8 Ways to Get Free Cloth Diapers (for Low-Income Families)

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Diaper need is a real issue facing low-income families today. Diaper Banks are a valuable resource that provides free cloth diapers to families in need. Diaper bank programs are widely available, and the online application process is quick and easy, allowing families to access vital resources, often without charge.

How to Get Free Cloth Diapers?

Getting free cloth diapers is as simple as applying with your local cloth diaper bank. After locating one in your area, you will need to complete the online application form. 

These vary between organizations but require personal information and sometimes proof of welfare support. Local diaper banks help low-income families with a free diaper supply.

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1. The Cloth Option

The Cloth Option is an NPO collective based in the USA. They are working to end diaper needs through free, reusable diapers. US territories and US military families abroad can also access this diaper assistance program. 

Used cloth diapers are loaned out to families in need, and newborn sizes must be returned before the next size is provided.

Families are provided with a starting stash, including 20 newborn diapers, 15 infant diapers, and 10 potty training toddler diapers. 

You can apply online or in-person and need to have proof of address, proof of children, and an accurate email address. 

2. Cotton Babies Share the Love

Cotton Babies Share the Love is a national cloth diaper bank with more than 100 locations within the US. They are committed to fighting poverty by providing cloth diapers for free to qualifying families. 

With a minimum of 15 reusable diapers, information, education, and supporting materials, families are provided with valuable help.

To receive cloth diaper help, you need to be a US citizen, have a valid photo ID, and prove enrollment in an assistance program. 

Along with completing the online application and agreeing to the Terms of Service, these steps will allow you to access free cloth diapers by mail.

3. GroVia Gives

GroVia Gives is a cloth diaper lending program in the US providing free cloth diapers for low-income families. Each kit contains 16 GroVia Gives Bamboo/Cotton Trifolds and four one-size covers, all in infant size only. 

It is one diaper set per baby in a family and is suitable for children weighing 10-35 lbs.

To qualify for free cloth diapers, you will need to be US-based, have proof of need such as a WIC card or food stamp card, and evidence of a child or pregnancy. 

The set is for kids three years and under and will need to be returned when you no longer need it.

4. Cloth 4 Every Bum

This US-based NPO provides diapers for free for low-income families and helps them integrate reusable diapers into their lives. Kits can be received through the local Cloth For Every Bum site or through the National shipping program.

Kits are customized for each family and kept for six months. A variety of cloth diaper sizes are provided, including 22 diaper changes, two skin safe inserts, 12 wipes, one Snappi, and one wet bag. 

To get cloth diapers for free, you need at least one child under 24 months or are pregnant, commit to living locally for local kits, and have access to the internet for educational classes for shipped kits.

5. One Diaper Canada

One Diaper Canada is a cloth diaper charity providing kits to families who self-identify as needing help and support. Based in Ottawa, Ontario, it is run by volunteers who manage the cloth diaper donations. 

They offer cloth diapers for free to low-income families in Canada and provide cloth diapering support resources that foster self-reliance. These kits provide the resources struggling families need.

Each kit contains cloth inserts, diaper covers, diaper liners, and other cloth diapering necessities. If you need help with diapers, it is as simple as completing the online application form. The form asks for personal and financial information and includes an indemnity.

6. Jake’s Diapers

Jake’s Diapers is a US-based non-profit organization that is working to solve the diaper need of infants, the elderly, and those with special needs. There is an Eastern Wisconsin Diaper Bank and a National Cloth Network. It also has a global network of partners around the world.

The National Cloth Network supplies families in need with cloth diapers and diaper covers that have been gently used. 

There is a $15 shipping fee and an online application process that asks for personal information to help the organization assess your family’s needs. Diapers are sent based on need, not gender, so colors and styles will vary. 

7. Cloth for a Cause (Canada)

Cloth for a Cause is a group working to provide quality and sustainable cloth diapers to those in need. Based in Canada, they have chapters in British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Ontario, Nova Scotia, and New Brunswick. 

They are committed to helping low-income families, at-risk parents, and those with special needs.

Families are provided with cloth diapers, a wet bag, liners, and reusable wipes. To receive 100% free cloth diapers on loan, you will need to complete an online application with your personal information and sign an indemnity. This information helps the group create a diaper package for your family’s needs.

8. Babies in Cloth (Canada)

Another Canadian organization is Babies in Cloth. Based in Alberta, they are encouraging reusable cloth diapering in the hopes of offsetting some of the costs of a baby’s first three years. Cloth diapers and accessories are provided to families based on their individual needs.

There is an online application process, and you need to be based in Alberta, Canada, to qualify for used cloth diapers from Babies in Cloth. 

Through the help of sponsors and people who donate used cloth diapers, Babies in Cloth can help families fight diaper needs and provide their babies with clean, safe diaper options.

What is a Cloth Diaper Bank?

Cloth diaper banks are designed to help alleviate the diaper need many families experience. Through sponsors and donations, diaper banks can provide free cloth diapers to low-income and at-risk families. 

These NPO’s and groups use gently used cloth diapers to combat the pressure put on families due to supply chain issues and rising diaper costs.

They play a vital role in supporting families, reducing parental stress, and providing struggling families with a way to keep their kids clean and healthy. 

Fighting diaper needs impacts families’ physical, mental, and economic well-being. For example, each cloth diaper bank can support the needs of 65-100 babies annually, with those numbers steadily increasing.

How Do Cloth Diaper Banks Work?

Cloth diaper banks help fill the need experienced by many families today. The cost of living is rising, and many families have to choose between food and diapers. 

Diaper banks support those families who are struggling and partner with local social agencies to collaboratively support low-income families.

Diaper banks rely on sponsors, donations, partnerships, and fundraisers to help them meet the needs of families. Volunteers are integral to the success of diaper bank programs as they sort, repair, pack, and distribute diapers. 

Diaper banks are vital for combatting maternal stress and depression due to diaper needs. They also help raise awareness of this need and provide disaster relief.

What is Required for the Application?

There are many different diaper banks, and they each have their own application process. First, you would need to complete the application and ensure you meet their qualifying criteria. 

Some organizations require nothing more than some personal details, while others want supporting documentation. These might include birth certificates, proof of welfare support, and financial information.

Generally, diaper banks will only support the needs of families with children under three years old. Different organizations also serve different areas, so you need to find the diaper bank network that services your area.

Applying for free cloth diapers is a straightforward process designed to support and uplift families.

What Kind of Diapers Can You Get?

Diaper banks supply disposable diapers and cloth diapers to low-income families. They come in a variety of styles, colors, and sizes.

The disposable diapers and many cloth diapers are new. These are often donated by partner companies or bought using donated funds. 

Many cloth diapers are donated and have been gently used. These include cloth inserts, diaper covers, diaper liners, reusable wipes, and other diapering accessories. 

During the application process, families will express their needs, and the organization will provide them with the diapers that will meet that need.

These cloth diapers are on loan and are returned when the family no longer needs them.

Are Used Cloth Diapers Safe?

Yes, cloth diapers are safe to use, particularly those from a diaper bank. Diaper banks only accept cloth diapers and accessories that have been gently used.

The volunteers at these organizations go through donated diapers and only use acceptable ones. These are then washed and sterilized before being given to a family.

If you are concerned, you can “strip” the diapers at home. Stripping removes any build-up of soap and dirt in the diaper. 

After stripping, wash the diaper and then soak for 30 minutes in diluted bleach to sanitize it. Then, rinse and wash the diaper before using it on your baby. 

How Many Cloth Diapers Can You Get?

The diaper kits provided to families vary from one diaper bank to the next, but they all supply an adequate number of diapers for each family’s needs.

For example, Baby Booties Diaper Bank with Jake’s Diapers provides 24 one-size-fits-all diapers, a wet bag, and 24 cloth wipes. 

The Diaper Bank of Southern Arizona provides a wet bag, 24 pre-fold cotton diapers, 2 fasteners, 4 adjustable waterproof cover pants, and 5 reusable washcloths. 

Some diaper banks customize each package based on the individual family and their current availability of cloth diapers. Most kits include a minimum of 10-12 diapers, a wet bag, and reusable cloth wipes.

How to Find a Cloth Diaper Bank Near Me?

Finding your local diaper bank is as easy as a google search or looking at the member directory on the National Diaper Bank Network site. They have a helpful map and alphabetical list of all the diaper banks across the US. 

There are more than 225 community-based diaper banks, some with national networks that will mail diapers to you. 

Suppose you don’t have access to the internet. In that case, you can ask your local food bank or faith-based organization for details on a diaper bank, as many community groups work together to provide support. 

You can also call the National Diaper Bank Network on 2-1-1, and someone will help you find the resources you need.

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