12 Best Overnight Cloth Diapers That Don’t Leak (2023)

At nighttime, you want something extra-absorbent and something that doesn’t “feel” wet since it will be on a lot longer.

Best overnight cloth diapers are usually fitteds, as they offer the most absorbency. AIOs are the easiest to use.

Our tummy sleeper uses a fitted diaper + stay dry liner + cover during the nighttime.

PS! You definitely want to add additional inserts/boosters for the extra absorbency.

Our Favorites

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Best Overnight Cloth Diapers

1. Grovia O.N.E. Overnight Cloth Diaper

all in one cloth diaper

Grovia O.N.E. Overnight diapers have a hidden body layer and one-of-a-kind cotton soaker, making them very absorbent. The design is trim and non-bulky.

The Outlast System offers the option of snaps or hook and loop closures. The cotton soaker and adjustable fit make it great for nights.

The Buttah Big O.N.E. cloth diaper offers a larger fit and heavy-duty construction, ideal for nights and toddlers. It can be made more absorbent with a fleece-topped booster.

As these are AIO cloth diapers, a con is that you will wash the whole diaper when soiled.

What We Liked

  • The modular snap-in soaker system offers great customization for a better fit absorbency.
  • These AIO diapers require no prepping to increase absorbency.
  • You can buy a replacement kit for the Outlast Closure System.
  • These diapers are quick and convenient to use.
  • These overnight cloth diapers are great for heavy wetters.

Fit: AIO, One-Size, Customizable
Size: 10-35lbs
Closure: Hook and Loop; Snap
Material: Inner Layer 100% polyester microfiber; soaker 100% cotton; outer 100% water resistant TPU
Absorbency: Very absorbent; Good for nights with the hidden absorbent layer

2. Esembly Nighttime Cloth Diaper


These soft and absorbent nighttime cloth diapers have a waterproof outer and prevent blowouts. Made from organic cotton, they have a layered core for extra absorption.

The waist snaps, rippled core, and stretchy leg elastic offer a snug fit and customization. The inners come in two sizes, so they grow with your baby.

You can add an overnighter with eight layers of organic cotton and a layer of “stay dry” fleece to increase absorbency. A con is that these reusable overnight diapers take a long time to dry, and you need to flatten each layer manually.

What We Liked

  • The layers are designed for deep cleaning and come with easy washing instructions.
  • The customizable fit means poop can be well contained.
  • The organic cotton makes these diapers absorbent enough for nights.
  • You can adjust the legs and waist independently.
  • They have good heat and vapor transmission, making them the best nighttime cloth diapers for babies prone to nappy rash.

Fit: Trim Fit
Size: Size 1: 7-17lbs ; Size 2: 18-35lbs
Closure: Snaps
Material: Organic cotton inner; Oeko-Tex recycled fabric from 100% post-consumer plastic bottles outer
Absorbency: Good absorbency with an organic cotton layered core

3. Nicki’s Diapers Newborn Bamboo Overnight Fitted Cloth Diaper

cloth diaper cover

These are one of the best overnight cloth diapers for heavy wetters when used with an overnight merino wool cloth diaper cover. The cover is made from lanolized wool and is self-cleaning, making it convenient for busy mothers.

With generous sizing and multifunctional snaps, these diapers are one of the best overnight cloth diapers for newborns.

You can remove the snap-in inserts easily, allowing the diapers to dry quickly. They are also contoured to fit the legs, helping prevent newborn blowouts. 

A con is that 3-5 washes are required to prep the diapers and increase the absorbency of the bamboo viscose.

What We Liked

  • The inner soaker has five layers of bamboo viscose for extra absorbency.
  •  The overnight cover is soft, stretchy, and prevents leaks.
  •  You can use the cover with prefolds, flats, or inserts.
  •  There are no chemicals in the diaper. 
  •  It is made with super absorbent bamboo making it suitable for heavy wetters.

Fit: Fitted
Size: 5-13lbs
Closure: Snaps
Material: 100% Bamboo
Absorbency: Superabsorbent and good for heavy wetters

4. Nicki’s Diapers All In One Overnight Cloth Diaper

all in one cloth diaper

These diapers make cloth diapering overnight simple as you don’t need to add anything. The waterproof cover and absorbent interior are attached and easily adjustable.

For example, the Imagine Newborn Snap Stay-Dry All In One cloth diaper has microfiber and leg elastics making it snug and absorbent for newborn diapering needs.

Adding a doubler will increase absorbency if you want to cloth diaper at night. With 55% bamboo and 45% organic cotton, bamboo doublers have reinforced stitching, soft, and eight layers of fabric.

A con is that these AIO diapers need a doubler for better absorbency at night.

What We Liked

  • It is easy to wrap up when soiled. 
  • The snap-in fleece insert comes out easily. 
  • The diaper is free of chemicals and gentle on your baby’s skin. 
  • The microfiber and fleece have good moisture wicking preventing rash.  
  • Suitable for most babies who are not heavy wetters.

Fit: Adjustable
Size: 8-35lbs
Closure: Snaps
Material: Waterproof outer; microfiber/fleece insert
Absorbency: Regular

5. Best Bottom Overnight Cloth Diaper

all in one cloth diaper

When used with a doubler, these are some of the top overnight cloth diapers. The snaps at the waist and hips provide a snug fit and prevent drooping, keeping your baby mess-free.

You can use the reusable interior for multiple diaper changes, which are convenient at night. Simply replace the bamboo insert.

Bamboo inserts are a necessity, and they offer light absorbency for daytime use. With six layers of bamboo viscose, they are absorbent and non-bulky.

A con is that you have to use a microfiber doubler under the bamboo insert at night, or the diaper won’t hold enough.

However, the absorbency does increase from light to heavy with the addition of a doubler, making it suitable for nighttime cloth diapering.

What We Liked

  • The ‘bikini fit’ sits lower on the belly for babies with bigger stomachs.
  • The microfiber doubler size matches the size of the bamboo inserts. 
  • The interior is waterproof and reusable, which is convenient. 
  • The bamboo inserts have an hourglass shape for maximum absorption and come in 4 sizes. 
  • Suitable for babies with sensitive skin.

Fit: Adjustable
Size: One Size ‘Bikini Fit’ 8-35lbs
Closure: Snaps
Material: PUL outer
Absorbency: Heavy absorbency with six layers of bamboo viscose

6. Thirsties Natural Overnight Cloth Diaper

These Thirsties diapers are good overnight toddler cloth diapers as the sizing runs large, and they are adjustable.

With 11 layers of bamboo cotton, these are one of the most absorbent nighttime cloth diapers, making them ideal cloth nighttime training pants. 

The Thirsties Duo Wrap has gentle leg gussets making these diapers leak-free. These diapers have a trim fit with snaps and hook and loop closures.

They are suitable for covering doubled-up nighttime diapers, and the polyurethane laminate coating makes them easy to clean.

With two sizes, they are ideal for most babies and are long-lasting. A con is that these diapers need an insert to work overnight.

What We Liked

  • These diapers are affordable. 
  • The front of the diaper has an umbilical cord snap down for newborns. 
  • These diapers have snaps or hook and loop closures, making them harder for toddlers to remove themselves. 
  • These wash well and don’t retain any smells.  
  • They are soft, absorbent, and secure, making them suitable for newborn blowouts or busy toddlers.

Fit: Adjustable Trim Fit
Size: One Size 8-40lbs
Closure: Snaps
Material: 70% rayon from bamboo / 30% cotton
Absorbency: Ultra absorbent bamboo rayon

7. Best Bottom Size All in One Nighttime Cloth Diaper

cloth diaper

These diapers are trim-fitting and highly absorbent, making them practical and comfortable. The leg gussets design is gentle on your baby’s skin while containing any mess and preventing leaking.

The snaps provide a customized fit, and they are durable and can stand up to busy days and long nights.

The inserts snap in to provide added protection for nighttime while being easy to change if needed. It also has crossover snaps to help even the skinniest baby stay snug and dry through the night.

It is a trim-fit while still having space for additional inserts or doublers for absorbency.

What We Liked

  • The inside of the diaper is easy to wipe and clean. 
  • They have a double layer of PUL for waterproofing. 
  • These diapers are well made with a 60-day warranty.
  • This cost-effective diapering option will see you from newborn to potty training.  
  • The diapers dry very quickly and are reusable.

Fit: Adjustable ‘bikini’ fit
Size: 10-40lbs; one size
Closure: Snaps
Material: Bamboo viscose inner; PUL polyester outer
Absorbency: High absorbency, good for heavy wetters

8. Smart Bottoms Born Smart 2.0 Newborn Overnight Cloth Diaper

cloth diaper

Diapers for newborns can be tricky, but these offer a unique fit that keeps babies comfortable. It has an umbilical cord notch and three rise setting options to suit any size newborn.

The elastics are also not encased, making them gentler on soft, newborn skin. The elastics at the legs and back offer added protection for breastfed babies.

These are one of the best newborn organic overnight cloth diapers.

A con is that a booster will be necessary for heavy wetters. In saying that, the insert is long, and you can easily fold it to suit the wet zone of your baby.

What We Liked

  • Best nighttime cloth diaper as no prep is required
  • Smart Bottoms offer a 45-day money-back guarantee.
  • The natural fibers get more absorbent with washing.
  • Smart Bottoms created the Smart 2.0 range after rigorous testing and client feedback.
  • The natural fibers are super soft and gentle on a newborn’s skin.

Fit: Trim fit
Size: Newborn 6-16lbs
Closure: Snaps
Material: Organic cotton/hemp interior
Absorbency: Good absorbency

9. Best Bottom One Size Overnight Cloth Diaper

cloth diaper

These are great toddler overnight cloth diapers because they have great sizing options.

The hip and waist snaps reduce bottom drooping, and the multifunctional snaps allow for customization of the fit. The double-leg gussets are gentle but contain any mess.

These diapers require inserts, but this does help make them good overnight toddler cloth diapers. The hemp and cotton inserts come in 4 sizes and have an hourglass shape for maximum absorption.

Overnight inserts increase, but a con is that they are microfiber and have to be placed under a second insert and away from your baby’s sensitive skin.

What We Liked

  • The diapers only need to be washed once in prep. 
  • They are economical and long-lasting.
  • The overlapping snap closure and four settings offer maximum customization.
  • The inner is waterproof and reusable. 
  • The best bottom overnight cloth diaper inserts are good for heavy wetting babies and toddlers.

Fit: Adjustable
Size: Size 1 (10-17lbs); Size 2 (14-28lbs); Size 3 (24-45+lbs)
Closure: Snaps
Material: Soft cotton/polyester; 2 layers of waterproof PUL
Absorbency: Super absorbent when used with inserts

10. Charlie Banana Reusable Overnight Diaper with Fleece

Charlie Banana diapers are climate-neutral certified, making them gentle on your baby’s skin and the environment.

They have a broad back elastic, waist snaps, and inner legs elastics. This creates a snug and adjustable fit making them one of the best cloth diapers for overnight.

Made from high-quality materials, they are long-lasting and hard-wearing for busy toddlers. These multi-award-winning cloth diapers are among the best overnight cloth diapers for toddlers because of the large size options.

A con is that you will need to use an insert, possibly two, at night to increase absorbency, but the Charlie Banana hemp inserts are super absorbent. The combination of hemp, organic cotton, and terry makes them one of the best reusable overnight diapers.

What We Liked

  • The fleece lining is gentle and soft on sensitive skin.
  • These cloth diapers are tested for harmful substances and are safe for your baby.
  • The bra strap adjustment option makes customizing the fit easy.
  • It fits your baby from newborn to potty training. 
  • Best cloth diaper for heavy wetters when used with inserts.

Fit: Adjustable
Size: One Size Adjustable; XS (0-6months) – L (26-30+ months)
Closure: Snaps and bra strap adjustment
Material: Shellface 100% polyester; back polyurethane; lining 100% polyester
Absorbency: Good absorbency for daytime but will need inserts for nights

11. Sloomb Overnight Bamboo Fleece Fitted Diapers

organic cloth diaper

When used with the double-length, 3-layer, snap-in fleece soaker, these are some of the most absorbent cloth diapers.

If you are looking for the best overnight cloth diaper for boys, Sloomb diapers are a good choice. You can fold the soaker to suit your baby’s needs and target their wet zone.

These diapers are soft, super absorbent, and leak-free when paired with a wool cover. The covers have many sizes, and the stretchy, breathable material helps with air circulation.

The covers can be used for 3-4 weeks without washing unless they are soiled. A con is that you need to repeat the lanolizing process every two weeks.

What We Liked

  • An extra doubler is included when you buy the diaper. 
  • The XS size has a snap-down for the umbilical cord. 
  • Easily customizable, making them the best overnight cloth diaper for girls. 
  • These diapers fit under the belly.  
  • The large and extra-large have hip snaps for easy sizing up and a better fit to prevent leaks.

Fit: Fitted
Size: XS-XL (5-32+lbs)
Closure: Snaps
Material: 70% viscose from bamboo; 30% organic cotton
Absorbency: Highly absorbent fleece soaker good for nights

12. Pooters Diapers One Size Overnight Hemp Fitted Cloth Diaper

velcro diaper

These diapers offer three absorbency levels. The daytime snap-in insert holds 18oz, while the overnight hemp stay-dry insert holds 31oz.

These are included when you buy the diaper. The diaper’s design prevents leaks for up to 12 hours, making it an ideal overnight fitted diaper.

Hemp stands up well to compression leaking making it great for tummy sleepers. The snaps allow for a customized fit that keeps your baby comfortable and prevents diaper blowouts from escaping.

A con is that these diapers can be bulky for daytime use and can get wing drops on a busy toddler.

What We Liked

  • They are leak-free when paired with a wool cover. 
  • Pooters offer a 30-day leak-free guarantee and a six-month warranty.
  • It has an umbilical cord snap-down for newborns. 
  • These diapers are great value for money.  
  • This is a great heavy wetter overnight cloth diaper with six layers of hemp fabric.

Fit: Fitted
Size: 12-40lbs
Closure: Snaps
Material: Premium hemp and organic cotton fibers
Absorbency: Outstanding absorbency

Types of Overnight Cloth Diapers

A fitted diaper is the best night cloth diaper. All-in-one diapers can work at night if you add doublers and boosters. Absorbency and fit are critical when choosing a nighttime cloth diaper.

All-in-One Diaper

In an AIO diaper, the inserts are sewn inside the diaper. This makes them similar to a disposable diaper in that you take off the soiled one and replace it with a new one. They have adjustable snaps, which allow you to customize the size, and you can add a booster to increase absorbency.

Fitted Diaper

Fitted overnight cloth diapers need to be used with a cover to make them leak-proof. Ideally, they should be hemp or bamboo as these natural fibers are the most absorbent and gentle on the skin. These are good for nights if your baby is a restless sleeper as they are absorbent all over.

Double Flats or Prefolds

Flats and prefolds need to be used with a cover as well. They are very customizable and one of the best overnight cloth diaper for heavy wetters. They are often natural fibers like hemp, bamboo, and cotton, which are super absorbent. You can fold flats and prefolds to suit the wet zone of your baby.


Daytime disposables will not work at night, and nighttime disposables would be required as they have extra absorbency. The plastic outer layer helps prevent leaks, but they don’t hold up well to compression leaks. Disposables are superabsorbent because of chemicals in the inner liner. They are easier to clean at night.

How to Add More Absorbency?

If your baby sleeps 10-12 hours during the night or is a heavy wetter, you will need a diaper with added absorbency. Inserts, boosters, and doublers improve absorbency.

Always Prep Diapers

Diapers made from natural fabrics need prepping to reach maximum absorption. This requires washing and drying them up to 8-10 times. This removes the natural oils in the fibers that repel water. The more you wash and dry natural fibers, the more absorbent they become. Synthetic fabrics like fleece and microfiber only require one wash.

Double the Inserts

You can double the inserts in the cloth diaper for long nights and heavy wetters. Natural and synthetic fibers increase absorption speed and absorption but place a microfiber insert under a natural fiber insert. You can fold inserts to target your baby’s wet zone. When adding inserts check the fit and consider sizing up to avoid leaking.

Add a Hemp Booster

Hemp boosters are often used with AIOs to improve absorbency as hemp is a superabsorbent material. AIOs need extra layers, and hemp adds absorbency without adding bulk. It retains moisture well and stands up to compression leaks. Hemp becomes more absorbent with washing and is gentle on the skin.

Add a Stay-Dry Liner

Stay-Dry liners are synthetic materials like polyester or fleece placed in the diaper on top of the absorbent layer. Natural fiber inserts can feel wet when full, and a stay-dry liner wicks away moisture. Liners are not designed to increase absorption but rather to keep your baby dry and rash-free.

Ensure a Proper Fit

Absorbing layers will only work if the fit of the diaper is correct. It should be snug around the legs and waist, creating a seal to keep in the mess. Most cloth diapers have customizable snaps to ensure a tight fit with no drooping. When adding extra inserts, consider sizing up to prevent gaping at the legs.


Are nighttime cloth diapers worth it?

Yes, but getting the fit and absorption level correct is vital for success. Cloth diapers can work well at night and are healthier for your baby.

What is the best cloth diaper for overnight?

The GroVia O.N.E. overnight cloth diaper is the best as it offers the best customization and absorption for heavy wetters.

How often should you change cloth diapers at night?

If the diaper is wet at a feed, then change it, and if your baby has pooed, then change it. If it is not soaked and your child is sleeping, leave it.

What is the best overnight cloth diaper for 5-year-old?

Thirsties Duo Wrap Reusable Cloth Diaper and Cover are the best big kid overnight cloth diapers. With 11 layers of bamboo, they are highly absorbent.

What is the best overnight cloth diaper for 4-year-old?

Best Bottom AIO Nighttime Cloth Diaper is the best as it uses natural absorbent fibers, has space for inserts and comes with leg gussets for a snug fit.

What is the best overnight cloth diaper for 3-year-old?

Sloomb Overnight Bamboo Fleece Fitted Diapers are the best because they have generous sizes with a highly absorbent fleece and organic cotton soaker.

What is the best overnight cloth diaper for 2-year-old?

Pooters Overnight Hemp Fitted Cloth Diaper is the best as it has six layers of absorbent hemp and customizable snaps for a snug fit.

What is the best overnight cloth diaper for 1-year-old?

Best Bottom Nighttime Cloth Diaper is the best as it uses absorbent bamboo inserts and can be customized to suit your toddler’s needs.

How to avoid major messes overnight with cloth diapers?

Adding extra absorbent inserts and ensuring a snug fit will help prevent messes at night. You can use a wool cover as an added protection.

How many overnight inserts do I need for cloth diapers?

You will need 3-6 overnight inserts. One to two inside the diaper and a few in case you need to change the diaper.

How many overnight cloth diapers do I need?

3-5 nighttime diapers are recommended. This will also depend on whether your child is a heavy wetter. Newborns are changed often, while older babies may only need to be changed once.

How to prevent ammonia build-up in overnight cloth diapers?

Frequent washing will help with the ammonia smell. Use natural fibers as they do not retain odors and keep your child hydrated.

How to wash overnight cloth diapers?

Use a warm or hot wash and dry cycle with a gentle detergent. You can add baking soda to neutralize odors and remove stains.

Can I soak my cloth diapers overnight?

You can soak cloth diapers overnight before putting them through a regular warm wash and dry cycle.

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