10 Cloth Diaper Bundles Worth the Money (2024)

The affordable luxury of cloth diaper bundles is that all the guesswork has been removed and you will receive all you need to get started.

Usually, choosing a bundle saves you more money than buying everything separately.

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cloth diaper bundle

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Cloth Diaper Bundles

1. Esembly Full-Time Cloth Diaper Bundle


With two different-sized bundles sold, the Esembly full-time cloth diapering bundle is ideal.

When bringing home a newborn baby, they are tiny. The size one deal is perfect as a newborn cloth diaper package, seeing your newborn through until they are 17lb.

Being ‘blowout proof’, the Esembly cloth diaper kits ensure that your child’s diapering needs are met. Not only poo-explosion proof (always a must, with runny newborn poops), this bundle offers everything else needed.

Ideal for both the washing and drying machine, this set includes the Esembly Agitator Balls to get the soiled inners perfectly clean, time and time again.

With the covers included being able to be used numerous times between washes, the Emesbly bundle is perfect for keeping your washing load light.

An average yearly supply of disposable diapers is approximately $900 with buying both sized bundles to see you through from newborn to potty training. Saving in excess of $2,000 within the first 3 years.

What’s in the Bundle

  • 24 Inners
  • 6 outers
  • 1 pack of stay-dry liners
  • Wipe up washing kit
  • Agitators
  • 1 everyday balm
  • 1 rash relief cream
  • 1 paid deodorant
  • 2 packs of wipe-ups (24 wipes in total)
  • 1 washing powder
  • 2 packs of overnights (4 in total – in size two bundle only)
  • 1 roll of 100 tossers (size two bundle only)

2. OsoCozy Thirsties Organic Flats Cloth Diaper Starter Bundle Set

cloth diaper bundle

The OsoCozy everything you need cloth diaper bundle includes all that is needed to allow a wash cycle of 3-5 days for 1 child. Or alternatively, enough diapers for twin parents to wash every 1-3 days. 

With 7 dozen prefolds included and 12 covers, this prefold diaper package includes everything needed. Taking your cloth diapering journey from the newborn phase, right through to your little one using the potty. 

With unbleached prefolds included, they offer gentle, highly absorbent inners. Based on the average cost of a year’s disposable diapers being approx $900, this set saves you over $500 within your first year. With the added benefit of these savings continuing to grow.  

Although there are no extras needed in addition to this cloth diaper starter set. You can opt to buy flushable liners for when your little one moves onto solids. Making cleaning up their poops easier and less messy.

What’s in the Bundle

  • 48 Unbleached Infant 4x8x4 prefolds
  • 36 Unbleached Premium 4x8x4 prefolds
  • 12 OsoCozy One-Sized Diaper Covers
  • 1 Roll of Osocozy Flushable liners
  • A thorough range of different colors and patterns to suit all tastes and preferences. 
  • Adjustable covers to ensure a comfortable fit for your child. 
  • Enough diapers to see your child through potty training.

3. Charlie Banana One-Size Reusable Cloth Diaper Package

cloth diaper bundle

Described as one of the best cloth diaper bundles, the Charlie Banana One-size diapers are extremely popular. With a 30% saving offered when bought within the cloth diapers deals, they make an even more cost-effective solution. 

The unique aspect of these cloth diapers is that they truly are one-sized. Suitable for even premature babies, these diapers cover a range of sizes from xs to xl. 

The benefit of this bundle package is that these diapers can be used with the inserts used within the pocket or placed on top. The hybrid nature allows you to have the choice as to how to use the diapers for your child. However, if the insert is placed on top, subject to the cover remaining clean, you can continue to reuse it. 

Although this bundle will complete your stash, it will bulk it out. To have a full stash you will want between 18-25 diapers in total. Even buying extras, these diapers will offer a substantial financial saving over around $2000 compared to disposable diapers over a 3-year period. 

What’s in the Bundle

  • 6 one-size diaper covers
  • 12 inserts
  • Charlie banana’s signature softness, providing a gentle and soft diaper for your baby.
  • Elasticated straps to adjust the leg sizing. Adjustable to grow with your child’s thighs. 
  • Edge to edge softness. This guarantees only gentle material will ever touch your little one’s delicate bottom.

4. OsoCozy Grande Unbleached Cloth Diaper Package

cloth diaper bundle

Ideal for parents wanting to use cloth diapers on a budget. The OsoCozy cloth diaper starter kit is perfect at providing a set to get you started. Sold based on your child’s weight, these cloth diaper package give you everything needed for a 2-3 day laundering cycle. 

Although you will need to buy both sizes to see your newborn through to potty training and pants. You can save yourself between $2000-$2500 over a 3-year time period. 

With flat diapers included you can ensure the fold is ideal for the absorption needed. Making them perfect for heavy wetters and everyday use. 

Without the need to change the outer with every diaper change, this bundle deal reduces your laundry load, saves time and mess. With the use of the Snappi fasteners, the diaper remains in place ensuring no matter how mobile your little one is, you can catch all of the wees and poos.

What’s in the Bundle

  • 3 Dozen Organic OsoCozy Flat Diapers
  • 4 Thirsties Duo Diaper Wraps
  • 1 (3pack) Snappi Diaper Fasteners
  • Organic flat diapers offer superior absorption and softness for your baby. 
  • Adjustable fitting wraps to fit snugly around your child’s bottom. 
  • Range of different wraps to make this cloth diaper sample package child friendly and cute.

5. Cloth Diaper Essential Wet Bag Accessory Package

cloth diaper bundle

To get the most out of your cloth diapers experience, you will want a few additional items to ensure it goes well. 

In addition to your cloth diapering packages, you will want to opt for a wet bag and these accessories. 

Providing a 20% saving, compared to being purchased separately, you gain boosters for when a little extra absorbency is needed. The reusable wipes will save you the additional continual cost of buying wipes again and again. 

With the reusable wipes and wet bag, you can leave your home with confidence that if a wee or poop happens you can contain the mess. 

As straightforward as placing all soiled items in this waterproof bag, you can continue on your day without unpleasant odors escaping. Or having the risk of the diaper leaking onto your other diaper bag essential items. 
With the average yearly price of wipes being approximately $500, these additional cloth diaper starter packs can save over $1000 after 2 years of use.

What’s in the Bundle

  • One Planet Wise Wet Dry Bag
  • One Dozen Unbleached Diaper Doublers
  • Two Fifteen Packs of Reusable Flannel Baby Wipes
  • One 4 oz. Jar of Grandma Els Diaper Rash Prevention & Remedy Cream
  • One box of Baby Bits Natural Wipe Solution
  • The rash cream is designed for anti-staining to keep your cloth diapers mark-free. 
  • The doubles can be used to increase your absorbency when needed.

6. Best Bottom Gender Neutral Cloth Diaper Bundle

cloth diaper bundle

Sold based on how many days’ worth of diapers you need, the Best Bottoms cloth diaper packages include all you need. 

Being gender neutral they are the perfect option for parents who may want to re-use them for future children or sell them on, once finished. 

Including stay dry liners as well as absorbent boosters, they are wonderful for every day. You know your little one is well covered and they won’t have any direct wetness against their skin. 

The Best Bottoms cloth diaper deals covers your baby through, to big kid pants. Offering a saving of over $400 within the first year, and reaching over $2000 over 2-3 years of use. 

Sold based on the number of days needed this bundle is easy to understand. Unless the covers are soiled they can be reused with a new insert. This saves on the amount of laundry built up and reduces the size of the stash you need.

What’s in the Bundle

  • One Size All in Two Best Bottom Diapers
  • Large Stay Dry Best Bottom Inserts
  • Stay Dry inserts
  • Pail liners and wet bags included within the larger bundles. 
  • Increased discount based on quantity purchased. The discount starts at 10% off for the 2-day bundle and reaches a peak of 20%  reduction for the 7-day bundle.

7. Grovia All-in-One Newborn Cloth Diaper Starter Set

cloth diaper bundle

Newborn babies are born in a variety of different weights, length, build and overall size. The full-time bundle is a specially created cloth diaper starter set for newborns. 

This gro via package ensures that you have a comprehensive stash of diapers in place to provide a 2-3 day washing routine. 

Providing an ideal kit, the all-in-one diaper can be adjusted around the legs and waist to provide the ultimate fit for your baby. 

Buying the Grovia AIO newborn cloth diaper starter set, over a number of benefits. Firstly, discount savings are provided for buying in bulk, saving you even more financially compared to disposable diapers. Secondly, they are made with a quick-dry soaker, so your newborn’s bottom will never get irritated by a wet diaper.  

Made with natural ingredients, Grovia cloth diapers have a reputation for providing an eco-friendly diaper system. All whilst accommodating to modern families living with a new baby.

What’s in the Bundle

  • Grovia all in one cloth diaper.
  • 100% cotton cloth diaper.
  • Additional discount provided based on the quantity included within the newborn diapers bundle.
  • No extras needed due to the all-in-one cloth diaper packages, including the waterproofing and absorbency needed.
  • Poppers to adjust fitting, providing perfect fit for your newborn, no matter their weight or body shape.

8. Grovia Hybrid Cloth Diaper Bundle

cloth diaper bundle

Babies grow. More quickly than most parents would like. That is why the Grovia hybrid starter kit and full-time bundles are so popular. 

Adaptable to grow with your little one, these cloth diaper package deals allow you to build your stash up at a discount. 

Compatible with the Grovia popper inserts, you know the insert won’t move and the superior absorbency is where it is needed the most. Paired with elasticated leg cuffs, they are not gentle for your baby. 

Without the need to constantly change the shell, the hybrid diapers provide cheap cloth diaper packages. Without the need to continually change the inner and outer, these diapers are ideal for babies at daycare or out and about. Will less to take with you, your diaper bag is lighter and each bum change is quick and simple. 

With fewer outer shells needed, the hybrid diapers offer greater cost savings. With a full-time bundle costing approximately $360-$450 and lasting until potty training, you will be able to save thousands over a 2-3 year period.

What’s in the Bundle

  • Grovia hybrid cloth diapers and soaker inserts.
  • Diapers to fit from newborn to potty training. 
  • Reusable covers that last between 2-4 diaper changes. 
  • Outer shells compatible with prefold diapers. 
  • Adjustable shells to provide the ideal fit for your child as they grow. 
  • Discount provided when bought in bulk to fill your diaper stash.

9. Grovia O.N.E. Nighttime Cloth Diaper Kit

cloth diaper bundle

When shopping for cloth diapers, they don’t always accommodate the transition between daytime and nighttime use easily. This is where the Grovia O.N.E cloth diaper bundle is unique. 

With the outer shell offering its own absorbency in addition to the booster lining, this diaper is suited for nights and heavy wetters. With its ability to handle prolonged time periods, it is a favorite for many families. 

For full-time use, you will require approximately 22-26 diapers in total. The total cost is around $500 for the best cloth diaper kit. The only added extra you want is liners to catch poop. Otherwise, this is the only cost and over the course of newborn to potty, you will save $2000-$3000. 

With the handy option of snaps or hook and loop fixtures, this diaper can be adapted to suit all parents. With a quick and easy diaper change time and time again, the best way to buy diapers is through bundles to maximize your cost savings and get the biggest discount.

What’s in the Bundle

  • Grovia O.N.E reusable cloth diaper in a variety of colors and designs. 
  • PUL outer to ensure outer clothes remain dry.
  • Adjustable fitting, to allow the diaper to grow with your little one. 
  • A diaper suitable for day and nighttime use. 
  • A discount provided when multiple diapers are purchased together.

10. Grovia Cloth Diaper Potty Trainer Kit

cloth diaper bundle

Ideal when your little one is getting ready to start their potty training journey. 

With a slim design, they provide the comfort and fit of pants, whilst offering light absorbency to protect your child’s clothes.

Perfect whilst they are dashing to the potty and get their timings to wring to start with. With a pocket included, you have the option to increase the absorbency for naps. 

With pull-up diapers being more costly, this cloth diaper pack is great for keeping costs down. 

Designed for children over 1 year old, this cloth diaper kit can see your child through until they are confident with using the toilet. With light absorbency, they are ideal for use when out in case of accidents. 

To get the most out of this package, it is recommended to invest in 12-14 diapers. This will give you a wash cycle of 2-3 days. 

With the Grovia GroCool lining included within their design, they aid your child in knowing when they are wet. Encouraging them on their potty training journey.

What’s in the Bundle

  • Grovia My Choice Trainer Pants
  • Additional side panels are optional to increase the sizing as your child grows.
  • Snap design to allow these pants to be adapted as your child grows and to provide a close fit.
  • GroCool lining to help your child identify when they are wet and aid their potty training journey.

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