10 Velcro Cloth Diapers in 2023 (Hook & Loop Closure)

Velcro cloth diapers are awesome but hard to find.

They are ideal for getting a good custom fit, especially for slim or super mobile babies.

We use Velcro cloth diapers with granny and a babysitter, as there’s no fuss with snapping or how tight the diaper needs to be.

Our Favorites

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Best Velcro Diapers
Nicki’s Diapers

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Best Velcro Hybrid

Velcro Cloth Diapers

1. Nicki’s Diapers Hook and Loop All-in-One Cloth Diaper

velcro diaper

Nicki’s hook-and-loop cloth diapers are a one-size diaper option to take your baby from infancy through potty training. Hook-and-loop diapers make diaper changes and size adjustments a snap.

And since Nick’s hook and loop diapers are all-in-one cloth diapers, no additional steps are needed. In addition, All-in-one Velcro cloth diapers make cleaning up a cinch, especially on the go. Just wrap them up and toss them in the bin or your wet bag!

Nicki’s hook & loop diapers are perfect for daytime wear. But If additional absorbency is needed for heavy wetters or overnight, you can add snap-in inserts.

What We Liked

  • Hip and waist closures ensure a better fit.
  • Rolled leg elastic is gentle on the skin and prevents leaks.
  • The easy sizing guide makes adjustments simple.
  • Only require one wash before using.
  • Can be machine dried on low

Type: All-in-One
Fit: Hook and loop adjustable fit
Size: 8-35 lbs.
Material: Microfiber topped with a no-pill fleece layer
Absorbency: Standard absorbency, great for daytime wear

2. Grovia O.N.E. Velcro Cloth Diaper

all in one cloth diaper

Grovia’s O.N.E. diaper stands for outlast closure, no prep, and easy to use, and it lives up to the description!

Grovia’s unique outlast closure design allows parents to use snaps or the hook and eye closure, extending the life of the diaper. In addition, these popular velcro cloth diapers are easy to use and come with everything parents need. 

O.N.E. diapers are ultra-absorbent and have a hidden microfiber layer, while soft cotton touches your baby’s bottom. The additional layer allows these diapers to soak up excess liquids without becoming bulky.

Grovia is a trusted name, but the O.N.E. diaper is costly. However, these diapers are designed to grow with your child. Therefore you should only need to purchase one set of diapers from birth through potty training.

What We Liked

  • No prepping is necessary; they can be worn right away!
  • Come in an extensive range of colors and patterns.
  • Regular and toddler sizes are available.
  • Parents can customize absorbency with snap-in boosters
  • Best all-in-one for overnight

Type: All-In-One
Fit: Adjustable trim fit helps prevent leaks
Size: Regular size 10-35 lbs. & Toddler size 35-70 lbs.
Material: Polyester Microfiber, Polyester Microfleece, & Cotton
Absorbency: 100% Cotton topped with 100% Polyester Microfleece

3. Grovia Hybrid Hook & Loop Cloth Diaper

The Grovia Hybrid or all-in-two velcro cloth diapers are a simple and easy-to-use system that works both day and night. Parents can adjust the absorbency for day or night with three insert options.  

For example, you can pair this diaper cover with Grovia BioSoaker disposable inserts if you’re on the go. The disposable insert allows you to flush them when on the go instead of contributing to landfill waste.

The Grovia hook and loop diaper cover go on and off like a disposable; however, your baby can wear it two to three times before washing because it uses a soaker or liner.

What We Liked

  • Snap-in inserts so there’s no shifting or bunching.
  • Easy to use and wash
  • Optional snap closure
  • Flexible options for fit and absorbency
  • Hybrid diapers are more cost-effective than all-in-ones.

Type: Hybrid / All-in-Two
Fit: Flexible trim fit
Size: 8-30 lbs.
Material: 100% polyester
Absorbency: Three absorbency options, best hook, and loop cloth diapers for parents who want absorbency options

4. Imagine One-Size Stay Dry All-in-One Velcro Cloth Diaper

velcro diaper

The Imagine hook-and-loop diaper is an affordable option for parents who want to use all-in-one diapers. Gentle leg elastics and the customizable Velcro diaper closure ensure a proper fit and prevent leaks. 

Additional snap-in microfiber inserts boost absorbency when needed and make cleaning and washing simple.

The no-pill, stay-dry fleece layer keeps your baby dry by quickly wicking moisture away and remaining gentle and soft on their bottom.

Parents state that these diapers run a bit small, but they are often small enough to fit newborns and can be a great option between traditional newborn and regular one-size diapers.

What We Liked

  • Only require one wash before using.
  • Can be machine dried on low
  • One-of-a-kind, unique, and bright designs
  • Fleece and microfiber dries quickly 
  • Velcro hook and loop closure ensures a proper fit

Type: All-in-one
Fit: Adjustable hook and look closure
Size: 8-35+ lbs.
Material: Hidden microfiber layer with stay-dry, no-pill fleece
Absorbency: Regular absorbency; best velcro cloth diapers for daytime use

5. Imagine One-Size Stay Dry All-in-Two Velcro Cloth Diaper

velcro diaper

The Imagine One-Size cloth diapers with Velcro is a two-part system that allows you to use the outer shell several times before washing. Parents can use this Velcro diaper cover with snap-in inserts or flats and prefolds. 

Diaper inserts are available in two sizes to adjust with your growing baby. Size one fits 8-19 lbs. and size two is 20-35+ pounds. The snap-in design means they won’t shift or bunch as your baby moves about. 

Velcro cloth diapers run the risk of wearing out; however, Imagine diapers have special laundry tabs to prevent damage. Simply fold the tabs over while laundering to preserve the life of your Velcro diapers.

What We Liked

  • The diaper cover has an optional snap closure option
  • Can tumble dry diapers on low
  • Two sizes of inserts allow parents to use the same shell
  • Four layers of microfiber topped with fleece make these as absorbent as all-in-ones
  • A wide range of fun colors and patterns

Type: All-in-Two/Hybrid
Fit: Adjustable trim fit
Size: 8-35+ lbs.
Material: Microfiber and fleece
Absorbency: Ultra-absorbent, great for heavy wetters and overnight

6. KangaCare Rumparooz One Size Hook and Loop Cover

velcro diaper

The KangaCare Rumparooze one-size diaper cover uses Aplix brand hook and loop closures to ensure a snug fit. These fitted velcro cloth diapers are designed to fit your child from birth through potty training. 

Aplix cloth diaper closures allow for easy on and off and work like disposable diapers. These diaper covers are designed to be used with cloth diapers underneath. You can use Rumparooz one-size diapers or Rumparooz soakers. 

The double-leg gusset prevents leaks, and the waterproof TPU layer makes it easy to wipe up messes. You can use Rumparooz covers two or three times before washing.

What We Liked

  • Small enough to fit most newborns
  • Wide choice of solids or prints
  • Four adjustable snap-in-place rise settings
  • Soft leg gussets are gentle on the baby’s skin
  • You can use these covers with any style of cloth diaper.

Type: Diaper cover
Fit: Adjustable rise fit
Size: 6-35+ lbs
Material: Waterproof TPU
Absorbency: Absorbency will vary depending on the cloth diaper used

7. Nicki’s Diapers Newborn Hook and Loop Cloth Diaper Cover

velcro diaper

Nicki’s Newborn hook and loop diaper covers are the best velcro cloth diaper for newborns because of their unique design.

Many diaper covers are considered one-size but are often not small enough to fit all newborns. Nicki’s velcro newborn cloth diaper covers are waterproof yet breathable.

You can pair these diaper covers with the cloth diaper style of your choice. Their double-leg gussets prevent leaks with even the thickest diaper soakers or inserts.

However, it is recommended you use Nicki’s Diapers GreatFit Prefolds for the ideal cloth diapering system.

These are excellent diapering options for newborns. However, as your baby grows, you will need to purchase additional Velcro diapers for toddlers.

What We Liked

  • Diapers only need to be washed once before use
  • Can be tumbled dry on low
  • Unique design and size for newborns
  • Easy wipe-off waterproof cover
  • Adorable patterns and designs

Type: Diaper Cover
Fit: Adjustable rise fit
Size: 5-13 lbs
Material: Waterproof TPU
Absorbency: Absorbency will vary depending on the cloth diaper used

8. Bambino Miosoft Velcro Cloth Diaper Cover

velcro diaper

Bambino Miossoft hook and loop closure diaper covers are a cozy and affordable way to cloth diaper your baby. Velcro covers make size adjustments easy, and the double elastic leg gussets help prevent leaks. 

The stretchy, flexible, and super-soft polyester fabric makes moving easy and comfortable for your baby. These comfy diapers allow for easy movement while remaining gentle on delicate skin.

These covers are water-resistant and wipe clean, making it possible to diaper your baby with only a handful of covers.

Miosoft covers should be air-dried only, which may increase laundry time. However, since they are lightweight covers, air-dry time is quicker than thick all-in-one diapers.

What We Liked

  • Unique, adorable patterns and colors
  • Diaper covers are a cost-effective way to cloth diaper
  • Specialized laundry tabs to protect hook and loop closure while washing
  • Size one is small enough to fit newborns. 
  • Velcro snaps make the middle of the night changes simple.

Type: Diaper Cover
Fit: Super slim fit
Size: Size 1 (7-21 lbs.) Size 2 (21-35 lbs.)
Material: 100% polyester PUL laminate
Absorbency: No absorbent layer; best for parents on a budget

9. Sloomb Multi Velour Fitted Velcro Cloth Diaper

velcro diaper

Sloomb fitted diapers are a soft and luxurious option for cloth diapering. They are made from bamboo and cotton with a plush velour body.

Unlike the other diapers on this list, these do not have a hook and loop closure; you will need a diaper pin or Snappi diaper fastener. 

Sloomb fitted diapers are not cheap Velcro cloth diapers; however, they are designed to fit babies from ten to thirty-five plus pounds. There is also a newborn size that fits 5-15 lbs. 

These diapers are made with topstitch and super soft leg gussets, which are gentle on your baby’s skin. Sloom fitted diapers need to be paired with a waterproof cover.

What We Liked

  • Sewn and manufactured in the U.S.
  • Parents can add additional doublers to increase absorbency 
  • Made from natural fibers, diapers are biodegradable
  • Great for overnight, the fitted design prevents leaks
  • Long body design stops blowouts up the back

Type: Fitted diaper
Fit: Adjustable rise fit
Size: Newborn 5-15 lbs. One-Size 10-35+ lbs.
Material: Bamboo and organic cotton
Absorbency: Super absorbent bamboo and cotton terry with bamboo-fleece doubler included. The best velcro cloth diaper for toddlers who are heavy wetters.

10. Pooters Diapers One Size Snapless Fitted Velcro Cloth Diaper

velcro diaper

Pooters is not one of the top Velcro cloth diapers, but that is only because they aren’t as well known as other brands.

Pooters fitted diapers are incredibly absorbent, soft, and gentle on your baby’s bottom. Cloth diapers with Velcro fasteners make achieving the ideal fit easy.

Because these super soft and absorbent diapers are made from cotton, they require at least three washes before use.

Allow the diapers to dry thoroughly between each wash. While it may seem tedious, the diapers will become more absorbent and softer with each wash. 

You will need to pair these fitted diapers with a waterproof cover.

What We Liked

  • A cost-effective way to cloth diaper
  • Stretchy cotton allows parents to add as many inserts as needed
  • Additional hemp boosters to increase absorbency
  • Snapless design accommodates all body shapes and weights
  • Large enough to accommodate preschoolers’ potty training

Type: Fitted cloth diaper
Fit: Hook and loop trim fit
Size: Newborn size 6-15 lbs. One-size 15-40 lbs.
Material: 100% organic cotton
Absorbency: 3-layers of cotton, best cloth diapers with velcro for heavy wetters


What is a hook and loop closure?

A hook and loop closure uses a rough part (the hook) and a soft one (the loop). Velcro is a name-brand hook and loop closure and is commonly used even for other brands.

How to put Velcro on cloth diapers? 

Using diapers with Velcro for babies is simple. Velcro diapers go on and off just like disposables. To open and close the diaper, peel back the Velcro and replace it once appropriately positioned.

How to wash Velcro cloth diapers? 

Washing velcro cloth diapers is the same as washing other cloth diapers. It is best always to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations. Some brands have fold-down flaps to protect Velcro when washing.

How to replace velcro on cloth diapers?

Many diapering companies offer replacement kits so you can re-sew or replace the Velcro. You can also pair worn-out Velcro diapers with diaper pins or diaper covers.

When did diapers start using velcro?

Velcro has been used on cloth diapers since 1959. Riegel was the first brand to use Velcro. In 1987 Bummis released diaper wraps with Velcro.

How do you revitalize Velcro?

To revitalize cloth diapers, you can clean them with a toothbrush, comb through the pieces with a fine-tooth comb, or pick debris with a pair of tweezers. 

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