8 Popular Cloth Diaper Systems That Actually Work (2023)

You may not realize this, but there are over eight different cloth diaper systems available.

All-in-Ones are easiest and best for beginners, fitteds are super absorbent and are ideal for nighttime.

There’s no one cloth diaper system that works for everyone. Try out which works best for your LO.

Our Favorites

all in one cloth diaper

Easiest for Beginners
All-in-One Diapers


Best for Nighttime
Fitted Diapers

cloth diaper bundle

Best Value for Money
Prefold Diapers

Cloth Diaper Systems

1. All-in-One Cloth Diapering System

all in one cloth diaper

All-in-one diapers are the easiest cloth diapers for those new to cloth diapering. All-in-ones go on and off like disposable diapers and, once rinsed off, tossed directly into your diaper bin.

All-in-ones are a single-piece system that is cloth diapers made easy. However, you can add additional boosters for nighttime or heavy wetters. 

All-in-ones are also the easiest diaper system for childcare and babysitters. Many childcare centers won’t use cloth diapers, but you might be able to convince them to try all-in-ones!

The one downside is that because they are so thick and the parts cannot be separated; they take the longest to dry. However, all-in-ones are the only cloth diapers without inserts.

If you’re thinking of trying all-in-ones, give the Grovia O.N.E. diaper a try!

What We Liked

  • Easy on and off makes diaper changes a cinch!
  • No extra pieces are needed.
  • Easy for first-time users
  • Grovia O.N.E diapers will fit your child from infancy through toddlerhood
  • Outlast closure system gives parents a choice between hook & loop or snaps.

2. Fitted Cloth Diapering System


Fitted diapers are among the best diaper systems for parents who want ease combined with cost-effectiveness. Fitted diapers are a two sometimes three-piece system.

A fitted diaper is an absorbent cloth diaper shaped to fit your baby. Some fitted diapers have pre-affixed closures, while others require diaper pins. 

Fitted diapers require a waterproof outer layer and may also need additional boosters. Parents can place boosters inside for overnight, travel, or heavy wetters. Fitted diapers give parents the choice of which fibers to use and are easy to adjust the fit. 

Esembly fitted diapers have a snug and trim fit and are blow-out-proof diapers!

What We Liked

  • Easy cloth diaper to use and adjust
  • Affordable, great for parents on a budget
  • Fitteds are often made from organic and natural materials
  • Parents can add an Overnighter booster for overnight leak protection
  • Two sizes that adjust and grow with your baby

3. Prefold Cloth Diaper System


Prefolds are one of the most affordable options and one of the recommended diaper systems for experienced cloth diaper parents.

Using cloth diapers can be tricky, and prefolds will take some practice. However, once you get the hang of them, they are ideal for achieving the perfect fit and preventing leaks. 

Prefolds are flat rectangles of fabric that parents need to fold to fit their baby.

But, then, they need a waterproof cover on top. OsoCozy Better Fit prefolds are designed without extra fabric to fit or fold, so there is less bulk. When combined with the Thirsties Duo cover, parents have the ideal cloth diaper set-up!

What We Liked

  • Parents can use covers more than once
  • Easy to wash and dry quickly
  • An economical and eco-friendly choice
  • 100% unbleached cotton
  • Three sizes so parents can achieve the perfect fit.

4. Flat Cloth Diapering System

flat diaper system

Flats are the least modern diaper system, but they’re also the least expensive and the quickest to dry. F

irst, flats must be folded to create a padded section in the middle and then affixed around your baby with diaper pins or Snappis. Finally, you must place a waterproof diaper cover over the top. 

Flats are one of the best diaper systems for parents who have used cloth diapers before and want to save money. Flats are usually made from natural fibers such as bamboo, cotton, or hemp. They can also be found in blends to maximize the benefits of the various fabrics. 

OsoCosy flats are unbleached for superior softness, and because they are made of cotton, they are durable.

What We Liked

  • Flats incredibly cost-effective
  • You can use diaper covers multiple times before washing
  • Flats are quick drying
  • OsoCosy flats can be used for diaper wipes, bibs, towels, and more!
  • OsoCosy flats can go in the dryer or line dry.

5. Hybrid/All-in-Two Cloth Diapering System

After all-on-ones, hybrids or all-in-twos are the most straightforward cloth diapering system. However, they require a little cloth diapering set up prior to use.

As the name implies, hybrids have more than one part and must be partially assembled. Hybrid diapers consist of a waterproof outer shell and soakers placed or attached inside. 

Hybrids dry slightly faster than all-in-ones because the pieces are separated before washing and drying. In addition, because the soaker layer is detachable, parents can choose which material to use, combine materials, and use one type for the day and another for the night.

Grovia Hybrid diaper shells can be used two or three times before they need washing and are easy to adjust for the perfect fit.

What We Liked

  • Versatile system and easy to use
  • Dry quicker than all-in-ones
  • Less expensive than all-in-ones
  • Grovia Hybrid shells can be used with disposable BioSoakers
  • Parents can choose either snaps or hook & loop closure

6. Pocket Cloth Diaper System

Pocket diapers are similar to hybrids and one of the simpler diapering systems. Like hybrids, pocket diapers use an outer shell and an insert or soaker.

However, soakers are placed inside a pocket instead of being laid or snapped into the shell. Because the soaker doesn’t touch your baby’s skin, you can use highly absorbent microfiber soakers. 

Pocket diapers are the best cloth diaper system for parents who wish to use microfiber exclusively. Pocket diapers are one of the best systems when getting started with cloth diapers because they are easy to use and wash. 

Parents must separate pocket diapers before washing and drying. Charlie Banana diapers are fun, brightly colored, and lined with soft fleece.

What We Liked

  • Pocket diapers provide the opportunity for parents to choose different soaker materials.
  • Easy to prep for use ahead of time, can pre-stuff diapers ahead of time.
  • Two separate pieces dry quickly.
  • Charlie Banana one-size Pocket diapers are stretchy for busy toddlers
  • WIll fit your child from infancy through potty training.

7. Reusable Swim Diaper System

swim diaper

If you’re cloth diapering, you will probably want to use reusable swim diapers. However, reusable swim diapers should not replace traditional cloth diaper systems for daily use. Instead, they should only be used when swimming, at the beach, or engaged in water play.

Swim diapers are not very absorbent because they are designed for water use. So, if they’re wearing a swim diaper instead of a regular cloth diaper, you will likely experience leaks.  

Charlie Banana reusable swim diapers are made with a soft and absorbent lyocell and polyester blend. They come in bright, tropical colors, perfect for the beach or poolside!

What We Liked

  • Perfect for vacation, compact and easy to pack
  • Made specifically for water play, it won’t bulk up
  • Swim diapers are lightweight 
  • Drawstring closure for the perfect fit
  • They go up and down like regular swimwear

8. Cloth Training Pants System


Cloth training pants are the best cloth diapering system for potty training kids.

So when your child is ready to potty train, and you’re ready to replace your cloth diaper set with something more toddler friendly, consider training pants.

Training pants go on and off like underwear providing your child with independence.

Charlie Banana training pants are soft like underwear but provide an extra layer of absorbency for when accidents happen. Four sizes are available, so there is the perfect fit for every kid!

When soiled, simply toss them in the wash every two to three days!

What We Liked

  • No snaps or complicated closures 
  • Not bulky, so they fit under clothes like undies
  • Training pants are the perfect step between diapers and underwear
  • Made with organic cotton
  • Fun colors and patterns to fit your kid’s personality

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