10 Lightweight Convertible Car Seats in 2024 (Light & Safe)

As moms, we already have our hands full, and going out with a baby can be challenging. A heavy car seat that is difficult to move and install is an added stress we don’t need.

That is why you need a lightweight convertible car seat that you can maneuver on your own, install with confidence, and that keeps your baby safe and comfortable.

Our Favorites

britax car seat

Best Light Convertible
Britax Boulevard

maxi cosi baby seat

Best Non-Toxic
Maxi Cosi Pria Sport

peg peregeo convertible seat

Best That Money Can Get
Peg Perego Viaggio

Lightweight Convertible Car Seat

1. Britax Boulevard Clicktight Convertible Car Seat

britax car seat

The Boulevard is one of the lightest Britax convertible car seat options, weighing 29.4 lbs. It has a steel frame that absorbs impact but still comes in lighter than the Britax Advocate. 

The Boulevard has two layers of side impact protection, an improvement from the previous model.

Car seats can be difficult for moms to install, but the weight of the Boulevard combined with the ClickTight installation system makes it quick and easy. 

You don’t have to uninstall the seat to remove the cover, but if you did, it would be simple to do. 
This light convertible car seat is easy to move from one car to another. Although lightweight, this seat is bulky when rear-facing.

What We Liked

  • Machine washable cover
  • You can adjust the harness without re-tethering it
  • Plush foam padding is super comfortable for your baby
  • SafeWash cover is flame-retardant free
  • Wide variety of colors and prints to choose from

What Can Be Improved

  • It doesn’t have cupholders
  • Belt slots are narrow
  • The seat is too upright in the rear-facing position after closing the ClickTight panel and needs to be adjusted

Seat Weight: 29.4 lbs (13.3 kg)
Dimensions: 23.5 H x 18.5 W x 23 L in
Expiration Date: 10 years from the manufacturing date
Child Height: Up to 49 in (124.5 cm)
Child Weight: 5-65 lbs (2.3-29.4 kg)

2. Maxi Cosi Pria Sport 2-in-1 Convertible Car Seat

maxi cosi baby seat

Weighing in at 23 lbs, the Pria Sport 2-in-1 offers your baby comfort and space without the weight. 

You can move this seat from car to car, and it is easy to install. This lightweight convertible seat is designed to fit better in your car, so it is lightweight and gives passengers more space. 

Lightweight seats sometimes sacrifice comfort, but the Pria Sport 2-in-1 has premium flame-retardant-free fabrics and padding to keep your baby comfortable and safe. 

It might not be as light as other Maxi Cosi seats, but it offers side impact protection, a cupholder, and harness holders, which is great value for the weight.

What We Liked

  • You can remove the cover without uninstalling the seat
  • Very comfortable for longer trips
  • One hand headrest and harness adjustment
  • One-click LATCH connectors
  • The cup holder is dishwasher-safe

What Can Be Improved

  • No built-in level to check for correct installation
  • The crotch strap is awkward to buckle
  • Small weight range

Seat Weight: 23 lbs (10.4 kg)
Dimensions: 21.75 H x 19 W x 29.5 L in
Expiration Date: 10 years from the manufacturing date
Child Height: Up to 52 in (132.1 cm)
Child Weight: 14-65 lbs (6.4-29.5 kg)

3. Peg Perego Convertible Kinetic Car Seat

The Peg Perego Kinetic is one of the lightest Peg Perego convertible car seat options at 24.4 lbs. It has not sacrificed aesthetics and is a luxurious seat. 

The anti-rebound bar spacer gives your baby 2 inches of extra legroom when rear-facing, which is a bonus on a lightweight transitional car seat.

This seat has adjustable side impact protection, which is an improvement from the prior

model. The shell is filled with EPP and EPS foam which is lightweight and offers superior shock absorption. 

The lever to release the harness strap is hidden underneath the fabric, but this is a small inconvenience.

What We Liked

  • No-rethread harness is easy to adjust
  • 6-position recline
  • The top tether provides additional safety
  • Tri-stage cushion for extra support and comfort
  • EasyTight LATCH for simple installation

What Can Be Improved

  • Awkward cupholder placement
  • The chest clip button can be tight
  • Recline mechanism can jam up

Seat Weight: 24.4 lbs (11.1 kg)
Dimensions: 25.75 H x 18.75 W x 26.25 L in
Expiration Date: 10 years from the manufacturing date
Height Limit: Up to 49 in (124.5cm)
Child Weight: 5-65 lbs (2.3-29.5 kg)

4. Maxi Cosi Romi Convertible Car Seat

The Maxi Cosi Romi is the lightest Maxi Cosi convertible car seat at just 7.8 lbs. This makes it ideal for traveling. 

The top tether doubles as a convenient strap that attaches to the seat shell so you can carry it around. Now you can have a safe car seat with you during flights or ride shares.

Although this is one of the most lightweight convertible car seat options, it still comes with plush padding and an adjustable head pillow.

This seat is also ideal if you have multiple vehicles or have grandparents babysitting. 

The buckle release can be difficult to use though.

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What We Liked

  • Good budget-friendly car seat
  • Flame-retardant-free fabric
  • Quick and easy to install
  • Soft and comfortable straps
  • Spacious

What Can Be Improved

  • Does seem flimsy compared to other seats
  • Can be hard to get a snug fit depending on the shape of your seats
  • There have been reports of the seat smelling strange

Seat Weight: 7.8 lbs (3.5 kg)
Dimensions: 16.1 H x 17.9 W x 30.4 L in
Expiration Date: 8 years from the manufacturing date
Child Height: Up to 43 in (109.2 cm)
Child Weight: 5-40 lbs (2.3- 18.1kg)

5. Clek Fllo Convertible Car Seat

The Clek Fllo is one of the best lightweight convertible car seat options with great safety features.

At 25 lbs, it is 7 lbs lighter than the Foonf while still including features like extended rear-facing and an anti-rebound bar. 

The low profile and deep side wings are an upgrade from the earlier model and work well on this lightest Fllo convertible car seat.

This seat is perfect for moving from one vehicle to another with its narrow 17-inch width.

This light transitional car seat has energy-absorbing foam layers, so you are getting a lightweight seat with all the safety features of a heavier seat.

What We Liked

  • Removable cushion for belt path access
  • Ethically sourced, 100% merino wool cover
  • Dual-length crotch strap
  • Free of harmful flame-retardant chemicals
  • Variety of colors to choose from

What Can Be Improved

  • Tricky to fasten with the seat belt when forward-facing
  • Small height and weight range
  • You will need to buy a separate booster seat

Seat Weight: 25 lbs (11.3 kg)
Dimensions: 31 H x 16.9 W x 13 L in
Expiration Date: 9 years from the manufacturing date
Height Limit: Up to 49 in (124.5cm)
Child Weight: 14-65 lbs (6.4-29.5 kg)

6. Maxi Cosi Magellan Max XP Convertible Car Seat

The Magellan Max XP is a convertible car seat that is lightweight at 25 lbs. 

It is lighter than the Magellan XP, which weighs 26.8 lbs, so the Max XP is a more convenient option. It also has a magnetic chest clip, a change since the last version.

Not only is this seat light enough to use in multiple vehicles, but it also has features that make it a great long-term car seat.

A machine washable cover, harness clip holders, 2 cup holders, and a no-rethread harness make this seat a fantastic option for moms and babies. 

Although light, the seat is bulky.

What We Liked

  • Spacious and comfortable for growing kids
  • Cost-effective, long-term car seat
  • Rear-facing up to 40 lbs
  • Removable infant pillow
  • 14-position headrest

What Can Be Improved

  • Limited color options
  • Installation takes some getting used to
  • The crotch buckle can be hard to open

Seat Weight: 25 lbs (11.3 kg)
Dimensions: 24 H x 19.25 W x 24.25 L in
Expiration Date: 10 years from the manufacturing date
Child Height: Up to 57 in (145 cm)
Child Weight: 5-120 lbs (2.3-54.4 kg)

7. Diono Radian 3 R Latch Convertible Car Seat

The Diono 3 R is the lightest convertible car seat in the Diono range, weighing 25.9 lbs.

This seat offers extended rear-facing, a high back booster mode up to 120 lbs, and an anti-slip comfort harness compared to the previous version. 

This is an easy-to-carry convertible car seat because it is lightweight and folds up. Diono makes one of the safest convertible car seat options with a reinforced steel core. 

This compact car seat still offers expandable side wings and an adjustable harness and headrest, so your baby is safe and comfortable. The installation does come with a learning curve.

What We Liked

  • This seat grows with your child, offering a custom fit at every stage
  • Original three across car seat
  • Machine washable cover
  • Memory foam seat
  • Vibrant color options

What Can Be Improved

  • Could use extra head support and padding
  • No infant insert
  • The instruction booklet is hard to find

Seat Weight: 25.9 lbs (12 kg)
Dimensions: 28.5 H x 17 W x 16 L in
Expiration Date: 10 years from the manufacturing date
Height Limit: Up to 57 in (145cm)
Child Weight: 5-120 lbs (2.3-54 kg)

8. Graco 4Ever 4 in 1 Car Seat

This lightweight convertible car seat for babies is the only one you will need because it is a birth-to-booster seat. The Graco 4Ever has a backless booster option as well. 

It has a cover you can remove in 60 seconds which is an upgrade from the past version. With 10 headrest positions to choose from, your baby is safe and comfortable as they grow.

This seat is light enough you could move it from vehicle to vehicle and comes with a steel reinforced frame for ultimate safety. 

For a lightweight seat, the Graco 4Ever is spacious and comfortably padded. A con is that the fabric can get a bit hot.

What We Liked

  • No-rethread harness adjusts the harness and headrest simultaneously
  • Rapid remove cover for easy washing
  • Integrated belt lock-off for simple installation
  • Rubberized, fuss-free harness storage
  • It has a 6-position recline feature

What Can Be Improved

  • Not a large selection of colors for girls
  • This seat is big, and you will need to move the passenger seat
  • Doesn’t seem to fit well in some vehicles

Seat Weight: 24 lbs (11 kg)
Dimensions: 24 H x 21.25 W x 20 L in
Expiration Date: 10 years from the manufacturing date
Child Height: Up to 57 in (145 cm)
Child Weight: 4-120 lbs (1.8-54 kg)

9. Nuna Exec Car Seat

At 26.6 lbs, this is a lightweight car seat that is convertible. 

The Exec is the lightest Nuna convertible car seat and is also an all-in-one car seat which is an improvement on the Rava, which doesn’t have a booster option. 

The Exec is lightweight while including the safety and comfort features Nuna is known for. The adjustable, anti-rebound panel gives your baby extra legroom for extended rear-facing. 

This is one of the best lightweight transitional car seat options with an all-steel frame and reinforced belt path for superior protection. 

The only downside to this seat is that it is trickier to keep clean than other seats.

What We Liked

  • Merino wool and GOTS organic cotton inserts are flame-retardant-free
  • The no-rethread, 5-point harness is easy for busy moms to adjust
  • Spring touch shoulder belt guides for simple securing
  • Gives your baby 2.5 inches more space
  • 12 positions of harness height and two crotch buckle positions

What Can Be Improved

  • Strap covers when rear-facing come off and can get lost
  • The booster function is not long-lasting
  • The TrueTension system is not considered a lock off

Seat Weight: 26.6 lbs (12.1 kg)
Dimensions: 26-33 H x 18.5 W x 22.5 L in
Expiration Date: 10 years from the manufacturing date
Height Limit: Up to 57 in (145cm)
Child Weight: 5-120 lbs (2.3-54 kg)

10. Diono Radian 3 RXT Latch Convertible Car Seat

The 3 RXT is one of the best light convertible car seat options from Diono. 

It offers extended rear-facing up to 50 lbs and a slim fit for 3-across installation. This means you can use it in multiple vehicles with ease. 

The steel-reinforced frame gives you peace of mind without making the seat super heavy.

This is the only seat you will need as your child grows, and you won’t need to buy a separate, heavy, high-backed booster. 

The 3 RXT has some exciting upgrades, like a newborn travel wedge and a two-tone headrest. It also folds flat and has a carry handle which makes its weight a bonus.

What We Liked

  • Anti-slip XL comfort harness
  • Easy Remove machine-washable cover
  • The unique SuperLATCH system makes installation quick and easy
  • Very easy to get your baby in and out of the seat
  • A heavy-duty car seat ideal for small cars

What Can Be Improved

  • Could have more padding and softer fabric
  • The open back is unattractive when rear-facing
  • You have to flap up the material to install the cupholders

Seat Weight: 28.1 lbs (13 kg)
Dimensions: 28.5 H x 17 W x 16 L in
Expiration Date: 10 years from the manufacturing date
Child Height: Up to 57 in (145 cm)
Child Weight: 5-120 lbs (2.3-54 kg)

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