12 Best Cloth Diaper Covers for Prefolds, Flats & Fitteds

If you plan to try prefolds, flats, or fitteds, then you definitely need cloth diaper covers.

I like prefolds, but my LO ended up being a wiggle worm, so we switched to fitteds+covers.

Best cloth diaper covers are versatile, waterproof, and offer a trim fit.

PS! For newborns, pick a newborn-specific size; one-size covers might not be snug enough for smaller babies.

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Best Cloth Diaper Covers

1. Esembly Cloth Diaper Covers


The Esembly cloth diaper covers for babies can be used on their own as swim diapers or can be worn over the diaper inners. 

Their soft and stretchy material ensures a trim fit.

With snaps, the Esembly waterproof diaper covers can be adjusted to get the perfect fit around your baby’s legs. Sold in two sizes, they are suitable for newborns over 7lbs. 

As they are not absorbent, you will use inners to catch and absorb wees and poos. Although designed for the Esembly inner, you can use these outers with prefolds or folded flats. 

The only disadvantage is that you will need to buy more to cover your baby from newborn to potty.

What We Liked

  • Trim fitting allows your baby’s clothes to fit well.
  • Versatile usages can be worn over a diaper inner or for swimming. 
  • Extremely soft and flexible material allows your baby to move around easily.
  • Range of patterned colorful designs makes them adorable. 
  • Best diaper cover for fitted diapers to prevent any blowouts.

Size: Two sizes 7-17 lbs and 18-35 lbs
Material: 100% recycled polyester with a waterproof TPU laminate
Use with: Prefolds, flats, and fitted diapers
Closure: Snaps
Waterproof: Yes
Fit: Trim fit

2. OsoCozy Newborn Diaper Covers


With a double gusset, the OsoCozy is the perfect infant cloth diaper cover. Due to this feature, it makes them the best cloth diaper covers for newborns and helps prevent blowouts. 

Sold in two sizes, newborn and one-sized. They provide the best diaper covers for newborns and provide a close fit even for the slenderest of newborns. 

With a wipe-down surface, these cloth covers can be used numerous times between washes. 

Compatible with a range of inserts, these covers can support a wide range of absorbency needs. 

A disadvantage is when your baby is small, they can sit high on their tummy and rub on their umbilical cord.

What We Liked

  • The snap settings ensure a good fit around your baby’s legs.
  • Wipe clean surfaces to ensure you can continue to reuse this diaper cover. 
  • Double gusset contains even the messiest of poops within the diaper. 
  • Compatible with a range of inserts to allow the absorption needed.
  • Less washing requirements as the cover can be used numerous times.

Size: Two sizes 6-12 lbs and 8-35 lbs
Material: PUL
Use with: Snap inserts, prefolds, and flats
Closure: snaps
Waterproof: yes
Fit: customizable, trim fit.

3. Thirsties Duo Wrap Newborn Cloth Diaper Covers


With a trim fit, Thirsties diaper covers will keep a variety of different inserts firmly in place and ensure the wet zone remains in place. 

Sold in 2 sizes, it makes a perfect option for both newborn and older infants. With stretchy leg gussets, they make for the best newborn cloth diaper cover and stretch to snuggly fit around slim or chubby thighs.

With no snap insert options, the Thirsties Duo Wrap is highly versatile and makes the best cloth diaper covers for prefolds, fitted diapers, flats, and inserts. 

The only disadvantage is that the leg gussets are fabric and can wick the liquid and cause leakages onto outer clothing.

What We Liked

  • The fit is adjustable around the waist and the leg rise. 
  • The leg gussets help keep solid messes contained with the diaper.
  • Can be used with a variety of different inners.
  • They are fast drying and can be used quickly after each wash.
  • They are reusable diaper covers, simply wipe clean and they can be reused.

Size: Two sizes 6-18 lbs and 18-35 lbs
Material: One layer of polyester with polyurethane laminate coating
Use with: Fitted, flat, prefold or inserts.
Closure: Snaps or Hook and loop
Waterproof: Yes
Fit: Trim fit.

4. Rumparooz One Size Cloth Diaper Cover

cloth diaper cover

The Rumparooz one size cloth diaper covers have 4 rise settings, allowing them to fit newborns as well as toddlers.

With snaps allowing them to go small enough to fit newborn cloth diaper covers and grow, allowing them to be the best toddler diaper cover. 

As they can be wiped dry between diaper changes, you can use each cover 3-4 times before washing. Paired with fitted, prefold or flats with these types of cloth diaper wraps, provides a cost affection option. 

The only negative is that this diaper isn’t as breathable as others in the market, which can cause your child to get warm and potentially encounter diaper rash.

What We Liked

  • They snap small enough to provide newborn diaper covers through to toddlers.
  • Wide range of different colors and patterns making this fun and child-friendly.
  • Generously sized to ensure there is the room to fit over fitted diapers and prefolds.
  • Waterproof lining to ensure that no liquid escapes and dampens outer clothing.
  • No chemicals have been used to bond the diaper together.

Size: One size 6-35 lbs
Material: polyester
Use with: Fitted diapers, prefolds or flats.
Closure: Snaps
Waterproof: Yes
Fit: Little bulky in newborn snap but trims out as you move up the snap settings.

5. Miosoft Cloth Diaper Covers

velcro diaper

With two different sizes of covers for cloth diapers, ensure that you will get the ideal fit as your baby grows. 

Made with a lightweight, stretchy fabric it provides you with baby cloth diaper covers that won’t restrict your baby from exploring and moving around. 

With built in double elasticated leg elastics, they are designed to contain all messes within the cover and prevent diaper explosions. 

Designed with velcro tabs, they are easy and quick to secure onto your baby. Making them easy to use if you are new to cloth diapering. 

The only disadvantage is that the velcro can be opened as your baby grows into a toddler.

What We Liked

  • Pocket to hold the insert in place and prevent it moving. 
  • Stretchy fabric designed to not restrict your baby’s movements.
  • Double elasticated leg fittings to contain messes within the diaper. 
  • Easy and simple to use and secure due to hook and loop closure.  
  • Water resistant allowing them to be wiped clean at each diaper change.

Size: wo sizes 7-21 lbs and 21-35 lbs
Material: 100% polyester, laminated to polyurethane
Use with: Prefolds, flats and fitted diapers
Closure: Hook and loop
Waterproof: No – water resistant
Fit: Slim fit

6. Grovia Hybrid Cloth Diaper Covers

The grovia diaper cover is one sized. This makes it perfect to see your baby through to potting training. 

Depending on the size of your baby, they may not be suitable for newborns. Their design makes them suitable for babies 8lb or more. 

Easy to use, they are versatile and offer the best cloth diaper covers for prefolds, snap in liners or disposable biosoakers. 

With elasticated leg gussets, you can opt for a velcro diaper cover or with snaps to ensure the perfect fit. 

The only disadvantages are that they aren’t made for small babies and with a velcro fitting option, they may not be fully toddler proof.

What We Liked

  • Great range of colorful designs to make these an attractive cloth diaper.
  • Versatile option due to compatibility with various inners that can be used. 
  • Trim design and fit making them ideal with slim fitting baby clothes.
  • Provide a comfortable fit for babies of all sizes and shapes.
  • Very soft and provide a full range of mobility and movement for your baby. 

Size: One size, 8-30lbs
Material: Inner 100% Polyester Mesh, outer 100% Water Resistant Polyester TPU
Use with: Snap in insert, prefolds or disposable biosoakers.
Closure: Hook and loop or velcro
Waterproof: Yes
Fit: Trim fit

7. Nicki’s Diapers Overnight Merino Wool Cloth Diaper Cover

cloth diaper cover

Nicki’s Merino wool diaper covers are made with a naturally stretchy material. This ensures that they fit over any inner diaper option chosen, whilst snugly fitting around your little ones legs and waist to prevent leaks. 

Lanolizing wool is naturally self cleaning. The benefit of this is that they require less regular washing. Reducing your cloth diaper washing pile. 

Its breathable design makes this the best wool diaper cover and ideal if your baby is prone to diaper rash. 

The only disadvantage is as a pull on cover, you will need to buy more to complete your stash and see your child through to pants.

What We Liked

  • It is extremely breathable making it perfect for reducing diaper rash.
  • Self-cleaning properties reduce the frequency of washing required. 
  • Designed for overnight use, they are trim and can be used throughout the daytime.
  • Stretchy design to ensure a comfortable, cozy fit to prevent leaks. 
  • Interlock merino wool is soft and silky, making it comfortable to wear.

Size: Three sizes. 9-16 lbs, 14-22 lbs and 22-35lbs
Material: Merino wool
Use with: Fitted diapers
Closure: Pull up
Waterproof: water resistant.
Fit: Slim fit

8. Nicki’s Diapers One Size Snap Cloth Diaper Cover

all in one cloth diaper

This one size cover is compatible with fitted, flats and are a compatible cloth diaper covers for prefolds. 

Supporting babies from 8-35lbs this baby diaper cover will see your little one through the newborn phase and throughout toddlerhood.

Simple to use, wrap it around your inner diaper, or fit the insert or prefold under the front and back flaps, to secure. Paired with double gussets, these nappy covers guarantee to stop leakages and to protect your child’s outer clothing. 

The only problem you may face, is if your baby is born on the smaller weight scale, you may need to wait for them to grow big enough before using.

What We Liked

  • Good range of patterns and colors to make an attractive diaper cover. 
  • Wipable inside allows for reusing multiple times before washing. 
  • Includes internal flaps to secure inserts in place. 
  • Double leg gusset, to prevent messes from leaking out onto clothing. 
  • Suitable for any diaper needs that require waterproof diaper protectors.

Size: One size 8-35 lbs
Material: one layer of waterproof PUL
Use with: Prefold, fitted and flat diapers.
Closure: Snaps
Waterproof: Yes
Fit: Slim fitting.

9. Smart Bottoms Too Smart 2.0 Diaper Covers

cloth diaper cover

Recommended to be used with 3-4 inserts, the Smart Bottoms Too Smart 2.0 diaper covers only need washing every 24 hours or when soiled. 

Compatible with any diaper inner that requires a waterproof cover, its design allows it to fit the majority of babies. 

With internal yolks, it holds inserts and prefolds in place. Aiding in protecting any leaks and keeping your child’s clothes dry. 

With soft binding housing the leg elastics, it is one of the best one-size diaper cover for preventing leaks and leaving red marks. 

One disadvantage is that this is one of the more pricey diaper covers on the market.

What We Liked

  • Prevents red marks on thighs due to soft material covering the leg elastics.
  • Internal front and back pockets to hold inserts securely in place. 
  • Think PUL ensures that no liquid should escape and cause leaks.
  • The thick double gusset to ensure a secure fit around your baby’s groin. 
  • Fits the majority of babies through infancy to potty training.

Size: One size 10-35 lbs
Material: 100% PUL
Use with: Prefolds, flats, inserts or fitted diapers
Closure: Snaps
Waterproof: Yes
Fit: Slim fit.

10. Imagine One Size Snap Cloth Diaper Covers

cloth diaper cover

With two sizes available, ‘one size’ and ‘newborn’, the Imagine cloth diaper cover has an option for you, no matter the size of your baby. 

With a wipeable interior, it can be wiped clean between use, resulting in less covers being needed. 

Including double-leg gussets, this diaper has been designed to fit snuggly into your baby groin. The double-leg gusset not only prevents leaks but aids in ensuring your baby has maximum mobility in this diaper. 

This diaper could be improved, however, if the front and rear pockets were included to support holding inserts firmly in place when your baby is moving around.

What We Liked

  • Lower price point, making it an affordable diaper cover option. 
  • Double-leg gusset to prevent blowouts and leaking. 
  • Wipe-clean interior, allowing it to be reused throughout the day. 
  • Lightweight, therefore quick to dry and start reusing again and again. 
  • Newborn sizing option, making them suitable for even the smallest of newborns.

Size: Two sizes covering 8-35lbs
Material: Single layer of waterproof PUL
Use with: Prefolds, flats or fitted diapers.
Closure: Hook and loop
Waterproof: yes
Fit: regular/slim

11. Sloomb Double Layer Knit Wool Cloth Diaper Covers

cloth diaper cover

Being made from wool, the Sloomb double-layer knit cover is one of the best organic diaper covers.

Compatible with all they make the perfect prefold diaper covers as well as covers for fitted diapers or flats. 

To get the most out of this cover, you will want to put it through a lanolizing process. Only by doing this will you make it bulletproof and be able to use it for day and nighttime use. 

Sold based on your baby’s weight and size, the only disadvantage is that these diaper covers are pricey. You will need to buy a variety of sizes to see your child through to potty training age.

What We Liked

  • Naturally made, they are extremely durable and last lasting. 
  • They are breathable and will help keep your little ones’ bottom dry. 
  • They require less regular washing due to their natural design. 
  • Extremely soft and gentle for your baby to wear.
  • Made from wool, they are naturally absorbent and will keep outer clothes dry.

Size: Five sizes. 6-15 lbs, 15-25 lbs, 25-30 lbs, 30-40 lbs and 40-48 lbs.
Material: 93% wool, 7% lycra.
Use with: Prefolds, flats, and fitted diapers
Closure: Pull up
Waterproof: No, they are water resistant but can absorb liquids if the diaper inner soaks through.
Fit: Extremely trim fitting.

12. KangaCare Rumparooz One Size Snap Covers

cloth diaper cover

What makes the KangaCare Rumparooz one of the best diaper covers is its one-size nature. Being one-sized makes it an ideal choice and keeps the cost of cloth diapering down.

Suitable for newborn baby’s from 6lbs, this diaper cover is adaptable enough to fit all babies and see them through to pants. 

With waist snap rises the size is extremely customizable. This ensures that you are able to benefit from the correct fit around your baby’s legs and waist, preventing leaks. 

The only disadvantage is that the leg gaps are slender and may not provide the most comfortable fit, on clubby little legs.

What We Liked

  • Economically as the cover sees you through from newborn to potty training. 
  • Compatible as a flat, fitted and prefold diaper covers.
  • Generously sized to provide the room for added inserts to be used if desired. 
  • Double gusset to retain messes and prevent leg leaks. 
  • Fast drying enables them to be used on rotation quickly.

Size: One size, 6-35+ lbs
Material: Polyester
Use with: Prefolds, flats, inserts and fitted diapers
Closure: Snaps
Waterproof: Yes
Fit: Normal

Types of Diaper Covers 

When choosing your diaper cover, you need to decide if opting for a wrap or pull-up style.

Both are effective in protecting outer clothing and preventing leaks.


Traditional in style, wrap cloth diaper covers can easily be adjusted to fit your child.

Made with snaps or hooks and loops. They can be easily adjusted to grow alongside your little one. Less covers are needed and your stash costs less money overall. 

Looking more like single-use diapers, these are great when your baby is small and lays flat. 

Pull-On Covers

Great for children prone to removing their diapers.

Not as easy to remove as covers with velcro fasteners. Pull-up in design they are ideal for providing your baby with the image of ‘proper pants’, but providing waterproof protection.

Sold based on sizing, they offer room for growth, new ones are needed as your child reaches certain sizes or weights. 

Sized vs. One-Size Diaper Covers

There are benefits of both sized and one-size diaper covers.

Sized diapers covers


  • Better fit for your young child.
  • Less fastening and bulkiness.


  • Costs more as you will need more covers.
  • They may not get lots of use due to quick growth for your baby in their first few years.

One-size diaper covers


  • More cost savings as your child can use the same cover for years.
  • More flexibility to adapt the fitting.


  • May not always fit newborn babies.
  • They can appear bulky, especially whilst your child is very small.

When buying for a newborn, be aware due to regular poops, they will require changing more often and you will need more covers. 

How to Pick the Right Cloth Diaper Covers?

When shopping for cloth diaper covers, it is important to get the right one. You must consider the material, the fit, trimness, and the ability to prevent leaks. 


The material of the diaper cover is vital to ensure that you benefit from protecting your child’s outer clothes and they remain dry. 

The cloth diaper material also determines how breathable the diaper cover is.

A breathable material will help in preventing diaper rash and is perfect for babies that are prone to rashes. Wool diapers are good for this, however, PUL is not as breathable.

Fit and Leakage

To prevent leaks you want to look at the fit the diaper cover offers, which will vary from baby to baby due to their body size, weight, and shape. 

For example, newborns need newborn-sized diapers.

Diaper covers with stretchy or elasticated legs and waistbands are ideal in being able to stretch and fit well to prevent wee escaping. 


As you will be using flats, fitted or prefolds and covers, the majority of parents want a diaper cover that is naturally trim. 

Trim covers not only support holding the inner diaper in place but they aid maneuverability for your baby and keep their clothes fitting well. 

Some one-size diaper covers can be bulky initially but once your baby grows they become more trim. 

Type of Closure

Popular closures are snaps and velcro. 

Snaps are more hardwearing and are more child-proof. This is especially beneficial as your child gets older and loves to strip off. 

Velcro, is ideal if you are new to cloth diapering as they are quick and easy to fasten onto your baby and make diaper outers most similar to their disposable counterpart. 

Common Diaper Cover Materials

With so many different diaper covers available, from cheap cloth diaper cover options to more expensive materials, it is important to understand their benefits. This will ensure the correct benefits for your baby.  


Wool covers are extremely popular for nighttime use and heavy wetters. 

When lanolized, they offer superior water resistance making a great diaper cover. 

With self-cleaning properties they require less regular washing unless soiled, and it is advisable to wash them every 3-4 weeks. Due to their longevity in the stash you don’t need to own as many. 


The benefits of using a fleece diaper cover is that it offers a more breathable cover than other TUL covers. 

When using fleece covers for cloth diapers you are opting for a water-resistant and soft cover. 

They make the perfect choice for parents wanting a breathable, soft wrap that is adjustable to ensure a secure fit. 


Naturally sourced, using a cotton diaper cover is an economical option. 

Not naturally waterproof, these covers are paired with water-resistant linings to provide a comfortable and waterproof fit. 

Highly customizable, cotton covers are ideal to make your diaper stash colorful and fun. 

As they are lined, these covers can be thicker than others and make a slightly bulkier fit. 


More breathable than plastic covers, nylon diaper covers are extremely lightweight. 

As an affordable option, they are breathable. However, they aren’t the easiest diaper cover to come across. 

Fast drying makes it a suitable option, however, due to their material, they do need to be line dried and are not suitable for the dryer. 


Not as breathable as naturally sourced materials, PUL is a synthetic material that is highly waterproof. 

It is wipeable, making it popular for diaper outers. Simply wipe when completing a diaper change and the cover can be re-used a number of times between washes. 

The ability to re-use provides the benefit of needing fewer covers within your stash, reducing upfront costs. 


Vinyl is a cheaper material to access. Being man-made, it is not a breathable material and therefore there are not many vinyl cloth diaper covers marketed. 

As they aren’t breathable, they can cause babies to suffer from diaper rash. 

However, they are waterproof and low costing, making them the perfect choice for parents on a limited budget. 


What are cloth diaper covers? 

They are covers that are worn over cloth diapers inners. Their design is to cover non-waterproof fabrics and prevent liquids from leaking through and reaching their outer clothing. 

Do I need cloth diaper covers?

Cloth diaper inners are not waterproof by nature. Therefore liquids can soak through and be passed onto other clothing or furniture. Diaper covers prevent this and contain the fluids. 

How many cloth diaper covers do I need?

You will need approximately 1 cover per 4 diaper changes. As the majority of people wash every 2-3 days, you will need between 8-12 within your stash. 

How long do cloth diaper covers last?

On average, depending on the material used and the quality of their manufacturing, cloth diaper covers can last anywhere from 2 years, up to 10 years.

Which brand of cloth diaper covers is the best?

The best branding of cloth diaper cover is personal and dependent on your baby, the fit and ensuring there are no leaks. However, the Esembly covers have proven to be popular. 

How many times can you reuse diaper covers?

You should stop using and put your diaper cover in the laundry, either when the cover is soiled or at the end of each day. 

How to use cloth diaper covers?

Diaper covers are easy to use, simply pull up or secure around your inner of choice. Ensure the fit is right for your child and you’re good to go. 

How to wash cloth diaper covers? 

Wash without the use of fabric softeners or covers. These can be washed with normal laundry or as with your diaper inserts or diaper liners. 

How to prepare cloth diaper covers? 

Not needing any specific treatment, you should wash cloth diaper covers once before use to seal the waterproof lining and to make them ready for your baby. 

What fabric to use for cloth diaper covers?

If you are looking for organic diaper covers, wool makes the perfect natural way to cover your diaper inserts. PUL is also another popular choice. 

How often do you wash cloth diaper covers?

You should wash your cloth diaper covers after they get soiled, approximately 4 wears or each day.You can store them with your stash and wash every couple of days. 

What to look for when buying cloth diaper covers?

When choosing cloth diaper covers you should look for a good fit, no leaking, trimness under clothes, their closure and opting for the right material to promote fast drying. 

How to restore waterproofness in cloth diaper covers?

If the material to provide waterproofness is dwindling, you will want to review and ensure that you are washing them correctly.  By doing so you can boost their waterproofness once more.


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