10 Best Fitted Cloth Diapers That Actually Work (2023)

Fitted cloth diapers are ideal for nighttime, heavy wetters, and whenever you need a lot of absorbency.

We use fitteds in our part-time daycare since they are super absorbent and have zero learning curve.

Best fitted cloth diapers are incredibly soft, have a trim fit, and keep your LO dry.

PS! Fitteds require a waterproof cover to keep the mess inside.

Our Favorites


Best Fitted Bundle

fitted diaper

Best Organic Option
Twinkie Tush

fitted diaper

Best for Newborns
Nicki’s Diapers

Best Fitted Cloth Diapers

1. Esembly Fitted Cloth Diapers


This diaper is made from organic cotton with a layered core for better absorption. The layers also make for easy cleaning.

The waist snaps make this an easily customizable diaper option, while the rippled core and stretchy elastic at the legs provide a snug fit that grows with your baby. 

The waterproof cover is soft, stretchy, and trim. This fitted diaper comes in two sizes. The independent leg and waist adjustment options mean you can size the diaper to best fit your baby.

A con with this cotton fitted diaper is that you need to add an overnighter or two for better absorption at night. There are also no rise settings.

What We Liked

  • You can add a stay-dry liner for added moisture-wicking.
  • This diaper has good heat and vapor transmission.
  • The sewn-in inserts have tunnels that help with cleaning and drying.
  • This is a sized diapering system.
  • These diapers work well for daytime and light wetter.

Fit: Trim fit and sized
Size: Size 1: 7-17lbs; Size 2: 18-35lbs
Closure: Snaps
Material: Certified organic cotton; Oeko-Tex certified recycled fabric from 100% post-consumer plastic bottles outer
Absorbency: High absorbency

2. Twinkie Tush Fusion Organic Cotton Fitted Diaper

fitted diaper

These are the best fitted hybrid cloth diapers. They hold up to 26 oz of liquid making them ideal for heavy wetters.

They have a layer of hydrophobic polyester fleece in the shell and soaker system which keeps your baby dry.

The organic fibers are suitable for sensitive skin and these diapers are less prone to shrinkage than other natural fiber fitted diapers.

The cotton velour stays incredibly soft, even after multiple washes. In fact, washing it will only make it more absorbent. Two soakers are included for added absorption.

What We Liked

  • You can wear these diapers during the day without a cover for 2 to 3 hours.
  • These are the best fitted diapers for nighttime.
  • The soakers snap together for a secure fit.
  • The soakers are uniquely shaped for a better fit.
  • It has newborn and one-size options.
  • It is top stitched for a secure seam and attractive finish.

Fit: Fitted
Size: One size 12+lbs
Closure: Snaps
Material: Cotton velour, knit outer fabric
Absorbency: Super

3. Nicki’s Diapers Newborn Organic Cotton Fitted Cloth Diaper

fitted diaper

These are one of the best newborn fitted cloth diapers available. Made with 100% natural fibers, they are gentle on your baby’s skin and the environment.

They offer the simplicity of a prefold but the ease of a fitted diaper. This is a snapless fitted diaper that allows you to customize your closure method.

It has elastic at the legs and waist with enough space for a doubler at night.

A con is that natural fibers contain oils that need to be washed out during the prepping process. 3-5 washes will increase the absorption of these no pin in fitted cloth diapers.

What We Liked

  • The sizing is generous. 
  • Nicki’s has a ‘buy one, give one’ program to fight diaper poverty.
  • With small sizes, these make perfect fitted newborn diapers.
  • The diapers become more absorbent as you wash them.
  • With absorbent cotton, this will work for heavy wetters.

Fit: Adjustable
Size: 4 sizes (4-10lbs)(7-17lbs)(12-25lbs)(15-30lbs)
Closure: Snapless
Material: 100% certified organic cotton
Absorbency: Super absorbency

4. OsoCozy Organic Fitted Cloth Diapers

organic cloth diaper

Organic fitted diapers are a great cloth diapering option. This cotton fitted diaper has three full-width layers of organic birdseye cotton and multiple interior pad layers of organic flannel.

These natural fibers make the diaper soft, durable, and absorbent. The diaper has an hourglass shape to maximize absorption and elastic at the waist and legs for a snug and secure fit. 

For organic fabrics, these are the best budget-fitted cloth diapers. A con is that the diapers need to be tumble-dried to dry soft. They also take three to four washes to adequately prep the fabric.

What We Liked

  • The diaper stitching color is based on the size.
  • These diapers are organic, making them popular fitted diapers.
  • Elastic at the legs form a leak-free seal.
  • The high-rise back is comfortable and makes cleaning blowouts easy.
  • The diaper has a trim fit perfect for slim babies or to wear under clothes.

Fit: Sized
Size: S (7-13lbs); M (13-18lbs); L (18-25lbs); Toddler (25-35lbs)
Closure: Snaps
Material: 100% unbleached organic cotton
Absorbency: High absorbency

5. Thirsties Natural Fitted Diaper

These fitted cloth diapers pair well with the Thirsties Duo Wrap or diaper cover. They have an umbilical cord snap down, making them an ideal newborn fitted diaper.

They are very absorbent with 11 layers of bamboo cotton, making them a good overnight option. These are also much softer and offer a trim fit that is more comfortable for your baby.  

The snap-in soaker fits securely in the diaper and minimizes leakage. The diaper elastic is gentle while being secure. A con is that the elastic at the legs makes it difficult to clean and it takes a long time to dry. The sizes also tend to run small.

What We Liked

  • These diapers are very easy to use.
  • The snaps offer great customization.
  • The diapers design is non-bulky and fits comfortably under a cover.
  • The inserts will agitate out in the wash for easy cleaning.
  • Bamboo is hypoallergenic and great for babies with sensitive skin.

Fit: Adjustable but trim
Size: One size 8-40lbs
Closure: Snaps
Material: 70% rayon bamboo 30% cotton
Absorbency: High Absorbency

6. Bamboozle Stretch Fitted Diaper

fitted diaper

The best fitted cloth diaper offers a snug fit and good absorption. This diaper has a trim fit with leg elastics to prevent leaks. It also has a snap-in insert and a hidden layer of microfiber for added absorption.

They are easy to put on a squirming toddler and the materials can stand up to outdoor play.

A con is that it can be challenging to find the right cover for the bamboozle stretch fitted diaper. The velcro can be rough on your baby’s skin and they tend to stain easily.

What We Liked

  • These diapers are durable.
  • They wash and dry easily.
  • They are quick and convenient to change.
  • If you have hook and loop closures the laundry tabs are very strong.
  • With high-absorbing bamboo rayon, these nappies are good for nighttime.

Fit: Fitted
Size: 2 sizes
Closure: Velcro and snaps
Material: Rayon bamboo
Absorbency: High absorbency

7. Ecoable Overnight Fitted Cloth Diaper

fitted diaper

These are some of the best fitteds for heavy wetters as they use snap-in hemp inserts. Soft elastic provides a secure fit and when paired with a soft shell your baby can be leak-free for up to 10 hours.

Crossover snaps mean you can create a better fit for smaller babies and avoid leaking. It also has the standard 3×3 rise system so that the diaper can grow with your baby.

A con is that prepping is required to increase the absorption of the natural fiber inserts and you need to buy a separate diaper cover.

What We Liked

  • Hemp is hypoallergenic and good for babies prone to rash. 
  • It has flaps in the back and front that cover the snaps for added comfort.
  • The dark charcoal lining helps to hide stains.
  • Ruffled and serged leg elastics provide better blowout protection.
  • This diaper works well for light or heavy wetters.

Fit: Adjustable
Size: One size 10-30lbs
Closure: Snaps
Material: 55% hemp 45% cotton
Absorbency: High absorbency

8. Pooter’s Diapers Fitted Cloth Diaper

fitted diaper

These hemp fitted cloth diapers are ideal for nighttime. With 6 thirsty layers, they are one of the top fitted cloth diapers for absorbency.

They do not have a traditional rise setting but rather a snap-down rise to customize the fit. There is also the one-size snapless fitted cloth diaper. 

These are easy to use and customize with a trim body and stretchy wings. These allow space for extra inserts. The leg and back elastics are encased in soft fabric for a gentle but snug fit. 

Pooters also have new snapless newborn fitteds which have a fitted shell and three organic cotton layers. A con is that the natural fibers need to be prepped for adequate absorption.

What We Liked

  • Pooters do offer a no-leak guarantee with a 30-day return.
  • The crossover snaps are good for small newborns.
  • These diapers are good value for money.
  • The natural fibers make these excellent nighttime diapers.
  • Cotton is extremely soft for sensitive skin.

Fit: Adjustable
Size: One size 12-40lbs
Closure: Snaps
Material: Hemp and cotton
Absorbency: Super absorbent

9. KangaCare EcoPosh OBV One Size Fitted Pocket Diaper

fitted diaper

These fitted diapers have 10 layers of absorbent material to keep your baby dry.

The double gussets provide the one-size fitted cloth diapers with a snug and secure fit that protects against blowouts. Made with premium organic materials, this bamboo fitted diaper is super soft and trim.

The fabrics are super absorbent which makes them a great option for nighttime. A con is that they are more expensive than regular fitted cloth diapers. However, they are one-size diapers and will grow with your baby.

What We Liked

  • It has a 6r soaker for heavy wetters.
  • With four different sizing options, it grows with your baby.
  • If you leave the rise snaps in place the diaper is easy to pull on and off.
  • It is an eco-friendly cloth diaper.
  • The diaper is good value for money.

Fit: Fitted
Size: One size; 4 sizes 6035lbs
Material: Organic bamboo velour
Absorbency: Super absorbent

10. Sloomb Overnight Bamboo Fleece Fitted Diaper

fitted diaper

This overnight fitted diaper has a shell and double-length, three-layer snap-in fleece soaker. The soaker can be folded to suit the wet zone of your baby for maximum absorption.

The fleece doubler has three layers of absorbent fabric that lie inside the fitted diaper. You can pair these pre-fitted diapers with wool fitted diaper covers for leak-free diapering.

The snaps are durable and designed for busy babies, while the trim fit allows your baby to move around comfortably. A con is that it fits big, and the inserts don’t secure with a snap.

What We Liked

  • There is an umbilical cord snap-down option.
  • It has hip snaps for sizing up for toddlers or adding extra inserts.
  • The crossover snaps make these ideal newborn fitted cloth diapers.
  • These diapers are made with quality materials.
  • The highly absorbent bamboo fleece makes this the best fitted cloth diaper for nights.

Fit: Fitted
Size: Sized; 5 sizes 5-32+lbs
Closure: Snaps
Material: Bamboo organic cotton/fleece
Absorbency: Super absorbent

How to Choose Fitted Cloth Diapers?

When choosing the best fitted cloth diaper brands, you are looking for either a sized or one-size option. The fabric and its absorbency are the most important factors when choosing a fitted cloth diaper system.


Fitted diapers are all fabric so the material is vital in ensuring good absorbency. Most fitted diapers are made from natural fibers such as hemp, cotton, and bamboo. These materials are highly absorbent, but you will need a waterproof cover to complete the diapering system.


This is the most important factor when choosing the best fitted diapers. Cotton, bamboo, and hemp are the most absorbent natural fiber options. Cotton is the least absorbent, while bamboo absorbs quite quickly. Hemp is the most absorbent natural fiber, and you can add inserts to your fitted cloth diapers. 

Fit and Leaks

The fit of your cloth diaper is vital to keeping your baby leak-free. Check that the cover is secure and fits snugly. If your diaper is leaking, you may have overstuffed it with inserts. In this case, size up. Natural fiber fitted cloth diapers and inserts must also be prepped to increase absorbency. When the diaper and inserts are full they are prone to compression leaking.


Fitted cloth diapers come in one size or sized options. One-size diapers have multifunctional snaps that can be used to customize the diaper’s fit. Sized diapers are based on the weight of your baby.

Types of Closures

Fitted cloth diapers often use snaps to adjust the size. They can also use velcro, hook, loop closures, and no closure at all. Snaps are the most popular cloth diapering closure option as they offer more flexibility in customizing the fit and size.


What is a fitted cloth diaper?

 It is a pre-shaped absorbent diaper made from natural fibers that require a waterproof cover. They use snaps to adjust the size and are usually one size.

What are fitteds?

They are cloth diapers that look like disposable diapers. They are made from naturally absorbent fabric and have adjustable sizing.

How do you put on a fitted cloth diaper?

Open the diaper and lie your baby on it. Using the adjustable snaps, select the rise and waist snap sizes that fit your baby. Secure the snaps and add a waterproof cover.

Do fitted cloth diapers need a cover?

Yes, fitted cloth diapers need a cover. They are made from absorbent material but need a waterproof cover to prevent leaks.

How many newborn size fitted cloth diapers do I need?

You will need about 36 newborn size fitted cloth diapers. This allows you to have spare while some are in the wash.

How many newborn size fitted diaper covers do I need?

You will need 6-10 newborn fitted diapers covers, unless they have been soiled, they can be reused.

How many fitted cloth diapers do I need?

You will need 36 for newborns, 24 for infants, and 20 for toddlers.

How many fitted diaper covers do I need?

You will need 6-10 fitted diaper covers.

Which is better flat or fitted cloth diapers?

Fitted diapers are better as they offer convenience and flexibility for your baby at any age.

How long can a baby wear a newborn fitted cloth diaper?

That depends on the size of your baby. Newborn diapers are also adjustable do if your baby is small they could wear a newborn diaper for up to 3 months.

How to strip fitted cloth diapers?

Put your cloth diapers into the machine with no detergent and run them through the hottest wash possible. Run rinse cycles until there are no more bubbles. Finally, rinse them with a cup of white vinegar and dry.

Do you need to pin fitted cloth diapers?

Not normally. You do get snapless fitted diapers but generally, they have snaps or velcro.

How to use fitted cloth diapers?

Snap or fasten the diaper onto your baby’s body, ensuring that the fit is snug and there are no leg gaps. Add inserts for extra absorption if your baby needs it.

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