12 Best Diapers for Sensitive Skin in 2024 [to Avoid Rash]

Babies are born with extremely sensitive skin and it doesn’t take much to cause irritation.

Because diaper rash is easy to appear, it’s especially important to choose the safest option for your LO.

The best diapers for sensitive skin are super soft, extremely breathable, and free of nasties.

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Best Diapers for Sensitive Skin

1. Thrive Market Hypoallergenic Diapers for Newborns

The Thrive Market Hypoallergenic diapers are one of the best diapers for newborns with sensitive skin. 

Made from a high level of renewable and sustainable raw materials, these diapers keep unneeded synthetic materials away from sensitive skin. Their natural goodness works to prevent irritation by not using harsh chemicals. 

The tree pulp core is extremely thirsty. Absorbing liquid fast, it stops your child’s skin from being damp. It is this dryness that prevents rubbing and keeps their sensitive skin from getting irritated. 

The only disadvantage to these sensitive diapers for babies is that they do not include the visual aid of a wetness indicator.

What We Liked

  • There is no added fragrance included in the diapers that can cause irritation. 
  • The materials used are sustainably sourced making them better for the planet. 
  • The pattern on these diapers is cute and attractive. 
  • Super absorbency makes them suitable for both day and nighttime use. 
  • Close and snug-fitting diaper to prevent blowouts and unnecessary mess.

Fragrance: No
Subscription: No
Biodegradable: No
Hypoallergenic: Yes
Wetness Indicator: No
Certificates: Certified B Corporation

2. Dyper Disposable Sensitive Diapers

Naturally plant-based, Dyper has created the best baby diapers for sensitive skin. 

What makes these the best sensitive skin diapers is the bamboo viscose inner layers. Able to handle the biggest wees, they wick away the moisture quickly and keep your little ones’ bottom dry.

Without the added dampness present, these soft diapers don’t rub and keep little bums irritation-free. 

The simple designed use, means that Dyper are not adding any chemicals or nasties to these diapers.

Without unneeded extras, there is nothing included in these diapers that should be causing any irritation to even the most sensitive of bottoms. 

The only disadvantage is that these diapers are generously sized and can come up large.

What We Liked

  • Home delivery service to ensure that you never run out. 
  • Soft bamboo viscose to be gentle and comfortable for your little one. 
  • Fast absorbing diaper to prevent irritation on sensitive bottoms. 
  • Large leg gussets to keep all messes contained and to prevent blowouts. 
  • Breathable diaper to keep little bottoms cool and dry.

Fragrance: No
Subscription: Yes, save $10
Biodegradable: Yes
Hypoallergenic: Yes
Wetness Indicator: Yes
Certificates: Standard 100 certified by OEKO TEX,

3. Coterie Disposable Hypoallergenic Diapers

Coterie Disposable Hypoallergenic diapers have become a favorite for parents of sensitive-skinned babies. What makes them one of the best diapers for babies with sensitive skin is how fast they wick away moisture.

Knowing how sitting in a wet diaper can irritate sensitive skin, these diapers absorb 4 times faster than standard diapers. Keeping your little one dry and not causing any discomfort. 

The Coterie diapers are extremely soft. Made for a cloth-like feel they make the perfect sensitive skin diapers. It is this softness that works to keep your little one’s skin comfortable and prevents them from rubbing and causing flare-ups. 

The only negative is that the newborn diapers can be generous if your newborn is small.

What We Liked

  • Stretchy leg cuffs to work at preventing blowouts and outer clothing from getting stained. 
  • Cashmere softness, leaving your little one comfortable. 
  • Fast absorbency to wick moisture away and leave little bottoms dry. 
  • Capable of holding high volumes of liquid, making it ideal for day and night wear. 
  • No added chemicals or fragrances that can cause irritation to sensitive skin.

Fragrance: No
Subscription: Yes, Save 10%
Biodegradable: No
Hypoallergenic: Yes
Wetness Indicator: Yes
Certificates: The Bump winner, Parents. Best for baby award, Best of baby list.

4. Made Of Better Baby Diapers for Sensitive Skin

Made Of Better Baby Diapers are great diapers for babies with sensitive skin. 

Without the added extra nasties, these diapers are focused on providing absorption without causing irritation. 

Designed to be extremely soft, Made Of diapers are keen to make sure your little one remains comfortable. Their breathable design works to ensure that your little one’s bum remains dry.

Keeping their sensitive areas dry works in keeping them irritation-free even for sensitive skin. 

With a focus on extreme softness throughout the diaper, they ensure that they don’t rub and your little one’s sensitive skin remains comfortable. 

The only disadvantage is that the design of these diapers is simple and not as cute as other diapers available.

What We Liked

  • Extremely soft to avoid causing rubbing or chaffing around the waist or legs. 
  • Wetness indicators included to show when your little one may need a diaper change. 
  • Custom fluid distribution to ensure that wetness is absorbed quickly and evenly.
  • No chemicals used that could cause irritation to little bums.
  • Wide, stretchy side panels to ensure the perfect fit for your baby no matter their shape.

Fragrance: No
Subscription: No
Biodegradable: No
Hypoallergenic: Yes
Wetness Indicator: Yes
Certificates: ISO 9001, Social Accountability 8000, PEFC, and Rainforest.

5. Eco by Naty Sensitive Skin Eco Diapers

With no oil plastic being used and only using naturally sourced plant-based materials Eco by Naty, makes sure no chemicals are directly against your little one’s skin. 

Without chemicals being used, these disposable diapers for sensitive skin are committed not to irritating skin. Their plant-based design not only prevents nasties from causing flare-ups but also ensures these diapers are extremely breathable. 

The breathable nature of these diapers makes sure that your baby’s bottom remains dry. 

The only disadvantage to these diapers is that they can come up a little small around the legs and be tight on babies with chunky thighs.

What We Liked

  • Breathable diaper to ensure that little bums remain dry and cool.
  • Only plant-based materials touching skin, so unlikely to irritate. 
  • Wood pulp used in the diaper core to provide fast and effective absorption. 
  • Can be purchased as a one-off or by subscription to your door. 
  • Simple patterned design makes these an adorable diapers.

Fragrance: No
Subscription: Yes, save 10%
Biodegradable: No
Hypoallergenic: Yes
Wetness Indicator: No
Certificates: ECOCERT cosmos natural, TUV Austria, FSC, Vegan, and OEKO-TEX

6. Kudos 100% Cotton Disposable Diapers for Sensitive Skin

Without the use of plastics, the Kudos diapers are one of the best disposable diapers for sensitive skin. 

Without synthetic fabrics touching delicate skin, they are ideal in preventing irritation and being super sensitive against delicate bottoms. 

In addition to being extremely soft and gentle, their absorbent core works to keep moisture locked into the diaper. Their moisture locking capabilities ensure that your little one’s bum remains dry. Preventing wetness which can cause irritation and result in their sensitive skin becoming red and sore. 

The only thing that would make these diapers even better would be if they were available with more designs and colors. Therefore, making them more appealing to older babies.

What We Liked

  • Having only 100% cotton touching your baby’s sensitive skin. 
  • Multiple absorption layers to hold in liquids and prevent blowouts. 
  • No added chemicals that can cause irritation to delicate baby skin. 
  • A wetness indicator on all diapers to show when the diapers need changing. 
  • Extremely soft and gentle cotton used to keep little ones comfortable.

Fragrance: No
Subscription: Yes
Biodegradable: No
Hypoallergenic: Yes
Wetness Indicator: Yes
Certificates: OEKO-TEX, cotton natural, PTPA, I’m green bio-based, Double dry tech, BIPOC

7. Eco Pea Hypoallergenic Diapers for Sensitive Skin

The Eco Pea Hypoallergenic are good diapers for sensitive skin. They have been designed specifically for babies that have sensitive skin. 

Specifically made with no harsh chemicals included, these diapers don’t use any nasties that can cause irritation. With natural products used, they specifically work to draw away liquids without synthetic additives needed. 

Made with bamboo sheets, these diapers are absorbent and quick to wick away moisture and keep sensitive skinned bottoms dry. 

Without the use of any fragrance, they are committed not to use products that potentially can cause irritation. 

The only disadvantage to these diapers is that diapers can come up a little big and you may need to size down.

What We Liked

  • Sold in 100% compostable paper packaging reducing landfill waste. 
  • No fragrance used that can cause irritation to delicate bottoms. 
  • Fast absorption due to bamboo sheets leaving bottoms dry. 
  • The diapers include a blowout guard to ensure all messes are contained in the diaper. 
  • Luxuriously soft and flexible to avoid rubbing sensitive skin.

Fragrance: No
Subscription: Yes, Save 20%
Biodegradable: yes, 85% biodegradable materials used.
Hypoallergenic: Yes
Wetness Indicator: Yes
Certificates: FSC, Vegan, Cruelty-free

8. Healthy Baby Organic Cotton Sensitive Skin Diapers

The Healthy Baby Organic Cotton diapers for sensitive skin focus on providing a diaper made with the best organic materials. Designed without any extras, these diapers are completely non-toxic.

Without the need for added substanstances they are one of the best brand of diapers for sensitive skin. 

Enhanced with organic cotton, these diapers are highly breathable. Allowing free air circulation, they provide your little one’s bottom to remain dry. By keeping this delicate area dry they prevent the acidity from upsetting their sensitive skin and causing redness. 

The only improvement that could be made to these diapers would be if they were to include a wetness indicator.

What We Liked

  • The diaper core distributes liquid to make them absorb quickly. 
  • The diaper absorbs within minutes to prevent wetness causing irritation. 
  • Organic cotton outer ensures the diaper remains breathable. 
  • Stretchy and soft leg cuffs keep all messes contained and prevent blowouts. 
  • High absorbency levels makes for a diaper that is suitable for both day and night use.

Fragrance: No
Subscription: Yes, saves 30%
Biodegradable: No
Hypoallergenic: Yes
Wetness Indicator: No
Certificates: EWG certified, Organic Cotton, Certified B Corporation, OEKO-Tex 100 standard, FSC.

9. Parasol Disposable Sensitive Diapers

Parasol has designed one of the best diapers for sensitive-skin toddlers and babies. 

Within the structure of the diaper, there is RashShield protection. This protection works to provide a super-fast wicking process. 

By removing the moisture after your baby has done a wee and limiting their time in contact with it, this design keeps their bottom dry. 

The benefit of keeping sensitive skin dry is that it improves comfort and works to stop friction and irritation. 

The slim design of these sensitive diapers ensures that they remain breathable. 

The only disadvantage to these diapers is that these diapers do run on the smaller side.

What We Liked

  • Fast as wicking away moisture to stop baby bum being damp.
  • Thin design that makes them fit well under outer clothing. 
  • Large leg cuffs to keep all messes contained within the diaper. 
  • Ultra smooth material to make these diapers soft and gentle. 
  • Sleek and lightweight to allow your little full range of motion.

Fragrance: No
Subscription: No
Biodegradable: No
Hypoallergenic: Yes
Wetness Indicator: Yes
Certificates: n/a

10. Andy Pandy Disposable Sensitive Diapers

With no harsh chemicals sitting directly against sensitive little bottoms, they work by wicking away the moisture. Drawing all wees into the diaper, your little one’s bum will remain dry. 

With the addition of pure aloe essence, these additives will keep sensitive bottoms nourished and hydrated. Naturally created there are no nasties in coming in contact with your little one, just all-natural goodness. 

The only disadvantage to these diapers is that the diapers do come up large, so not always suitable for small or slim babies.

What We Liked

  • The diapers are mostly biodegradable due to their naturally made design. 
  • The bamboo wicks away moisture quickly and keeps little tushes dry. 
  • Extremely soft and gentle against delicate new baby skin.
  • Stretch back panel to ensure the perfect fit for your baby. 
  • Highly absorbent making them suitable for both day and night use.

Fragrance: No
Subscription: No
Biodegradable: Yes 86.5%
Hypoallergenic: Yes
Wetness Indicator: Yes
Certificates: Innovation Award

11. Nest Baby Premium Diapers for Sensitive Skin

Free from chemicals, lotions, perfumes, and allergens the Nest diaper for sensitive skin is made not to irritate sensitive bums.

Focusing on plant-based materials Nest uses natural ways to ensure your little one remains dry and happy. Wicking moisture away, they leave the baby’s skin dry to the touch and keep irritation at bay. 

Naturally breathable, these diapers keep clear airflow which works in addition to the wicking process to keep skin dry time and time again. 

The only disadvantage is that these diapers can come up a little smaller than other diapers and without the correct fit may cause leaks.

What We Liked

  • Wetness indicator including to show when your baby’s diaper needs changing. 
  • Extreme softness that doesn’t rub or cause irritation to sensitive skin. 
  • Stretchy back panel to make sure the diaper fits well. 
  • Soft and stretchy leg cuffs to keep all messes in the diaper and prevent blowouts. 
  • Biodegradable diapers reduce landfill waste, making them more eco-friendly.

Fragrance: No
Subscription: No
Biodegradable: Yes
Hypoallergenic: Yes
Wetness Indicator: Yes
Certificates: PEFC and OEKO-TEX

12. Esembly Sensitive Cloth Diapers

For full efficiency, the 100% cotton inner should be paired with one of the Esembly outer covers to provide waterproof protection. 

Made from 100% cotton, these diapers are the best diaper for sensitive skin. Being made from natural materials, they are designed to be gentle and without additional chemicals being used. 

Extremely soft, cotton being against delicate skin, these diapers are gentle. They don’t rub and they act quickly in wicking away the moisture. With the option of being able to add stay dry liners, you can ensure no damp material is ever touching your baby. 

The only disadvantage to these diapers is that the inner can take a while to dry before being able to be reused.

What We Liked

  • These diapers are designed to prevent blowout with their stretchy leg cuffs.
  • Each outer cover can be reused with up to 4 inner diapers. 
  • They create no landfill waste as the diapers can be reused time and time again. 
  • They are extremely soft and gentle against delicate, sensitive skin. 
  • Their natural cotton is absorbent and quick to wick moisture away.

Fragrance: No
Subscription: No
Biodegradable: No
Hypoallergenic: No
Wetness Indicator: No
Certificates: n/a

Disposable Diapers vs. Cloth Diapers 

There are pros and cons to both disposable and cloth diapers when it comes to babies with sensitive skin. 

The benefit of cloth diapers is that you know exactly what is coming into contact with your baby’s delicate skin. You have control of the washing powders used and can ensure that these do not cause irritation. Plus, once purchased they can be reused and overtime save you money. 

The benefits of disposable diapers are that there is a lot of information now available surrounding the materials used. Plus, they save you from having to handle and wash soiled diapers. 

For daily use, cloth is great once you have found one that works for you. However, when out and about, at daycare or at sleepovers, disposable diapers may also be needed. 

What are Hypoallergenic Diapers? 

Hypoallergenic diapers are diapers that have been specifically designed and made without the addition of additives that can cause irritation or reaction. 

For diapers, this is the absence of no chemicals being used, perfumes, toxins, or known allergens. 

The majority of hypoallergenic diapers are primarily plant-based to avoid synthetic materials being used and possibly causing irritation.

Hypoallergenic however is just terminology. This does not mean that other eco diapers contain materials that cause irritation.

The best way to know if these other diapers are specifically targeted toward sensitive skin is to check the materials and ingredients used within the diaper. 

Diaper Ingredients to Avoid

Most people don’t know what is used to make diapers and which ingredients can be the reason for causing irritation. 

The FDA is constantly working to make parents aware and to ensure all information is provided. That way parents can shop and choose diapers with knowledge. 

Here is some information about the most common ingredients to avoid when shopping for the best diaper brand for sensitive skin. 

Avoiding ingredients such as VOCs, phthalates, super absorbent polymers, chlorine, and fragrance are vital.

All of these ingredients use toxins or have been bleached during their processing. All of which can cause sensitive skin to flare up and cause problems for your little one.  

TypeIngredientCommonly UsedReason for Avoiding
AllergenDyeIn the diapers designThe dye use may cause a reaction to sensitive skin
Chemical/ToxinFragranceThe diapers core and outerChemicals and toxins, at unknown quantities, can be used to fragrance diapers.
AllergenLatexFront, back and side panelsLatex is a common allergen and causes pain and discomfort when sensitive skin comes in contact. 
ChemicalSodium AcrylateDiaper coreIt is a chemical polymer that can cause irritation. 
ToxinsChlorineDiaper outerChemicals for bleaching and make diapers white and can cause irritation when in contact with skin. 
ChemicalPhthalatesOuter panels and coreUsed to soft plastics it has been associated with health conditions such as diabetes, cancers, impact to the heart, and reproductive function. 
ToxinParabensCore of the diaperThey can disrupt hormone levels that can lead to fertility issues, future birth outcomes, and cancers. 
AllergenLotionsTop sheetThey contain unknown levels of ingredients that may trigger your child’s sensitive skin to flare up. 
ToxinPetroleum plasticsSurface liningPlastic sheet to absorb water or liquid. Created from petroleum they can irritate delicate skin. 

How to Choose the Best Diapers for Sensitive Skin?

In order to allow you to choose the best diaper for your baby’s sensitive skin, you need to consider the materials used. Additionally, how transparent the materials are shown and the diapers absorbency levels. 


The more transparent the brand is with sharing the ingredients creates confidence. Knowing exactly what is being used, allows you to understand that no fragrances, chemicals, or toxins are used. With this knowledge, you can take confidence that nothing used should cause your little one irritation or cause discomfort to their sensitive skin. 


Avoiding synthetic materials is a must when shopping for diapers for sensitive-skinned kiddies. 

Plant-based materials such as bamboo and organic cotton are perfect examples of popular choices. Without the need to use chemicals to support their growth, they are toxin and chemical-free. Plus naturally absorbent and great at wicking moisture away quickly. 


To keep sensitive bums comfortable a diaper with good absorption is a must. 

It ensures that your little one remains dry and not having wetness on their skin that causes irritation. 

To maximize the benefit of absorbency, the best diapers have a stay-dry top sheet. Locking the absorbent core from pressing against your baby’s skin. 

Leak Protection 

If a diaper leaks that result in your little one having direct contact with wetness or poop. 

This contact and wetness can cause irritation and upset sensitive skin. Plus, if it leaks it means that this irritation can spread outside of the diaper area and potentially cause further discomfort to legs, back or tummy.


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