12 Best Cloth Training Pants for Potty Training (2024)

Once your little one shows interest in the potty, it’s time to introduce cloth training pants.

The biggest lessons they need to learn are when they need to go and when they have done a wee.

Cloth training pants offer the best solution, feeling like normal pants, your child will be able to feel when an accident has happened without leaking.

Best trainers are super absorbent and keep the puddles off the floor.

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Cloth Training Pants

1. Kanga Care Lil Learnerz Reusable Toilet Training Pants


Snap-on and off features for early learners, this feature is available in XS and S only. Useful when those poop accidents happen. All other sizes are pull-up styles to encourage independent use.

Available up to age 7, they make the ideal reusable training pants for nighttime. With a waterproof outer they protect the bed from bedtime accidents.

The waterproof outer layer also makes them ideal for daytime use. Even if your child doesn’t make it to the potty in time, your outer pants will remain dry.

With so many different patterns and designs, you are bound to find one your child likes. With these pants having fun and child-friendly, your child is bound to be excited to use these best cloth diapers for potty training.

What We Liked

  • Varied sizing to support children with day to night time potty training. 
  • Waterproof outer layer keeping outer clothes dry in the event of accidents. 
  • Varied colorful designed cloth training underwear to make it fun for kids. 
  • Snap side features for younger children to make removal easier.
  • Easily pull up and down design for independent toilet experiences.

Design: 30 colorful designs
Age Range: 12 months – 7 years
Weight Range: 15 – 70 lbs
Interior: hypogenic inner contains a dual-layer microfibre core
Outer: TPU exterior

2. Super Undies Pull-on Undies 2.0 Training Pants


Having a less bulky design Super Undies toddler cloth training underwear fits under clothes easily. Making them akin to ‘real pants’ your child will feel grown-up.

Having a built-in absorbent layer they are great for daytime use. Being absorbent enough to handle little accidents they allow your child to feel wet and encourage potty use.

Having the ability to add an insert makes them perfect for starting potty training. Whilst having the capacity to support and help with nighttime training as well.

The design of the insert pocket allows the insert to be used either flat or folded making. Allowing the absorbent pad to be where needed depending on if your child is a boy or girl.

What We Liked

  • Curved base to provide a better fit around legs and bottom.
  • Hidden insert pocket to add and increase the absorbance when needed.
  • Stretchy sides to enable children to remove and use them themselves. 
  • Waterproof wet zone to keep clothes dry when the accidental wee occurs.
  • Closely resemble pants to let your child feel like a big kid.

Design: 10 designs in a variety of colors and designs
Age Range: 16 months – 4 years
Weight Range: 20 – 40 lbs
Interior: Poly-Lycra blend
Outer: Waterproof PUL

3. Nicki’s Diapers Overnight Training Pants


With the removal and optional bamboo insert, these training pants offer varying levels of absorbency. Perfect for your child no matter when in their nighttime potty training process.

Having access to the removal insert at the side makes a great unique feature. Easy to insert and lay flat you can rest easy knowing the wet zone if fully protected.

Being compatible with reusable nighttime training pants and daytime diaper use they are an ideal all-rounder. With the inset being foldable, it offers additional absorbency on those early potty training days.

Designed with snap-sides, it is easy to remove when the odd poop explosion takes place.

What We Liked

  • The dual ability to be worn day or night makes it extremely versatile.
  • A side pocket for the insert ensures the wet zone is fully covered.
  • The foldable bamboo insert allows for increased absorbency when required.
  • Waterproof outer to protect pajamas and clothes from getting wet.
  • Combination of 100% bamboo, fleece+microfiber fabric for thorough absorbency.

Design: Variety of colorful options in a unisex design
Age Range: 6 months – 6 years
Weight Range: 16 – 45 lbs
Interior: 100% bamboo, fleece+microfiber fabric
Outer: PUL-coated polyester+elastic

4. Kanga Care Ecoposh OBV Training Pants

The layer touching your child’s delicate area is made from soft organic cotton bamboo velour making them extremely gentle. With this additional comfort feature, they also include two layers of bamboo for absorbency.

The Ecoposh OBV washable potty training pants guarantee a perfect fit for children up to approximately 4 years old. So, when your child is ready to start potty training, there will be a pant to fit perfectly.

Containing a bamboo fleece layer they offer absorbency for small accidents. Whilst still allowing dampness to be felt and potty training to be encouraged.

What We Liked

  • Easy pull up and down fit to allow independent pottying. 
  • Cotton bamboo velour to provide extra comfort to your child’s bottom.
  • Varied size range to support children of varied ages and weights. 
  • Suitable for tots as young as one or on the petite size
  • Unisex block color design gives an attractive option that is not stereotypical.

Design: 5 unisex designs
Age Range: 1 – 3+ Years
Weight Range: 18 – 40lbs
Interior: 60% Bamboo rayon, 20% Organic cotton, 20% Polyester with hidden layer 100% Polyester
Outer: 65% PET & 35% Organic Cotton

5. Best Bottom Training Pants


Unlike other waterproof potty training pants, the Best Bottom Training Pant comes with additional snap inserts. Although they are optional to use, they allow you to interchange the insert if an accident happens.

All the while being able to adjust the level of absorbency required as your child commences moving from diapers and learning to use the potty.

The soft elasticated waistband ensures that these best bottoms training pants fit your child snuggly. Whilst still enabling them to be easily removed when toileting needs arise.

The TPU interior enables these cloth training diapers to be wiped clean after those little accidents and reused before accidents. Resulting in fewer training pants needed.

What We Liked

  • The snap inserts allow for insert changes following an accident.
  • Adjustable absorbency is available with the use of different inserts. 
  • Waterproof inner to protect and keep other clothes dry.
  • Elasticated waistband to offer comfort and excellent fit to your child.
  • Cost-effective as fewer pants are needed due to the insert feature.

Design: Lots of options in pattern or block colors
Age Range: 1 – 7 years
Weight Range: 20-50 lb
Interior: waterproof PUL
Outer: Cotton

6. Thirsties Reusable Cloth Potty Training Pant


Thirsties’ reusable pull-ups closely mimic the feel of real underwear. Being easy to pull up and down due to their elasticated waist and legs.

They are easy for parents to help or children to use on their own. Enabling them to be used for children no matter where in their potty training journey they are.

Not designed for nighttime use, they offer superior absorbency in the wet zone. Resulting in the ability for parents to consider using at night once their child is able to wake when feeling damp.

The only noteworthy disadvantage is due to their thickness, they do require longer drying times.

What We Liked

  • Waterproof outer to prevent increasing your laundry load by keeping clothes dry.
  • Made with 4 layers of absorbent cotton to offer superior absorbency. 
  • Colorful and fun designs to excite children and encourage continued wear. 
  • Cotton inner to provide comfort and be gentle to your child’s skin. 
  • A large ‘wet zone’ is perfect for when starting out and accidents happen.

Design: 5 pattern designs
Age Range: 18 – 36 months
Weight Range: 20 – 45 lbs
Interior: organic cotton with TPU laminate wet zone
Outer: 92% Polyester, 8% Spandex

7. Thirsties Organic Potty Training Pants


Thirsties Organic Potty Pant contains 4 layers of organic cotton with the wet zone being lined with TPU laminate. This laying ensures that these reusable training pants for toddlers won’t leak, unlike other training pants. 

Partnered with elastic fitted legs and waist they provide a comfortable fit. This elastic design prevents accidents in these pants from leaking through easily. 

Not specifically designed for nighttime, they do offer superior absorbency levels. Making these training pants versatile enough to handle day and nighttime. 

The only disadvantage is with no snap sides, poop accidents can get messy. Priced a little higher than other reusable training pants, they are a more expensive option.

What We Liked

  • Added absorbency to prevent leaks when potty training your child. 
  • With child-friendly patterns, your child will enjoy the fun design.
  • Containing organic cotton, they are soft against your child’s delicate areas.
  • Coming in 3 different sizing options they offer the perfect fit based on weight. 
  • High absorbency levels allow them to handle day or nighttime.

Design: 6 colorful and fun designs
Age Range: 18 – 36 months
Weight Range: 20 – 45 lbs
Interior: GOTS-certified organic cotton and the wet zone lined with waterproof TPU laminate
Outer: Cotton

8. Bambino Mio Potty Training Pants


Offered in a range of different sizes. The Bambino Moi potty training pant design is aimed to encourage independence for your child’s potty training journey. The easy pull-up-able design teaches your child how to potty independently as their confidence grows.

This daytime-only cloth potty training underwear includes a concealed waterproof layer. Whilst still allowing your child to feel damp, their outer clothes will be protected. Therefore, minimizing the need for excessive outfit changes and increased washing.

Made with a cotton blend, the Bambino Moi cloth underwear offers softness and comfort for your child even when an accident does happen.

What We Liked

  • Fun patterns and colors excite children and encourage continual wear.
  • Soft material to be gentle against a toddler’s delicate skin.
  • Different sizing to promote a better fit based on your child’s age. 
  • Hidden waterproof layer to ensure this closely resembles ‘standard’ pants.
  • Designed to encourage toddlers to be able to pull up and down independently.

Design: 4 colorful themed designs
Age Range: 18 months – 3 + years
Weight Range: 24 – 35+ lb
Interior:  80% cotton, 20% polyester, laminated to polyurethane
Outer: 80% cotton, 20% polyester

9. Gerber Cloth Training Pants


Being one of the more cost-effective washable training pants they are not as elaborate designed as others. With the lower price point, parents are more willing to stock up and change them more regularly when accidents happen.

Being made to deal with light accidents. The Gerber Cloth cotton training pants are for daytime use only. With lower absorbency levels they don’t have the capacity to support nighttime use.

They have an optional extra waterproof outer cover, which can be purchased separately. Offering the additional benefit of ensuring those other outer clothing items remain dry and unspoiled.

What We Liked

  • They are extremely cost-effective and a friendly budget option.
  • Offer additional extras to offer waterproof protection if needed for your child.
  • The simple and plain design more closely resembles that of standard pants.
  • The layered center offers absorbency to handle those little wee accidents.
  • Available in various sizes they can support your potty training journey at any age.

Design: 3 simple designs
Age Range: 18 – 36 months
Weight Range: 24 – 35 lbs
Interior: 50% cotton, 50% poly blend
Outer: 100% cotton

10. Green Sprouts Reusable Training Pants


Coming in a pack of two, you also have backup reusable training underwear to hand in case of any accidents. 

Made of three layers, the Green Sprouts cloth trainers offer light absorbency. Perfect in allowing your child to feel damp and encourage potty training. These cloth training pants absorb a little to provide protection as your tot is learning. 

The pull-up design makes them perfect for toddlers to independently learn how to master pottying on their own. 

Containing two layers of terry padding, these pull-up cloth diapers combine absorbency and comfort to little bottoms. Allowing them to be suitable for daytime wear only.

What We Liked

  • Bought in packs of two there is always a spare when accidents happen. 
  • Wide leg fit, they provide easy movement for toddlers to independently wee. 
  • Two layers of terry cloth lining offer absorbency to protect outer clothes. 
  • Available in four sizes to support your toddler, no matter their age. 
  • Lower price point, allowing reusable potty training pants for any budget.

Design: 4 stylish design
Age Range: 18 months to 4 years
Weight Range: 22-46 lbs
Interior: Cotton, with absorbent pad 65% Biconstituent Fiber & 35% Polyester
Outer: 100% cotton

11. Charlie Banana Training Pants


With a variety of sizing options, these cloth potty training pants have a drawstring adjustable waist. The drawstring ensures the perfect fit for even the most slender child.

Providing a snug fit in 3 different sizes, they resemble normal pants in fit and design. With an organic cotton inner, these training pants offer exceptional softness and comfort.

Suitable for daytime use only, these pants contain a waterproof exterior to help prevent leakages during the potty training process.

A disadvantage is due to its design, when a poop accident happens it can result in a messy moment whilst these reusable potty training underwear are removed.

What We Liked

  • Different sizing options to create a snug fit for your child.
  • Drawstring waist ensures they fit properly and won’t slip down.
  • Pull-on and off design gives your child a real underwear experience.
  • Containing organic cotton inner, it is gentle and comfortable to wear.
  • Fitted with an inner terry pad this design offers additional absorbency.

Design: 2 fun colorful prints
Age Range: 3-48 months
Weight Range: 11 – 55lb
Interior: 100% organic cotton, with inner layer 88% Biconstituent Fiber and 12% polyester
Outer: 100% polyester

12. Grovia My Choice Trainer Pants


The Grovia My Choice Trainer Pant are ‘one-size’ cloth training pants.

Designed to be able to grow with your child. With snap sides, these cloth diaper training pants can be adjusted to create the desired fit for your child.

The nifty snap feature also is great when a poop accident happens. Snap it open, saving your child from poo being smeared down their legs.

Containing an internal pocket lined with a GroCool layer, your toddler will be able to feel when they are wet. This should encourage them in the future to use the potty.

This pocket also doubles up and allows for an insert to be fitted adding extra absorbency, perfect for the night.

What We Liked

  • Adjustable sizing option through the snap features to ensure the correct fit. 
  • GroCool lining to allow your child to feel when they have done a wee.
  • The polyester pocket so an additional insert can be used if required.
  • Stretchy side panels to enable them to be used as pants.
  • Plus size interchangeable panels to fit older children.

Design: 6 colorful designs
Age Range: 1-3 years
Weight Range: 18 – 35lbs
Interior: 100% PolyesterAbsorbent Layer consisting of 55% Hemp and 45% Cotton
Outer: 100% waterproof TPU outer

Reusable Trainers vs. Disposable Trainers

Both reusable trainers and disposable trainers are advertised for moving your child away from diapers. Claiming to encourage potty training and fill the gap between diapers and pants.

Yet, they work differently.

Reusable trainers offer absorbency to protect the outer clothing layers. Along with still allowing your child to feel damp encourage using the potty.

Disposable trainers are pull-up in design and offer greater absorption. Great for keeping other clothes dry. However, it can prove tricky for teaching your little one when they start weeing. 

The best reusable training pants are a little more costly upfront, however, with their reusable nature, they recoup this quickly. Unlike disposable trainers that you need to continue to purchase again and again. 

Nighttime Training Pants Are Different

Cloth training pants for nighttime differ from their daytime counterparts. Similarly, they’re designed to encourage your child to be able to feel when they are wet. To allow them to wake and go to the toilet. 

However, unlike daytime trainers, they need to offer increased absorption. In your child’s sleepy state it can take longer for their brain to register the wetness and your child to rouse. 

What to look for from nighttime trainers: 

  • Waterproof outer 
  • Optional inserts for absorbency 
  • Good fit to prevent side or back leaks

As boys and girls have different requirements from the wet zone. If you have a son, opting for nighttime training pants that can facilitate folded inserts is beneficial. 

How to Choose the Best Cloth Training Pants?

When picking the best cloth diapers for potty training there is a lot to know. The essential components to consider include design, absorbency, fit, and ease of washing.


The design is important for 2 main reasons:

  1. You want your child to want to wear them.
  2. They need to be parent-friendly as well as your child is still learning. 

Some of my favorite features include:

  • Stretchy side panels for fit and ease of use. 
  • Snap-sides to make dealing with poop easier. 
  • Waterproof outer to keep clothes dry. 


For your child’s potty training journey it is important that toddler cloth training pants are absorbent. 

Some of the best cloth trainers have the flexibility of being able to change the absorbency levels. The benefit of this is that it supports children in the infancy of their potty training journey. Offers increased absorbency for naps or in the car. 


For the best cloth training pants, you want the cloth pull-ups to be soft and gentle against your child’s skin. Whilst also having a waterproof layer. 

Whilst still having an inner material that has the absorbency needed to handle a little trickle. Some of the popular materials include fleece, hemp, bamboo, and cotton. 

Proper Fit

With any cloth underwear for potty training, it is vital it fits your child well.

Training pants should fit snugly around their legs to avoid wee escaping. Having a comfortable fit around their waist. 

Whilst maintaining enough stretch to allow them to be easily moved up and down they need the toilet. 

Ease of Care

A vital requirement for all parents. It is crucial that the pants are easy to clean. Hold their shape and are easily changed following an accident.

When shopping for your cloth diaper trainers features to consider are:

  • Quick-drying so they can be reused again quickly. 
  • Inserts so they can be changed and the pants can continue to be used. 


Are cloth training pants worth it?

Yes, by allowing your child to feel the wetness when they wee. Cloth training pants actively encourage potty training. Whilst keeping outer children’s clothes dry. 

Are training pants reusable?

Cloth trainers for toddlers are reusable training pants. With their design being washable, you can clean these and your child can wear them again and again. 

Are potty training pants necessary?

They are not a necessary item. However, they make potty training easier and less messy. They encourage your child to feel wet without soaking all of their clothes.

Can you use cloth diapers as training pants?

No. Diapers are designed to be absorbent and pull the liquid away from your child. Training pants are designed to allow your child to feel when wet and encourage using a potty. 

What’s the point of training pants?

To allow your child to feel when they have started weeing. The sensation of feeling wet actively encourages using a potty, whilst keeping outer clothes dry. 

What’s the difference between pull-ups and training pants?

Training pants are designed to resemble pants more by being made from materials such as cotton. Pull-ups are similar to diapers as they are more absorbent. 

At what age should a child be fully potty trained?

Children should be fully potty trained before starting school. Most children achieve this milestone by around aged 3 to 3 and a half years old. 

What are the signs your child is ready to potty train?

Common signs to start potty training are your child removing their soiled diaper. Taking an interest in the toilet and hiding to poop and wee. 

How many pairs of training pants do I need?

On average you would expect to be using between 1-5 per day depending on how many accidents happen. Owning approx. 12-15 will save you needing to wash them daily. 

How do you introduce pants to potty training?

Using potty training cloth diapers bridges the gap between diapers and pants. So when your child is dry they are used to the concept of cotton undies. 

How do you use reusable training pants?

They work in the same way as normal pants. Your child pulls them up and down when needing the potty. With inserts or pants being changed following an accident. 

How do cloth training pants work?

The inner layers absorb the wee dribbles as your child makes it to the potty. This then saves a need to change their clothes multiple times per day.

How absorbent are cloth training pants?

Depending on which cloth training pants for toddlers you use depend on the absorbency levels. They are designed to be lightly absorbent, however, some offer increased options. 

Do pull-ups hinder potty training?

Being extremely absorbent and akin to diapers, it can make it challenging for children to realize when they are wet. This can slow the potty training process. 

Which underwear is best for potty training?

The best cloth diapers for potty training would be the Grovia trainer. With adjustable sizing, snap features, GroCool layer, and insert they are the perfect option as training pants.


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