5 Best Strollers for Big Kids 2024 (for 3-7 Year Olds)

Most strollers on the market are designed for babies and toddlers.

As your child starts to grow older, you will find that she will slowly outgrow the stroller, which will be a problem when you need a stroller while taking your child with you on a jog or a long walk.

Here are the best strollers for big kids, so you can easily take your child with you even as they grow older. 

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Largest Option
Joovy Caboose

Best All-Terrain
Burley Design

Best for the Money
BOB Revolution

Best Strollers For Big Kids

1. Joovy Caboose Graphite Stand-On Tandem Stroller

The Joovy Tandem Stroller ss specifically designed to provide support for children as they grow. It is appropriate for children up to about two and a half years of age. 

The stroller can be easily folded, helping to make this a more appropriate option when traveling or when storage space at home is limited. 

You can choose between four colors. These include Appletree, Black, Red, and Amber. This stroller is quite affordable compared to other options. 

You will find that it also comes with a two-year warranty. The seat can be reclined according to the comfort of your child. You can choose between three different seat positions. You also get a universal car seat that keeps your child safe while traveling. 

Check the price of Joovy Stand-On Tandem Stroller here


  • Available in four color options
  • A compact option with a smaller size
  • Comes with a two-year warranty
  • Longer than regular strollers
  • Universal car seat adapter included


  • Not the sturdiest option on the market

Stroller type: Tandem stroller
Weight capacity: 45 pounds per seat
Foldable: yes
Adjustable handle: n/a
Dimensions: 38 x 21.25 x 42
Weight: 27.5 pounds

2. gb Pockit+ Lightweight Baby Stroller

The gb Pockit+ Lightweight Baby Stroller is a high-quality option that comes with a built-in sun canopy

The canopy offers effective protection against the sun – with a UPF50+ rating. 

The overhead compartment further protects against the sun and provides some extra storage space on the stroller. 

The front wheels feature a swivel system. This makes it significantly easier to turn and control the stroller while pushing a bigger child – providing support for children with a weight of up to 55 pounds.

The seat can be reclined, and the position can be adjusted toward the comfort of the child. When no longer in use, the stroller can also be folded to make storage much more convenient. A unique feature is that once folded up; the manufacturer claims the stroller will fit into your backpack.

Check the price of gb Pockit+ Lightweight Baby Stroller here


  • Features an overhead compartment
  • The seat can be easily reclined
  • The sun canopy features built-in protection from the sun
  • The stroller comes in a variety of colors
  • Lighter weight than some competitors


  • Relatively small foot support
  • Lower weight limit than some alternatives

Stroller type: Umbrella stroller
Weight capacity: 55 pounds
Foldable: yes
Adjustable handle: yes
Dimensions: 28 x 18.5 x 39.8
Weight: 12.3 pounds

3. Burley Design Solstice Baby Stroller

The Burley Design Solstice Baby Stroller comes with exceptionally sturdy construction – but with a price to match. 

It’s ideal for children who are younger than seven years of age – this is still an impressive age range compared to other options on the market. 

The stroller supports a maximum weight of 75 pounds. This is higher than the competitors. It can also be folded easily, making storage easier and more convenient. 

The one-handed fold feature means you can open or close the stroller while your child is in your arms. The seat inside the stroller is padded. This makes it more comfortable for your child to sit. The padding becomes especially important when older kids are placed in a stroller.

The canopy can be extended according to the current weather condition. In cases where the sun is out, you can extend it to provide shade to your child’s entire body.

Check the price of Burley Design Solstice Baby Stroller here


  • Easily folds up with just a single hand
  • The handlebar is padded, making it easier to push the stroller
  • The seat can be easily adjusted
  • The canopy can be extended further than many competitors
  • S.I.T. seat provides improved comfort and reduces the risk of tangled straps


  • Only available in two colors
  • The three-wheel system not appropriate for everyone
  • Not as compact or lightweight as some alternatives

Stroller type: Solstice Jogger Stroller
Weight capacity: 75 pounds
Foldable: yes
Adjustable handle: no
Dimensions: 22.5 x 13.2 x 38.8
Weight: 29 pounds

4. Joovy Zoom 360 Ultralight Jogging Stroller

The Joovy Zoom 360 Ultralight Jogging Stroller is a lightweight option that features large rear wheels with a built-in quick-release function

At the front, a single smaller wheel also features a swivel system to make turning easier

The stroller has an aluminum frame which makes it more durable than plastic frames. A suspension is also used to provide a shock-absorbent feature in the stroller.  

The canopy provides great coverage for the entire area where your child will sit in. This helps to protect your child against the sun – even as they get bigger.

When not in use, the stroller easily folds up. The compact structure makes the stroller easier to store away, even if you are limited on space. You can choose between colors that include red, black, green, and blue when you invest in this particular stroller.

Check the price of Joovy Zoom 360 Ultralight Jogging Stroller here


  • High-quality construction at an affordable price
  • Features quick-release wheels
  • Swivel front wheels for faster turns
  • Four color options to choose from
  • Easy to keep clean


  • The shape is not appropriate for some older children
  • Polyester is not a preferred material for all parents

Stroller type: Jogging Stroller
Weight capacity: 75 pounds
Foldable: Yes
Adjustable handle: no
Dimensions: 46 x 25 x 54
Weight: 25.7 pounds

5. BOB Revolution Flex 2.0 Jogging Stroller

The BOB Revolution Flex 2.0 Jogging Stroller features nine handlebar positions, and adjustable harness. 

There’s also highly adjustable seat position and handlebar (for your own convenience). 

It also has a built-in canopy that offers effective UPF50+ protection against the sun. The canopy is extra-large, which helps to give you a more effective way of protecting a larger kid from sun exposure. 

A bottom compartment is available to add some storage space for long-distance travel. The stroller can be folded for easier storage. You can choose between five different colors. These include Canyon, Green, Blue, Gray, and Black.

At the front of the stroller, there is a locking swivel. The product also features a suspension similar to those found in bikes. This adds better stability when you push the stroller on rough terrains.

Check the price of BOB Revolution Flex 2.0 Jogging Stroller here


  • Perfect for jogging with your child
  • Holds up to 75 pounds
  • Features UPF50+ canopy
  • Comes with a handlebar that can be adjusted
  • Various color options to choose from
  • Best for the money


  • High price compared to alternative options
  • Three-wheel system may not suit for everyone

Stroller type: Jogging stroller
Weight capacity: 75 pounds
Foldable: yes
Adjustable handle: yes
Dimensions: 44 x 25.4 x 43
Weight: 28.5 pounds

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First, It’s 100% Okay To Have A Big Kid’s Stroller

Many parents feel awkward or unsure about buying a stroller for their big kids. Before we get into this post, we want to assure you that it is 100% okay to decide on the purchase of a big kids’ stroller. 

If you are looking to take advantage of these strollers, start by getting the idea of judgment from other people out of the picture. What others think about your kid being in a stroller should really be of no concern here. 

Consider the real benefits that the stroller will be able to offer you. The stroller will make your life easier. It will be beneficial for your child. These are the points that you want to look at here. Realize that it is perfectly alright to continue using a big stroller if your kid is not a baby anymore. 

There are various reasons why you may need to use a big kids’ stroller. Consider this type of product in the following scenarios:

  • Your child might be a large toddler, but is not yet able to walk for long distances
  • Your child might be recovering from a surgical procedure
  • Your preschooler might need to go with you while traveling a long distance
  • You might want to take a jog with your child

Note that some scenarios make strollers also appropriate for older kids. Consider children with disabilities – walking, especially for long distances, can be difficult for them. Using a stroller for big kids can make their life at least a little more convenient. You get to explore the outdoor world with your child, and you avoid making your big kid feel trapped in the house.

At What Age Should A Child Stop Using A Stroller?

Parents are often wondering up to what age their child should be using a stroller (1). There really isn’t a single answer to this question – it depends on the child, on the scenario, and on why the stroller is being used. 

To understand if your kid has reached the age where they shouldn’t be using the stroller anymore, you need to start by considering why you are using the stroller. 

When you are using a stroller simply to avoid your child from becoming tired while walking, then the appropriate age to stop this habit would be a little lower. Consider the age and size of your child. This would help you get an idea of whether they should stop using the stroller. 

On the other hand, if your child is suffering from a disability or another related problem, then you may consider using the stroller for longer. Your child may find it difficult to walk for long distances, but you want to ensure they still get an opportunity to explore the outside world. This gives you an opportunity to do just that – while also solving the problem related to the difficulties your child is experiencing. 

Remember that there is no single rule that will determine when you should stop using a stroller for your child. Rather look into the personal factors – how old is your child and why they need a stroller. 

Even though many strollers tend to serve children in the age range of up to three years, there are options for older kids. Do some research, and you will find strollers that are appropriate for a child aged up to seven years. 

Finally, consider your child too. Studies show that children gain a sense of self-awareness early on (2). A child’s initial development relies on those first years.

How Many Pounds Can A Stroller Hold?

While considering what age would be appropriate to stop using a stroller for your child, the weight limit of these products should be considered too. 

Again, there is no single figure that would give you a definite answer. This is because various strollers are available on the market. Some of these strollers would be able to hold a more significant weight than others. 

You will need to check with the manufacturer to determine the maximum weight supported with a stroller you want to buy. 

You will notice that the average weight that high-quality strollers tend to support in general is about 50 pounds. In some cases, you may also find strollers that go up to around 75 pounds in terms of maximum supported weight.

Are 3 Or 4-Wheel Strollers Better For Big Kids?

Another common question is whether to opt for a three-wheel or four-wheel stroller when you have a bigger kid. 

It can be difficult to choose between the two, as there are other factors that come into play. You should look at the position of the seat too. This tells you which option would be more appropriate. 

When the seat is lower toward the ground, then a three-wheel stroller can be an ideal option. On the other hand, when the seat is too high, it can cause instability. 

When you opt for a four-wheel stroller, then you can choose a product with a seat that is higher. This will not cause instability, as the four wheels can give better support to the seat and your child while they are being pushed in the stroller.

How To Choose The Right Stroller For Big Kids?

There are some factors that you should look at when you decide to buy a stroller for a bigger kid. These are all factors that will help you choose the right product – and ensure it can give adequate support for an older child. We look at these factors below – take each of them into consideration when browsing through the best strollers for big kids. 

  • Weight Capacity: Look at the maximum weight capacity. Know how much your child weighs. Most strollers support up to 50 pounds. If you have a heavier child, consider an option that can hold up to 75 pounds.
  • Seat Height: The height of the seat can have an impact on your child’s comfort and the overall stability of the stroller. Consider a lower seat height or a three-wheel stroller and a higher seat height for a four-wheel stroller. Try for a seat height of at least 22 inches to make a bigger kid feel more comfortable.
  • Canopy Height: The canopy height should be considered too – this tells you if your child may be too tall. The height should offer adequate protection for your child against the sun, and not interfere with their comfort.
  • Foot Rest: Consider if the product has a footrest. If it does, then the footrest should be large enough to keep a bigger child’s feet comfortable. There should be an adequate surface for the size of their feet too. A good size to opt for would be 12 inches by 13 inches.
  • Adjustable Handle: This is essential for tall parents. The addition of an adjustable handle makes it easier to create a product that is perfect for your own height. You can also customize the handle with adjustments according to your own comfort.
  • Foldable: A foldable stroller takes up less space in your house. If you are limited on storage space, consider a foldable option.

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