Huggies Size Chart in 2024 (By Weight, Age & Quantity)

huggies diaper sizes

Getting the right diaper size for your LO may get difficult, especially if you are a first-time parent. To save you the hassle, here’s an in-depth Huggies Size Chart that covers all the sizes from all the Huggies lineups.

Huggies Size Charts

Huggies Special Delivery Size Chart

HuggiesSizeWeight lbWeight kgAgeQuantity
Special DeliveryNewborn<10 lb4.5 kg1-2 months6-9 /day
Special DeliverySize 18-14 lb3.6 – 6.3 kg1-3 months6-9 /day
Special DeliverySize 212-18 lb5.4 – 8.2 kg 3-6 months6-9 /day
Special DeliverySize 316-28 lb7.3 – 12.7 kg6-12 months5-7 /day
Special DeliverySize 422-37 lb10 – 17 kg12-24 months5-7 /day
Special DeliverySize 5>27 lb12+ kg3+ years5-7 /day
Special DeliverySize 6>35 lb16+ kg4+ years5-7 /day

Huggies Little Snugglers Size Chart

HuggiesSizeWeight lbWeight kgAgeQuantity
Little SnugglersPreemie<6 lb2.7 kg1 month6-8/day
Little SnugglersNewborn<10 lb4.5 kg1-2 months6-9 /day
Little SnugglersSize 18-14 lb3.6-6.3 kg1-3 months6-9 /day
Little SnugglersSize 212-18 lb5.4-8.2 kg 3-6 months6-9 /day
Little SnugglersSize 316-28 lb7.3-12.7 kg6-12 months5-7 /day
Little SnugglersSize 422-37 lb10-17 kg12-24 months5-7 /day
Little SnugglersSize 5>27 lb12+ kg3+ years5-7 /day
Little SnugglersSize 6>35 lb16+ kg4+ years5-7 /day

Huggies Little Movers Size Chart

HuggiesSizeWeight lbWeight kgAgeQuantity
Little MoversSize 316-28 lb7.3-12.7 kg6-12 months5-7 /day
Little MoversSize 422-37 lb10-17 kg12-24 months5-7 /day
Little MoversSize 5>27 lb12+ kg3+ years5-7 /day
Little MoversSize 6>35 lb16+ kg4+ years5-7 /day
Little MoversSize 7>41 lb18.5+ kg5+ yearsAs needed (2-4/day) 

Huggies Overnites Size Chart

HuggiesSizeWeight lbWeight kgAgeQuantity
OvernitesSize 316-28 lb7.3-12.7 kg6-12 months5-7 /day
OvernitesSize 422-37 lb10-17 kg12-24 months5-7 /day
OvernitesSize 5>27 lb12+ kg3+ years5-7 /day
OvernitesSize 6>35 lb16+ kg4+ years5-7 /day

Huggies Snug and Dry Size Chart

HuggiesSizeWeight lbWeight kgAgeQuantity
Snug & DryNewborn<10 lb4.5 kg1-2 months6-9 /day
Snug & DrySize 18-14 lb3.6 – 6.3 kg1-3 months6-9 /day
Snug & DrySize 212-18 lb5.4 – 8.2 kg 3-6 months6-9 /day
Snug & DrySize 316-28 lb7.3 – 12.7 kg6-12 months5-7 /day
Snug & DrySize 422-37 lb10 – 17 kg12-24 months5-7 /day
Snug & DrySize 5>27 lb12+ kg3+ years5-7 /day
Snug & DrySize 6>35 lb16+ kg4+ years5-7 /day

Huggies Pull-Ups Size Chart

HuggiesSizeWeight lbWeight kgAgeQuantity
Pull-Ups2T-3T16-34 lb7.3-15.4 kg6-24 monthsAs needed
Pull-Ups3T-4T32-40 lb14.5-18 kg2-3 yearsAs needed
Pull-Ups4T-5T38-50 lb17.2-23 kg4-5 yearsAs needed

Huggies Little Swimmers Size Chart

HuggiesSizeWeight lbWeight kgAgeQuantity
Little SwimmersSize 316-28 lb7.3-12.7 kg6-12 monthsAs needed
Little SwimmersSize 422-37 lb10-17 kg12-24 monthsAs needed
Little SwimmersSize 5/6>27 lb>12 kg>3 yearsAs needed

Types of Huggies Diapers 

Huggies has seven types of diapers. The best type is Huggies Special Delivery because they are hypoallergenic and have plant-based materials. They are also free of parabens, chlorine, and fragrances.

Huggies Special Delivery 

Huggies Special Delivery is hypoallergenic and gentle on your baby’s skin. It has plant-based components and is free of harsh chemicals like chlorine, parabens, and phthalates. These diapers are fragrance-free. The breathable outer cover allows good airflow, and the flexible leg cuffs prevent leaks.

They have a Leak Lock system that traps moisture for up to 12 hours of dryness. There is also a convenient wetness indicator. They are super soft and great for sensitive skin.

Huggies Special Delivery Sizes 

The Huggies diaper size chart for Special Delivery diapers is from Newborn to Size 6. These Huggies sizes will fit newborns up to 10lbs and toddlers of 35+ lbs. The Huggies size guide shows that these diaper sizes will fit your baby from newborn to 4+ years old. 

The sizes overlap, so if your baby is in-between sizes, check the Huggies diaper chart and choose the smaller size to avoid leaks.

Huggies Little Snugglers 

Huggies Little Snugglers are the best Huggies newborn diapers. They offer gentle skin protection and have an umbilical cord cutout. These hypoallergenic diapers are breathable and keep skin dry and soft.

The waistband is pocketed, which protects against blowouts. The wetness indicator lets you know your baby is wet, and the GentleAbsorb liner wicks away moisture quickly. The elastics are secure but gentle on the skin, and the tabs keep the diaper snug.

Huggies Little Snugglers Sizes 

The Huggies diaper sizing chart for Little Snugglers goes from Preemie to Size 6. That means you will find the right Huggies infant diapers for your baby. According to the Huggies weight chart, these diapers fit babies from 6 lbs through to 35+ lbs. That means if you love Little Snugglers, your child can wear them from birth until they are 4+ years old. Check the fit of the waist and leg elastics when choosing the right size. 

Huggies Little Movers 

The design of these diapers ensures the proper Huggies diaper fit. They are contoured to fit your baby’s body and are perfect for baby’s on the move. The diaper fits close to the waist and legs, which prevents leaks in busy babies. 

It has a helpful poop pocket at the back to avoid blowouts, and the stretchy waistband stops diaper droop. The tabs have double grip strength, which keeps the diaper secure while still offering a flexible fit.

Huggies Little Movers Sizes 

According to the Little Movers Huggies size chart, these diapers are available in size 3 through to size 7. Choosing a diaper size by age can be tricky, but these sizes overlap and work for kids from 6 months old to 5+ years old.

These diapers are designed for babies on the move, so they will work for children weighing 16 lbs to 41+ lbs. The Huggies size indicator lets you know when to size up.

Huggies Overnites 

Huggies Overnites are made for all-night protection and comfort. They have extra absorbency to keep your baby dry and comfortable. They are also very soft for sleeping in, and the Double Grip Strips keep the diaper secure and in place all night.

They offer up to 12 hours of leak-free protection, and the leg bands are twice as soft for added comfort. The convenient Huggies wetness indicator lets you know when your baby is wet.

Huggies Overnites 

These Huggies diaper sizes run from size 3 to size 7. That size-range will keep your baby dry all night from 6 months right up to 4+ years old. If your baby is 16 lbs, they can start wearing these diapers at night, and they will work for children as heavy as 35+ lbs. You want to use the Huggies sizing guide to ensure you have the right fit. This will prevent overnight leaks and be more comfortable for your baby.

Huggies Little Swimmers 

Huggies Little Swimmers are the perfect disposable diaper for babies learning to swim. They have an adjustable fit, and the tabs are easy to open and re-close. The unique materials contain any mess but won’t swell in the water. 

They are stretchy, which allows your baby to move freely in the water. They also have a variety of fun Disney Pixar designs. The stretchy side material makes them comfortable and durable during summer days in the pool.

Huggies Little Swimmers 

These swim diapers come in the usual Huggies sizing and are available in size 3 to size 5 / 6. Huggies Little Swimmers fit babies from 6 months through to 3+ years. That means babies weighing 16 lbs can start wearing these diapers and they will fit until 27+ lbs. You want the diapers to be secure enough to stay on in the water but not too tight that it is uncomfortable so check the Huggies diapers weight first.

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How to Pick the Right Huggies Diaper Size? 

When choosing the best diaper size you should first consult the Huggies diaper size chart. You should also consider what the diaper is for. If your baby is crawling or walking then you will need a diaper with a flexible fit and secure leg cuffs.  If you are looking for an overnight diaper then you will look for a diaper that fits snugly and won’t move around.

If your baby is in-between sizes then choose the smaller size to prevent leaks and blowouts. If you find the leg cuffs are leaving marks and the waist is gaping then choose a size up.

How to Get the Right Huggies Diaper Fit? 

You need to check for waist and thigh gaps when finding the right fit. The diaper should be secure but not leave marks.

Fits Under the Belly Button 

The right-fitting diaper should sit just below your baby’s belly button. If the diaper is sitting too low then you need to size up. A low-riding diaper will leak and be uncomfortable. Newborn diapers should fit under the belly button to avoid covering the umbilical stump. Huggies NB diapers have a convenient cutout for this.

Cuffs Shouldn’t Gap 

The leg cuffs of the diaper should be snug and secure. If there are gaps at the thighs, then your diaper does not fit correctly, and it will leak. When you put the diaper on, make sure the ruffles are pulled out or they will cause gaps.

Able two Fit 2 Fingers Under the Waistband 

To check the fit of the diaper, try and insert two fingers under the waistband of the diaper. If you can, then the diaper fits well. If you can’t, the diaper may be too tight. You may also notice that the tabs don’t reach as well around the waist.

Not Leaving Any Marks 

A diaper that fits well should be secure at the waist and around the legs. If the diaper leaves marks on your baby’s skin, it may be too tight and indicates that you need a bigger size. These could be compression marks or red chafe marks.

When to Switch to the Next Diaper Size? 

The Huggies size-up indicator is a convenient way for you to tell when your baby is ready to size up. When the tabs move beyond the button graphics on the front of the diaper, it is time to size up. You may also notice red marks or bulging at the waist when checking your Huggies diaper sizing.

What to look for:

  • Frequent leaks or blowouts
  • Red marks or chafing
  • Low diaper rise
  • Gaps on the side of the diaper
  • Can’t fit two fingers under the diaper waistband
  • Diaper doesn’t fully cover your baby’s bottom


How to use Huggies size-up indicator? 

When the diaper tabs move past the button graphics, it is time to size up.

What are the sizes of Huggies diapers? 

Huggies has preemie to Size 7 diapers.

How should Huggies diapers fit? 

Huggies diapers should be snug and secure but not leave red marks.

Does Huggies run small? 

No, Huggies do not run small.

What size Huggies for a 2-month-old? 

Size newborn -1 Huggies diapers will fit a 2-month-old.

What size Huggies for 3-month-old? 

Size 1-2 Huggies diapers will fit a 3-month-old.

What size Huggies for 6-month-old? 

Size 2-3 Huggies diapers will fit a 6-month-old.

What size Huggies for 1-year-old?

Size 3-4 Huggies diapers will fit a 1-year-old.

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