camera is able to provide 1080p video streaming for superior clarity. The app is compatible with Android and iOS devices, as well as with any web browser.

Check the price of Ario Smart Wi-Fi Baby Camera Monitor here


  • Smart device that streams to your mobile device
  • Mobile app is compatible with most smartphones
  • Built-in air sensors
  • Saves video content to cloud storage
  • 1080p built-in camera


  • Requires a constant internet connection
  • No two-way audio function

Type of Monitor: Video, 1080p camera
Range: Uses the internet through Wi-Fi
Power: Rechargeable battery
Two-way audio: No
Mounting: Desk or wall

5. Owlet Smart Sock Complete Baby Monitor Solution

The Owlet Baby Monitor Solution is a very unique product. It comes with a sock, as well as a monitor. The sock helps to track the movement of the baby. 

The monitor itself can assist in transmitting sound from the nursery to a receiving device. The product connects to your wireless network for easier access to the feed.

The sock also features an integrated wellness center that can detect certain vital signs and notify you of any important changes you need to take note of. This includes a heart rate monitor, as well as an oxygen monitor.

The monitor itself can transmit both audio and video content to your smartphone. There is a downloadable app that allows you to watch the live feed from the monitor, as long as it is connected to a wireless network with internet access. AES 128-bit encryption is used for security purposes.

Check the price of Owlet Smart Sock Complete Baby Monitor Solution here


  • Comes with a one-year warranty
  • Includes a wellness sock
  • Tracks oxygen levels in the air
  • Transmits both video and sound
  • Smart sock is latex, lead, and BPA free


  • Some people may find the instructions confusing
  • Higher price tag

Type of Monitor: Video
Range: Uses the internet through Wi-Fi
Power: Rechargeable battery
Two-way audio: Yes
Mounting: Desk

Types of Baby Monitors

Apart from the various brands that manufacture baby monitors, you also need to consider the different types of these devices. By recognizing the fact that different types of baby monitors exist, you can see which one will be the best option for your nursery.

You need to consider if you are happy with audio only, or if you would rather prefer a video feed too. The two primary types of baby monitors that you can choose from include:

  • Audio Only: These baby monitors only transmit audio from the nursery to a connected device. Some offer two-way audio, allowing you to speak to your baby too. Audio only baby monitors tend to have the best range
  • Video: Some baby monitors transmit both audio and video feeds. These are useful for seeing what is going on in the nursery. On the downside, they do not offer the same range as audio-only baby monitors.

The connectivity used in these devices also matters. The main options include:

  • Wi-Fi: The speed at which transmissions are made depends on the speed of your home wireless network. This type of baby monitor also uses data for transmitting feeds. These can sometimes connect to a smartphone (1).
  • Bluetooth: Bluetooth offers an easy connection. No data is needed, and the transmission speed does not rely on your wireless network. Bluetooth LE (Low Energy) is also built into newer models, offering more effective connectivity and monitoring (2).

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Factors That Affect the Quality of Signal

Signal quality affects how well you can hear your baby when you are not in the nursery. The quality of the signal also affects how well the video will transmit to a device, such as your smartphone. 

It is important to note that there are some things that can have a negative impact on the signal quality of your baby monitor. The factors that affect the signal depends on the connectivity option that you prefer.

Some things that can affect the quality of a Bluetooth signal (3) include:

  • Obstacles between the baby monitor and the receiving device. This may include electrical wiring, metal objects, and even people.
  • The signal quality can be weakened by thick walls between the nursery and your room.
  • A Wi-Fi device used near the baby monitor may also cause interference.
  • When you walk too far away from the baby monitor.

Similarly, there are some things that can also have a negative effect on your Wi-Fi signal’s quality (4). Consider the following factors if your baby monitor is connected to a wireless network:

  • Certain physical obstructions can interfere with the signal quality.
  • The distance between the Wi-Fi router and your baby monitor has an effect.
  • Wireless network interference needs to be taken into consideration.
  • Signal sharing between multiple devices in your home can also have an impact.

Can you just use a walkie-talkie for baby monitoring?

There are some similarities shared between a baby monitor and a walkie-talkie. Generally, a few walkie-talkie devices on the market may even come at a lower price tag compared to baby monitors. This brings up the question – can you use a walkie-talkie instead of a baby monitor?

Even though there are some similarities, it is important to consider how a walkie-talkie work. This is a two-way audio device that allows both gadgets to communicate with each other. The issue that comes to mind here is that a walkie-talkie has a button that needs to be pressed for the communication channel to be activated.
Your baby is too small to know that they need to press a button to communicate with you. You also want a device that will be able to give you a constant feed of the nursery.

Do note that there are a couple of walkie-talkies on the market that comes with a baby monitor feature. These will usually remain activated so that you can easily check in on your baby.
The problem is, these walkie-talkies will not offer you the same detection features as the best long-range baby monitor.

How to choose the right long-range baby monitor?

A few factors do need to be taken into consideration when you are looking for the best long-range baby monitor. You need to consider the size of your home, particular obstacles that may cause interference, and a few other things to help you buy a baby monitor that will serve its purpose more efficiently.

  • Signal range: This is how far the baby monitor can communicate with a receiving device. Do not buy a baby monitor with a range of fewer than 600 feet. Between 600 and 1000 feet may be appropriate for a small home. If you have a large home, then consider a monitor with a signal range between 1,000 and 2,000 feet.
  • Frequency: Consider the frequency of the baby monitor too. Most will have a range between 49.300 and 49.890 MHz. There are some that can switch between different frequencies too.
  • Sound detection: Sound detection is a useful feature that will turn on the monitor or notify you if your baby starts to cry.
  • Temperature sensors: A temperature sensor can tell you if the nursery room is getting too hot, such as in the case where your heating system has a malfunction.
  • Lullaby mode: A lullaby mode gives you the ability to set a tone that will play to help your baby go to sleep or remain asleep.
  • Two-way communication: The addition of two-way communication helps you communicate back to your baby.
    Battery: Ensure the battery will last for an adequate time.

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