10 Best Hybrid Cloth Diapers That Don’t Leak (2024)

Hybrids are budget-friendly cloth diapers as you simply change the insert and reuse the shell.

Best hybrid cloth diapers are super absorbent, prevent leaks/blowouts, and are easy to use.

I generally use 5-7 shells between washes every other day and have 2 inserts per shell. Sometimes it’s enough, sometimes not.

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Best Hybrid Cloth Diapers

1. Dyper Hybrid Cloth Diaper

dyper cloth diaper

Sold in, all in two cloth diaper packages and with a subscription option, Dyper hybrid cloth diapers are compatible with both cloth and disposable inserts.

The adorably designed diaper will grow with your child. Paired with inserts, each outer cover will need approximately 3 inserts per outer. In the course of a single day, you will go through roughly 10-12 changes per day. 

With natural-based inserts, these AI2 cloth diapers are naturally made, designed to be gentle and soft for your little one. 

The only con is when they are on newborns they can appear a little bulky. However, this won’t be apparent as your child grows.

What We Liked

  • Sold directly to you, there is no sales mark-up increasing the price. 
  • Free from latex, alcohol, or chlorine they are gentle for your baby.
  • Made from ethically sourced materials they are good for the environment.
  • Flexible shipping options to ensure your stash is always maintained. 
  • Great for sensitive baby’s skin due to natural materials used.

Fit: Adjustable
Size: One size suitable for most weights
Closure: Snaps
Material: TPU lining and inserts made from bamboo and microfiber
Absorbency: Perfect for daytime wearing, with varying inserts for absorbency needs

2. Grovia Hybrid Diaper System

hybrid diaper

The Grovia hybrid cloth diapers are one of the most popular hybrid cloth diaper options. With a cloth insert being snapped into place. You only need to change the inserts unless the outer gets soiled. 

To get maximum usage from the outer shell, you need at least 3-4 cloth inners. The disposable inserts are a perfect disposable option. With sticky tabs on the back, they stay in place, plus they’re biodegradable.

The only cons are with fewer waist snaps it can be ill-fitting if your baby has slim legs. 

To get the most out of the Grovia Hybrid, you will want a few shells, a variety of Grovia hybrid inserts from the reusable booster, reusable soaker pads, reusable prefolds, and disposable soaker pads.

What We Liked

  • The sticky backing on the disposable pads keeps them from bunching.
  • Snapping the booster in place ensures the wet zone is fully covered. 
  • Less outer shells are needed due to the inner being changed.
  • Added built-in gusset on the no-soaker cloth pads to prevent leaking.
  • Great for heavy wetter due to superior absorbency from the microfibre lining.

Fit: Adjustable sizing and fit.
Size: 8 – 30 lbs
Closure: Snaps or hook and loop.
Material: 100% polyester mesh lining and 100% polyester waterproof TPU outer.
Absorbency: Perfect for day or nighttime use with optional boosters for increased absorbency.

3. Best Bottom All-In-Two Cloth Diaper

hybrid diaper

With the shells and the inserts sold separately reusable hybrid cloth diapers are a popular choice. Not needing to wash the outer shells after each use, they are more cost-effective.

Plus, they also save on the amount of washing being built up daily. 

Designed to lower your child’s tummy, these hybrid fitted diapers fit under your baby’s round belly. Providing a comfortable fit for your little one. 

With the addition of hemp, overnight bamboo, and microfiber doubler, you can get the absorbency perfect. Perfect for naps or heavy wetters the variety of inserts will enable you to find the perfect solution.

The only downside is that they cost a little more than other Al2 diaper options.

What We Liked

  • Adjustable, fit to adapt, and continue to fit your growing baby.
  • Good variety of purpose-made inserts to cover all absorbency needs. 
  • Double gusset to hug your baby’s thighs and prevent leaks. 
  • Inserts snap into place ensuring the wet zone is secured. 
  • Best AI2 diapers for nighttime with bamboo nighttime snap insert.

Fit: Adjustable sizing
Size: one size 8 – 35 lbs
Closure: Snaps
Material: Double PUL inner and cotton or polyester outer
Absorbency: Superior absorbency with hemp or bamboo insert

4. Imagine Baby All-In-Two Cloth Diapers

With a waterproof outer shell, the Imagine Baby cloth diaper is a great AI2 for heavy wetters. With a double gusset and internal flap, the inserts are held firmly in place.

Ensuring that even with the largest wee, the wet zone is covered for maximum absorbency and leakage protection. 

Easy to adjust with snap settings, this is one of the best all-in-two diapers. With a range of fun designs, including the ‘splish splash’. The multifunctional outer can be used with a range of inserts such as the Best Bottoms. 

The only notable disadvantage was the thigh gaps can come a little generous. This can present gaps and leaking until your baby develops chunky thighs.

What We Liked

  • Can be used with different branded inserts making them extremely versatile.
  • Fun designs make them appealing for both toddlers and parents.
  • Adjustable snap size to see your child through to potty training age. 
  • Cost-effective option when looking into ai2 diaper brands.
  • Best all in two cloth diapers for big wees due to double gusset design.

Fit: Adjustable sizing
Size: one size 8 – 35 lbs
Closure: Snaps
Material: 100% polyester with PUL inner
Absorbency: No built-in absorbency. Absorbency based on inserts used

5. Lighthouse Kids All-in-Two Cloth Diaper

hybrid diaper

As one of the best-rated hybrid cloth diapers, Lighthouse Kids AI2 diapers are compatible with almost all inserts.

With a universal insert attachment, you have more variety of inserts to choose from. Allowing you to make decisions based on the best fit and absorbency for your child. 

Using approximately 3 covers per day, you can simply change the inserts per diaper change. Only needing to change the cover when soiled you won’t need as many extras when leaving the house. 

Designed for babies over 12lb the only disadvantage is they aren’t suitable for most newborns. 

However, with their universal design, they can be used with stay dry or wet side inserts. Allowing them to adapt and support your child when potty training.

What We Liked

  • Double leg gusset to keep the mess contained within the diaper.
  • Lightweight TUP is soft and allows maximum movement for your baby.
  • Includes a tongue style insert for a stay dry or wet feel option.
  • Slim design makes it one of the trimmest AI2 diapers
  • Best all-in-two diaper for nighttime due to universal insert options.

Fit: Adjustable trim fit
Size: 12-35 lbs
Closure: Snaps
Material: Bamboo
Absorbency: good absorbency when paired with inserts

6. OsoCozy All-in-Two Cloth Diaper

Flexible in design the OsoCozy all-in-two reusable diapers are practical and simple to use. 

The outer waterproof shell allows for multiple uses with a variety of bamboo or charcoal snap-in inserts available. Due to its design, it is versatile and can be adapted with non-snap inserts and disposable inserts if preferred. 

Available in newborn size and then one-sized. These make a popular all-in-two cloth diapers choice. Although it can be more costly buying both sizes. 

Depending on if your child is a heavy wetter, you may need up to 3 covers per day. With the ability to only change the inserts, you will reduce the amount of paraphernalia needed to complete a diaper change.

What We Liked

  • The exposed PUL can be easily cleaned for re-using again and again.
  • 3 x 3 rise snap setting ensures a good fit for your baby.
  • The use of different inserts allows absorbency to be changed. 
  • Their design doesn’t dig too deep into the baby’s thighs.
  • Great for big wees, due to their double gusset design.

Fit: Adjustable loose fit
Size: 7 – 35 lbs
Closure: Snap
Material: Polyurethane Laminate
Absorbency: Adjustable based on insert chosen

7. Buttons Hybrid Cloth Diaper

hybrid diaper

With a variety of plain or patterned shells, the Buttons Hybrid Diaper are pure hybrid diapers.

Each waterproof shell is compatible with a variety of prefolds, flat folds, or snap inserts. Allowing you to gain the absorbency level that best supports your baby. 

With the ability to change the insert and reuse the shell, the Buttons hybrid cloth diaper is a cost-effective option. 

With the ability to use each shell 3-4 times per day, you save on cost buying them and only need to stock up on inserts. With nighttime inserts available this hybrid diaper is perfect for use day or night. 

The only disadvantage is the inserts are sold separately, adding an additional purchase to your upfront cost.

What We Liked

  • Perfect for nighttime with their designed nighttime inserts for increased absorbency. 
  • Ability to use a variety of inserts to allow the absorbency required. 
  • Fun prints and designs make them attractive for your child to wear.
  • Different-sized inserts to guarantee a perfect fit for your child’s weight.
  • Best affordable all in two cloth diapers due to low price point.

Fit: Adjustable based on the snap setting
Size: 9 – 35 lbs
Closure: Snaps
Material: Polyester with laminate exposed inside
Absorbency: Various based on insert used

8. Charlie Banana AI2 Cloth Diaper

Being a pocket diaper, the Charlie Banana hybrid cloth diapers allow for disposable inserts as well as cloth. With their adjustable leg sizing, you can ensure the perfect fit for your baby and avoid leaks. 

Either use reusable inserts in the pockets or apply the disposable liner within the shell and your little one is good to go. The only con is by laying the disposable liner in this way if your baby is active they can get displaced.

As a pocket diaper, you will change the whole diaper when your baby pees or poops. However, you have the added absorbency control by layering your inserts. 

Per day you are likely to go through 8-12 diaper covers and inserts per day.

What We Liked

  • Internal electric sizing ensures the perfect fit around babies’ legs.
  • Adjustable absorbency is provided by layering inserts to support heavy wetters.
  • Slim pocket to make liners stay firmly in place and not move.
  • Soft material makes them extremely soft for babies with sensitive skin.
  • Best for heavy wetters due to pocket features and optional absorbency levels.

Fit: Adjustable fit for babies of all sizes.
Size: 10 – 35 lbs
Closure: Snaps
Material: 100% Polyester
Absorbency: High levels of absorbance due to inserts used.

9. Lalabye Baby All In Two Cloth Diaper

With the option of being one of the best ai2 cloth diapers or used as a pocket cloth diaper, you can use the stay dry option or re-use the shell again.

Simply by snapping the insert in place or sliding it into the pocket, the bamboo liners are extremely thin, giving it a trim fit. 

Through the unique feature of color-coded snaps, it is easy for all carers to get the perfect fit on your baby again and again. 
The only disadvantage is that when this diaper is used as an AI2, the microsuede gets wet and isn’t wipe-dry like some of the other best hybrid diapers.

What We Liked

  • Color-coded snaps make it easy for everyone to know the fitting. 
  • Large pocket so you can use nighttime inserts if required. 
  • Cross-over tabs allow for a good fit on small babies.
  • Internal TUP layer across the belly band to stop wicking. 
  • Best all in two diapers for tummy sleepers due to internal waterproof panels.

Fit: Adjustable trim fit
Size: 8 – 35+ lbs
Closure: Snaps
Material: Stretchy TPU
Absorbency: The bamboo inserts make for perfect daytime absorbency

10. Esembly Hybrid Cloth Diaper

Not specifically sold as a hybrid cloth diaper the Esembly cloth diaper is multi-functional, and can be adapted and used as the best organic all-in-two cloth diaper. 

With its outer shell being 100% waterproof, thin and fast-drying, it is the perfect combination for Al2 diapers. As long as the wet zone is covered any absorbent inner can be used. 

Paired with either their inners, booster, or even prefolds, you can adapt and build up a diaper for your needs. 

The colorful outers are fun and attractive and when used with different inners can create an ideal combination for day or night diapering. The only disadvantage is the size 2 diaper is a little bulky and can result in needing to upsize baby trousers.

What We Liked

  • They offer a range of adorable, colorful patterns and prints. 
  • The outer shell is made from recycled materials, so it’s eco-friendly. 
  • The leg and waist snaps are independent ensuring a perfect fit. 
  • The material is very soft and gentle for a comfortable fit for your baby. 
  • Best for nighttime or naps with the addition of the booster pads.

Fit: Adjustable fit.
Size: 2 sizes covering 7 – 35 lbs
Closure: Snaps
Material: 100% recycled polyester with a waterproof TPU laminate
Absorbency: Perfect for day or night absorbency when paired with the correct inner

Benefits of All-In-Two Cloth Diapers

With less need to carry full diapers around, the top AI2 cloth diapers are easy to use. They are more affordable than other cloth diapers, whilst offering fast drying and high absorbency. 

Ease of Use

When your baby is wiggling about during a diaper change, a quick and easy diaper change is vital. All in two cloth diapers brands have made that possible. With the ease of removing the inserts, wiping the shell, and putting a new insert in place, diaper changes have gotten a lot easier. 


Opting for cloth diapers results in a higher upfront cost initially. Using an all-in-two reusable cloth diaper will bring the upfront cost down. Being able to change the inserts only per diaper change, you won’t need to stock up on as many shells. Saving on your overall outlay. 


The absorbency levels are critical for any diaper. The luxury of using one of the all-in-two cloth diaper brands is the ease and ability to change the inserts. Due to their hybrid nature, you can easily and quickly select and use inserts to meet your absorbency needs for either day or night. 

Drying TIme

The washing and drying time is important to any cloth diapering parent. What makes the best reusable AI2 cloth diapers, is that the shell can be reused again and again. The thin shell material is extremely quick drying. So when doing your diaper laundry the overall drying time is only for the inserts and overall takes less time. 

All-In-One vs. All-In-Two Cloth Diapers

All-in-Ones have the shell and the inserts stitched together, making their design similar to disposable diapers. All in Two diapers is where the insert and the shell are separate and need to be placed or snapped together. 

When new to cloth diapering, AI1 diapers are simple and easy to use. Premade and ready to go, you simply put them on your baby. An Al2 once pieced together effectively is used in the same way as an Al1.

The only difference is that you have more input in which insert is used and decide on the material for the absorbent section. This makes for the top best all-in-two diapers as they are easily customized to your needs. 

How to Pick the Best All-In-Two Cloth diaper? 

When shopping for the best ai2 cloth diapers, there are many factors to consider. From fit, material, sizing, the most important is the inserts needed. 


As you are physically selecting the insert material and placing it within the shell. You can use prefolds, flatlays, or snap inserts, and interchange between bamboo, hemp, or microfiber.

However, unless fitted correctly, you may still find the diaper leaking. For the perfect fit each time, make sure none of the inserts is poking out from under the shell.


For the best all-in-two reusable diaper, you want an outer shell that is waterproof, quick to dry, and wipeable. This combination ensures the shell can be reused again and again. 

TPU or PUL are widely recognized for being wipeable and fast drying. Whilst, being flexible and soft to allow a full range of movement for your little one. 


When buying diapers, absorbency is one of the main priorities. It is what a diaper is designed for. 

Al2 diapers are great as the absorbency can be changed based on the inners, material, and boosters used. Being versatile in the absorbency methods used hybrid cloth diapers with disposable inserts or cloth inserts can be interchanged. 

Compatible with hemp, bamboo, microfiber, snap-in, flats, or prefolds as long as the wet zone is covered the absorbency levels can be changed. 

With the inners being secured by snaps, they guarantee that the wet zone is firmly in place. No matter how mobile your little one is, being attached in place ensures no ruckling will occur and leaks won’t happen. 

Fit and Leakage

Offered in either one-sized or based on your baby’s weight, the fit of any hybrid diaper is vital to stop leakage. 

When shopping for the most absorbent AI2 diaper, you need to ensure that you get a cozy fit around the legs and waist.

Elasticated waists, additional snaps, and built-in gussets all prevent liquids from escaping.  

Type of Closure

The most popular AI2 diapers use snap closures. The snap feature is ideal, ensuring the diaper remains secure. 

Not only used for the outer shell but having the inner being snapped in place ensures the wet zone is secured. 

This closure type is ideal as you can inform others of the correct setting when your child is in someone else’s care. 


What are the best hybrid cloth diapers?

The Grovia hybrid diapers are the best hybrid diapers, with the ability to purchase a Grovia hybrid starter kit, they are simple to use and contain a basic starter set.

What are hybrid diapers? 

Made from separate components, hybrid diapers allow the shell to be reused until soiled. By simply changing the inner they reduce the amount of washing. 

How many all in two diapers do I need? 

As you will only be changing the diaper shell when dirty or soiled, you won’t need to buy as many initially. On average you will want between 4-8 in your stash. 

How many inserts do you need for all in two diapers?

When washing your cloth diapers every 2-3 days, you’ll want between 20-24 inserts within your cloth diaper stash. You may require a few more if you have a heavy wetter. 

What are all in two cloth diapers? 

All in two cloth diapers are when the waterproof shell and the absorbent inner are sold separately. When put together they create a usable diaper. 

Are all in two cloth diapers good? 

Al2 diapers are ideal as they allow you to change and adapt the absorbency needs for your little one. With their design, they also reduce the amount of washing. 

What’s the difference between an all in one diaper and all in two diaper? 

Al1 diapers have the inner built directly into the shell. Al2 diapers require the shell and inner to be placed together to allow the diaper to be used. 

What’s the difference between a pocket diaper and an all in two diaper? 

Al2 diapers have the inner directly against your baby’s skin. This is changed per diaper change. Pocket diapers require both the shell and inserts to be changed per diaper change.  

How to use all in two cloth diapers? 

Simply place the inner within the diaper shell and fit the diaper onto your baby. Upon a diaper change, you remove the inner and replace it with a clean one.


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