10 Best Pocket Diapers That Actually Work (2023)

Pocket diapers are super easy to use and you can stuff them with inserts or prefolds.

I love pocket diapers because the inserts don’t shift around, which makes it sooo much easier to put them on a wiggly baby.

The best part is that you can pre-stuff them, making the diaper change easy for caregivers.
Best pocket diapers are super soft, leak-proof, and have a great fit.

Our Favorites

pocket diaper

Best Pocket Diaper

pocket diaper

Best Customization
Nicki’s Diapers

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Best Budget Option
Imagine Baby

Best Pocket Diapers

1. Thirsties One Size Snap Cloth Pocket Diaper

pocket diaper

This is one of the best pocket cloth diapers available. Double gusset pocket diapers offer leak protection, and the diaper has adjustable rise settings.

It has stay-dry microfleece and waterproof layers for moisture-wicking and comfort. The two-piece pocket diapering system has eight layers of absorbency, making this one of the best heavy-wetter pocket diapers. 

The hemp and organic cotton insert are soft and absorbent. The microfiber absorbs fast while the hemp retains moisture, which is good for keeping your baby dry and preventing compression leaking.

The back pocket is elasticized, and the front pocket has a fold-over flap to keep the inserts secure and leak-free. A con is that these diapers are not the best fit for heavier or taller toddlers.

What We Liked

  • The inserts can be used individually or snapped together for greater absorption.
  • The leg gussets are effective while being gentle on the skin.
  • These diapers are well-made and durable.
  • The pocket is large enough to use with flats.
  • The microfiber and hemp inserts are included with the pocket diaper.

Fit: Adjustable
Size: One size; 8-40lbs
Closure: Rise snaps
Material: 100% polyester with TPU laminate outer; 100% polyester microfleece inner
Absorbency: Ultra Absorbent

2. Nicki’s Diapers One Size Pocket Cloth Diaper

pocket diaper

One size pocket diapers like Nicki’s are easily adjustable. This provides a snug fit and prevents leaks.

These cloth pocket diapers have good moisture wicking from the fleece lining, which prevents rashes.

Crossover snaps make this one of the best pocket diapers for newborns, as you can make them smaller to fit a tiny baby.

The microfiber insert is long and snaps, allowing you to work with your baby’s wet zone. A con is that there is no fold-over at the pocket’s opening, and the microfiber insert can touch your baby’s skin.

What We Liked

  • It has a no-pill fleece lining with good moisture wicking. 
  • The pocket opens at both ends for convenient insert removal. 
  • These diapers are good value for money.
  • The pocket is large enough to use with flats and prefolds.
  • The 3-step rise means the diaper will grow with your baby.

Fit: Adjustable
Size: 3 sizes; 8-15lbs / 15-23lbs / 23-35lbs
Closure: Snaps
Material: Polyester fleece lining; PUL outer
Absorbency: Regular absorbency

3. Imagine Baby One Size Snap Pocket Cloth Diaper

pocket diaper

These pocket-style cloth diapers are made with breathable, leak-proof material. This prevents skin irritation and keeps your baby clean and dry.

The “stay dry” no-pill fleece lining provides good moisture wicking leaving your baby comfortable and rash-free. The cut of this diaper is generous for larger toddlers, and the micro-fleece is extremely soft and comfortable.

It also has elastic at the legs and waist that helps contain blowouts.

A con is that these diapers only come with one insert, but the four-layer microfiber insert is highly absorbent. It would be best to pair this insert with an insert made of natural fiber to avoid skin irritation.

What We Liked

  • These diapers are one of the best affordable pocket cloth diapers. 
  • These diapers offer size customization for a snug fit.
  • They do not stain easily.
  • The microfiber insert has a quick absorption time for babies who flood their diapers.
  • The pocket is large, which allows for quick and easy stuffing.

Fit: Adjustable
Size: one size; 8-35lbs
Closure: Snaps or hook and loop
Material: Microfleece lining; waterproof PUL
Absorbency: High Absorbency

4. Lalabye Baby All-in-Two Cloth Pocket Diaper

pocket diaper

This All-in-Two cloth pocket diaper is designed with stay-dry fabric that wicks away moisture and keeps your baby dry and rash-free.

It includes a small, lightweight bamboo insert and a larger one size bamboo insert that doubles as a booster for added absorbency. The TPU cover is stretchy, allowing your busy baby to move freely. 

It is also trim and snug, preventing leaks and being worn easily under clothes.

The pocket inserts can be snapped to both ends of the cover, making this one of the best cloth pocket diapers for blowouts. A con is that the microsuede inside can get damp.

What We Liked

  • The pocket opens at both ends, making it easy to insert the absorbent fabric. 
  • The waterproof belly band stopper prevents leaks, particularly for boys and tummy sleepers.
  • Bamboo is naturally antibacterial, which decreases the ammonia smell of the inserts.
  • These diapers have a rainbow snap closure system for easy sizing.
  • The crossover tabs allow for a snug fit for even the smallest baby.

Fit: Adjustable
Size: One size; 8-35+lbs
Closure: Snaps
Material: Microsuede interior; TPU cover
Absorbency: High absorbency when using two inserts

5. Kawaii One Size Premium Bamboo Pocket Diaper

pocket diaper

The Kawaii pocket diapers are one of the best bamboo pocket diapers available. Bamboo is soft and absorbent, providing your baby with a leak-free and gentle diapering experience.

It is also a thermal regulating, breathable, and antibacterial material that keeps your baby’s skin healthy. It has a leak-proof front panel that is great for tummy sleepers. 

The two grade A organic bamboo inserts consist of three layers of thin but absorbent fabric, making this diaper trim but effective.

If you are using prefolds in pocket diapers, the Kawaii pocket is big enough to work. A con is that you will need boosters or doublers at night for added absorbency.

What We Liked

  • These diapers are affordable.
  • These diapers have separate waist and leg snaps providing effective customization.
  • There is a waterproof panel in the front at the top to help with leaks. 
  • The crossover snaps make rolling up soled diapers easy. 
  • Bamboo is hypoallergenic, making it suitable for babies with sensitive skin.

Fit: Adjustable
Size: One Size; 8-36lbs
Closure: Snaps
Material: 100% organic bamboo fiber; Outer TPU laminate
Absorbency: High Absorbency

6. Rumparooz G2 One Size Pocket Diaper

cloth diaper

This one size pocket diaper is one of the best pocket diapers for customization. It has four sizes in one, which allows you to customize the diaper to suit the wet zones of your baby. 

It has a leak-proof patented double inner leg gusset. The gussets control mess while being gentle on your baby’s skin.

The cloth pocket diaper is a one size soaker made from absorbent micro terry. It has a snap-down rise suitable for skinny babies with larger waists.

A con is that these diapers are not very trim and might not work well for babies prone to rash.

What We Liked

  • The settings are adjustable for larger babies.
  • The microfiber soaker increases absorption.
  • The diaper only needs to be washed once for prep.
  • You can use the newborn insert for extra absorbency.
  • It has a “poop scoop” ridge at the back for additional protection for breastfed babies.

Fit: Adjustable
Size: 4 sizes in one; 6-35lbs
Closure: Snaps
Material: No pill micro chamois inner layer; waterproof TPU
Absorbency: High absorbency

7. KangaCare Rumparooz One Size OBV Pocket Diaper

pocket diaper

If you are looking for one of the top pocket diapers, this luxurious diaper is for you. It is made with plush organic cotton bamboo velour lining, which is incredibly soft.

It includes a 6r bamboo soaker. This allows six different snap options for the ultimate size customization. 

These make great newborn pocket cloth diapers as they are trim fit and made from premium materials. The double-leg gussets provide a snug fit and prevent leaks. 

A con is that they are more expensive, and the fabric can get hot and irritate the skin. It can also be challenging to clean poo off of the material. However, they are still one of the best pocket diaper options.

What We Liked

  • These diapers are incredibly soft and gentle.
  • They are well-made and durable.
  • The ultra-absorbent fabric works well with breastfed babies.
  • The adjustable snaps allow the diaper to grow with your baby.
  • The micro chamois liner provides good moisture-wicking for babies with sensitive skin.

Fit: Adjustable
Size: 6-40lbs
Closure: Snaps
Material: Organic cotton/bamboo velour; TPU Outer
Absorbency: High Absorbency

8. Charlie Banana Reusable Pocket Cloth Diaper

These reusable pocket diapers have a soft fleece lining which provides good moisture wicking. The wide back elastics and inner leg elastics offer a snug fit that prevents leaks. 

The waist snaps offer customization for different babies, and the bra strap closure allows you to size the leg elastics easily. 

The materials are high-quality, and the nappy is well-made, which means it will last as your baby grows. You can use reusable hemp inserts, which offer more absorption. 

A con is that the pocket is at the front, which means you will touch wee when removing the insert. The pocket is also narrow, which can be awkward when using boosters for added absorption.

What We Liked

  • Is pocket diapers are machine washable. 
  • Charlie banana products are climate-neutral certified. 
  • The trim Fit and customizable Snaps are good for skinny babies. 
  • You can adjust to the millimeter for the best fit For Your Child.
  • The slim fit works well under clothing.

Fit: Adjustable
Size: One size; XS (0-6lbs) – L (18-36lbs)
Closure: Snaps
Material: Shell face 100% polyester; lining 100% polyester
Absorbency: High absorbency

9. Alvababy One Size Pocket Cloth Diaper

pocket diaper

Alva pocket diapers are popular baby pocket diapers. They have hip snaps that prevent wing droop, which prevents the diaper from leaking.

The pocket is generous, allowing you to use inserts, doublers, prefolds, or flats. The back elastic secures the diaper around the waist and helps to keep the mess contained. It also has pleated elastic that helps to trap any mess before leaking. 

The wide range of snaps allows for adjustment options, while the hip snaps and crossover snaps work for smaller babies.

There are two, three-layer microfiber inserts that absorb moisture fast. A con is that the diaper can attract fluff when washed, and it will need a natural fiber insert to increase absorbency.

What We Liked

  • These diapers are a good fit for lean babies.
  • They are well made with durable leg elastic to contain poo.
  • The crossover snaps make them one of the best newborn pocket diapers.
  • The pocket has elastic to help keep it closed so the microfiber can’t touch the skin.
  • The suede cloth inner provides good moisture wicking keeping your baby dry.

Fit: Adjustable
Size: One size; 6-33lbs
Closure: Snaps
Material: Suede cloth inner; TPU outer
Absorbency: Regular

10. Mama Koala Cloth Pocket Diaper

pocket diaper

The Mama Koala cloth pocket diapers are one of the best pocket diaper brands. They are lightweight but absorbent, allowing your baby freedom to move.

The microfiber insert is one size but can be snapped into place or folded to suit the wet zone of your baby. The suede cloth inner provides moisture wicking that keeps your baby dry. The back pocket is large, allowing you to add doublers and boosters for heavy wetters.

The leg elastics effectively contain the mess while being gentle on your baby’s skin. A con is that the inserts don’t agitate out in the wash, and you need to remove them beforehand. These diapers also need an extra snap to prevent wind drop.

What We Liked

  • These are some of the best affordable pocket cloth diapers.
  • These diapers are good quality and durable. 
  • The pocket diapers come in fun prints.
  • You can buy these pocket cloth diapers in bulk.
  • The inserts are longer than regular inserts, which means you can fold them for better customization.

Fit: Adjustable
Size: One size; 8-35lbs
Closure: Snaps
Material: Suede cloth inner; TPU cover
Absorbency: Regular Absorbency but doesn’t stand up well to compression

How to Choose Pocket Cloth Diapers?

When choosing a pocket cloth diaper system, you need to consider the fit, the material, and the inserts. Pocket diapers should fit snugly to prevent leaking. 


Pocket diapers usually have a waterproof outer, but you can also use fleece or wool outers.

They are made from thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) or polyurethane laminate (PUL). TPU is better because they use a unique heating process rather than chemicals to waterproof the outer. 

The inner lining of pocket cloth diapers is a porous polyester like microfiber, fleece, or suede. These provide good moisture wicking and protect your baby’s skin. 


Inserts go inside pocket diapers. Microfiber is a common insert material that is light, fast-drying, and very absorbent. It can be very drying to the skin and you must place it underneath a natural fiber insert.

Cotton is an affordable and absorbent material used along with bamboo fleece. Hemp is the most absorbent insert option and is often used with a microfiber insert to offer overnight protection.

Fit and Leakage

The best reusable pocket diapers have a snug fit. The elastic at the legs and back should fit well to prevent leaks. The waist snaps should be tight enough to pull the diaper flat around the tummy.

Your pocket diaper might be leaking if you have overstuffed the pocket. The inserts might also have build-up on them that is repelling moisture. Pocket diapers are also prone to compression leaks. For this reason, a combination of insert fabrics is ideal.

Pocket and Elastic

As the name suggests, a pocket diaper has a pocket filled with absorbent inserts. The pocket can open from the front or back, or both sides. A fold-over flap or elastic secures the insert, or you can snap them into place. Elastic at the legs of the diaper is necessary to prevent leaking.

Type of Closure

Snaps are the most common closures for pocket diapers, and they offer flexible size customization. One-size-fits-all cloth diapers usually have rise snaps.

Hip snaps keep the diaper flat along the tummy, providing a snug fit. Waist snaps secure the diaper at the waist, while the crossover snaps allow for a tighter fit. Hook and loop closures can also be used.


What is the point of pocket diapers?

Pocket diapers are convenient and easy diapering options. They offer flexibility in size and absorbent inserts options.

Do pocket diapers leak?

They can leak if the fit is wrong, if the inserts are compressed, or if the materials are not absorbent enough.

How often do you wash pocket diapers?

You will need to wash your cloth pocket diaper after each use to prevent an ammonia odor and germ build-up.

How many pocket diapers do I need?

You should have 36 pocket diapers for newborns, 24 for infants, and 20 for toddlers. You should have at least 3 per day.

How many inserts for pocket diapers do I need?

You should have at least one insert per diaper change and more inserts for added absorbency at night.

How to stuff pocket diapers?

You will place the absorbent insert into the pocket opening of the cloth diaper. You can snap it into place or secure it with the fold-over flap. Fasten the outer snaps on the correct rise setting.

Can I use my pocket diapers as diaper covers for prefolds?

Yes, you can use prefolds in a pocket diaper, providing the pocket is large enough.

What’s the difference between pocket diapers vs. diaper shells?

Pocket diapers have a moisture-wicking lining inside, unlike diaper shells which are just waterproof outer.

How to prep pocket diapers?

To prep your pocket diaper, you will wash and dry it on a warm to hot cycle at least once.

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